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Predictions 2020


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This is the yearly Predictions that everyone has been interested in and that our Master Lynn Yap takes time to write these out for you. So enjoy and do share with your friends if you think they will like to know too. Many Thanks ;))))

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Predictions 2020

  1. 1. PREDICTIONS 2020 Master Lynn Yap Fengshui Queen Singapore ® 3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd FengshuiQueen SG
  2. 2. CONTENTS: 1) Short intro about Master Lynn Yap 2) 18 Predictions for 2020 3) Which industries will do well 4) Fortune for 12 animal signs 5) Fengshui Queen SG Tip for 2020 6) Conclusion Predictions 2020
  3. 3.  Age 60+  BBA (NUS)(1982)  Fengshui / bazi experiences since 1989  Learnt from many grandmasters and registered Fenghui Queen, Singapore, 2000.  Made several appearances in CNBC Asia, BBC World, Discovery Channel, German TV, TCS 5, TCS 8, Channel U.  Interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide.  Each year there are numerous Fengshui projects and life readings and with 8 SG listed companies clients, to-date.  Merits : Our Company became a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation, 2009.  Multiple property sole owner Predictions 2020
  4. 4. Our Company’s Mission: To provide affordable, true and accurate fengshui / destiny consultations to anyone. Predictions 2020
  5. 5. Method of Fengshui used: 1) Flying Star School of Fengshui 2) Landscape Fengshui 3) Intuitive Fengshui Predictions 2020
  6. 6. General Predictions Predictions for the Rat Year
  7. 7. GENERAL FORECAST : It is going to be an “difficult” year with happenings on 3 main areas like natural disasters, fraud and financial matters. THE YEAR 2020
  8. 8. It is a “difficult” year because the first 6 months has “yang metal” while the latter half has “ying water”. The “metal” is sitting above the “water” causing the year to be a “strong water” year. Hence, we can expect to see plenty of rainfall, accidents and explosions involving vehicles, airplanes, ships, space crafts happening around the world. THE YEAR 2020
  9. 9. The Year 2020, is called a “Geng Zi” year (Metal Rat Year) where we can also call it a “Golden Rat” year and it is going to be “difficult”. The first 6 months is not a good year for the “wood” industry because “metal” controls the “wood” element. The later 6 months is not a good year for the “fire” industry because “water” controls the “fire” element. Therefore, the first half is not good for politics while the second half is not good for the finance sectors like the shares in the stock market. THE YEAR 2020
  10. 10. The combination of “Geng” and “Zi” will make the Rat year, a year where people will be more active at night. However, this is a year where people need to watch what they say or else they may get themselves into trouble. Because the day becomes night and the night becomes day, many people will be unable to cope with this and hence become blur blur or confused. The tendency to make mistakes become high too. The keyword for 2020 is “Fraud” while the keyword for 2019 was “Money”, for 2018 was “Human Errors” for 2017 is “Money” (Bitcoin/Stock Market) while “Explosions” was the keyword for 2016 and “Infectious Diseases” was for 2015 and “Emotions” in 2014. THE YEAR 2020
  11. 11. The Rat is an “intelligent” animal and is the first animal of the 12 animal year signs in the Chinese Horoscope. The Rat person like to entertain friends and meet more friends. The rat person also has the tendency to tell lies and win in every situation. Hence, the rat is usually a winner. Go find a rat person and ask that rat person to tell us that we are going to have an easy year and then we will have a good year as whatever words spoken by the rat person CAN and WILL come true! However, if you are a horse person, do not ask! Since the Rat likes to eat and be active at night, hence we are also going to like to eat and more awake at night, playing computer games or simply watching drama serials. Next year, is the Ox year where we are all going to be working very hard. The best is to go for a long retreat or retire in this year if not then be prepared to work long hours. THE YEAR 2020
  12. 12. When is Chinese New Year ? The 4th February 2020 is the season of spring (Li Chun) and is the beginning of a Chinese New Year. This is according to the “solar” calendar. However, Chinese all over the world would still celebrate Chinese New Year on 25th January 2020 which follows the lunar calendar. It is a good year to get married and kindly ensure that you get a Geomancer to pick some good and auspicious dates for you. If you are going to pray to Tai Sui this year, ensure that you pray after Li Chun, if not it may still be Pig year. THE YEAR 2020
  13. 13. It really depends on which Chinese New Year’s calendar. For the past few years since 2005 (made known in lynnyap8888 Instagram Account) many of us usually observe what “happen” to us on the 4th February (Li Chun) and if good things happen on that day then it is going to be a very very auspicious year !!! If negative things occur, then it means that the year is not going to be good. So better go visit your Fengshui Master /Destiny reader to alter the negative luck when that happens. THE YEAR 2020
  14. 14. THE YEAR 2020 4 February 2020 falls on a Tuesday where banks are open and hence we can either go to the bank to bank in cash or deposit cash using the ATM machine with a folded note. So that on Li Chun Day, we can collect money !!! Money deposited on this day is good as our wealth can GROW !!! Every year since 2005, we had been doing this and our wealth did grow !!! Many became multi-millionaires !!!
  15. 15. Please go to the bank, MUST wear a red top, bank in cash or cheque to your Name or your Company’s Name. Kindly note that you will have to wear a red top/red shawl, if not it won’t work and that Li Chun is not always on the 4th February. There is also no necessity to wait for a special timing. THE YEAR 2020 4th February 2020 – wear red top or shawl
  16. 16. Predictions for the Goat Year Which animal signs will not do well in the coming Lunar New Year 2020? Predictions for the Rat Year
  17. 17. A) Those born in the year of the “Horse” , “Rat” B) Those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birth date, time and country of birth) has a “Rat” or “Horse” in the hour pillar (your time of birth) (11pm till 1am) & (11am to 1pm) also will not have a good year. THE YEAR 2020
  18. 18. Predictions for the Goat Year What not to do this year ? Predictions for the Rat Year
  19. 19. 1) Do not attend weddings or funerals. 2) Do not attend friend’s birthday parties and baby showers. Do not eat the cakes and red eggs (the 4 events). NOTE I: As long as your bazi has a “Rat” or a “Horse” in it, you need to be extremely careful. You must never attend these if you really want a “peaceful” year. NOTE II: However; if you ever need to attend then wear “red underwear” and carry 6 nails when attending funeral. Do not carry nails when attending wedding. THE YEAR 2020
  20. 20. Predictions for the Goat Year 18 Predictions Predictions for the Rat Year
  21. 21. Investment Outlook 2020 – 1) Gold Prices would fluctuate even more (overall outlook). 2) Oil prices would fluctuate (overall outlook). THE YEAR 2020
  22. 22. Disaster Outlook 2020 – 3) There could be earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, volcano eruptions, typhoons, flooded airports, shipwrecks happening around the eastern part of the world. The “five yellow” star is in the east or anywhere that is the “eastern” part of any country like eastern part of USA, China, India and Japan or New Zealand, Australia may encounter issues. 4) There could be a possibility of fraud of all kinds. 5) There can be new discovery for those in “Water” Industry. THE YEAR 2020
  23. 23. Characteristics of People – 6) People will tend to be talkative and tell lies just to avoid the situation. Do not trust people too much in this Rat year. 7) There would be strong competition among the water industries like shipping, marine, cinemas, movies entertainment companies, animation companies, technology companies, space exploration companies, ships, airplanes and submarine companies. 8) This year, the sicknesses to take note are – sensitive nose, lungs, flu, sexual organs and any heart related issues. THE YEAR 2020
  24. 24. Currency Outlook 2020 – 9) US dollar may drop in value. 10) There is a possibility of a “terrorist attacks” in airplanes, ships, at the airports or ports. 11) The younger females will tend to fall sick while the younger males may need to be careful when driving or walking. Do not do any dangerous activities. Do not do any deep sea diving this year unless it is your career. 12) There is a possibility of a war. THE YEAR 2020
  25. 25. Market Outlook 2020 – 13) The Share prices in the stock market can collapse anytime. This is a big crash. 14) There will be changes in regulations made in the water Industries like digital / animation companies, shipping / marine companies, cinemas / movies, entertainment industries, Cloud computing, Big Data Companies, logistics/warehousing, space/rocket companies, currency trading, cyber security and artificial intelligence, travel agencies and beverages. 15) There can be mergers or acquisitions in the “water” Industries. 16) There may be the passing away of a famous person. THE YEAR 2020
  26. 26. Stock Market – 17) The share prices of “Wood Stocks” in the Stock Market will rise the most. Check this out to see true or nay. 18) An earthquake or a volanco erupting anywhere around the world will indicate that the Ox Year, 2021 is here. THE YEAR 2020
  27. 27. Predictions for the Goat year Which industries will do well ? Predictions for the Rat Year
  29. 29. Fire Industry : FIRE: Average Properties of Fire: warm and gives off heat Fire industries are those related to electrical products, stock markets, restaurants, lighting shops, fast food chains, bakery shops, security business and accounting firms. Predictions for the Rat Year
  30. 30. Predictions for the Rat Year Earth Industry : EARTH: Good Properties of Earth: hard and stillness Earth Industries are those related to properties, human resource, pet shops, chemicals, cosmetics, renovation companies, property developers, agriculture, insurance, construction firms, cosmetic surgery and Tibetan medicine.
  31. 31. Predictions for the Rat Year Metal Industry : METAL: Average Properties of Metal: hard and piercing Metal Industries are those related to banking, machineries and equipment, law firms, fortune telling, fengshui consultancy, gold- smith shops, robotics, steel, motor vehicles all types, trains, rocket, space crafts and aerospace industries.
  32. 32. Predictions for the Rat Year Water Industry : WATER: Average Properties of Water: wavy Water Industries are those that deal with Internet, consultancy, shipping, transportation, logistics, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold beverages, hotels, shipbuilding, broadcasting, pubs/bars, Big Data, Cloud computing information technology, marine products, oil, money lending, telecommunications, airlines, casino business, animation, digital computing, advertising, online shops, gaming, space exploration, cyber security, artificial intelligence.
  33. 33. Predictions for the Rat Year Wood Industry : Wood: Average Properties of Wood: hard and grows upwards Wood Industries are those related to Government, printing, seminars / events, universities, schools, textile firms, paper and pulp, timber, furniture, fashion, clothes, politics, nurseries, education, hair salons, photography, book stores and publishing.
  34. 34. Predictions for the Goat Year Forecast for the 12 animal signs Predictions for the Rat Year
  35. 35. 1) MONKEY – Average This is an average year for you as you will need to be careful at work. Simply work hard and do your best, that will do. Do not expect to have any promotions as sometimes it can be your destiny that promotions can only come once in 6 years. Business Outlook – You will need to work very hard this year or do more marketing promotions to entice more businesses. For students – this year, studies will be smooth however do not have strong expectations of your results. Just do your very best and this is very good already. THE YEAR 2020
  36. 36. Money and Work: This year there is no Heaven’s luck therefore all money will have to come from career or interest from the banks or even dividends from shares. This year you will need to be very careful with your investments if not you may lose a big sum of money as the year is not in your favour. THE YEAR 2020
  37. 37. Health: This year, your health is not so good so any small ailments better quickly see a doctor and not self medicate. It is best for you to exercise regularly and take note of your diet so that you should take less meat, more vegetables and fruits. Do continue with your foot and shoulder massages once a month. THE YEAR 2020
  38. 38. Love and Family: Your Relationship with spouse is not good this year as the spouse may find small faults with you. Hence it is best that “one ear in and the other ear out” concept might work. Continue to travel once a year with family members as this can bring about fun and harmony. If in a relationship – There may be some issues with the other partner. Iron them out first before considering marriage. If single – There is no opportunity to meet your Mr or Miss right. Wait for a while. THE YEAR 2020
  39. 39. 2) ROOSTER – Good This year you can expect to enjoy a good year with much blessings from the Universe. Career is smooth and there can be a promotion. Business Outlook – Business remains average and can be good if more marketing can be done. For students – This year whatever you wish for can come true. However, you will still need to study hard. Try being friendly with most people as students are generally nice and helpful people. THE YEAR 2020
  40. 40. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck for you and therefore you can go buy lottery if you wish. However, when you win, do remember to buy others lunch so that your own career can be good. In our Chinese culture, buying people lunch or drinks means taking away their luck. So in your heart, you must wish them all the best then the luck come back to you. This year, your investments can make money. Be prudent though. THE YEAR 2020
  41. 41. Health: This year, your health is good. Continue with your exercise or running or even massages as these can help in the blood circulation. Continue to take your multi vitamins too. THE YEAR 2020
  42. 42. Love and Family: This year, your relationship with spouse is good. Go for a holiday to enjoy family harmony. If in a relationship – The relationship may encounter some conflicts eventually all is well and right timing to get married. If single – This year, you may meet your partner at the most unexpected places !!! THE YEAR 2020
  43. 43. 3) DOG – Average This is an average year for you because you may lose money in fraud or in investments. Therefore, you are advised to be careful in any investments that you wish. Job is good and every other thing should be alright. Business Outlook – Business is slow hence just manage the cost and survive. For students – This year you will need to study harder, then you can pass the exams. THE YEAR 2020
  44. 44. Money and Work: To activate wealth, we place 6 bottles of 500ml water bottle in the wealth area and that very night, you can strike lottery. You may wish to try this as another Fengshui Queen SG tip. This year, there is some lottery luck only so buy small and focus on your work will be best as there is a likelihood that you may make a small mistake this year. Just be careful. Money from career is good and try to save every month. THE YEAR 2020
  45. 45. Health: Your health is not so good this year as you may encounter minor cuts or falling sick. Quickly see a medical doctor and get well do not self medicate as once you visit a doctor it is considered done and thereafter, your health will be good. Continue with your regular exercises as well as go for foot and shoulder massages as these ensure that the blood flow in your body is smooth. If not then do “gua sar” to shed bad blood and toxins then we can have good new blood. THE YEAR 2020
  46. 46. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is not good as there are differences over money matters. Try solving this before going for your yearly vacation with all family members. If in a relationship – This year is a good time to tie the knot. Go check out fengshui masters to get a good auspicious wedding date !!! If single – This year, if you find a partner you may have to lose money then take note that he/she is not the one. THE YEAR 2020
  47. 47. 4) PIG – Average The year is an average year for you hence be careful of your investments as this year, you might lose a small sum of money. After Chinese New Year, the second lunar month then go do a donation or write cheques to any charitable organisations to ward it off. Career is smooth and colleagues are helpful. Business Outlook – Worldwide economy is weak, hence there may be fewer sales than last year. Cut cost and watch your expenses. For students – This year, you may do well in your exams though you spend less time in your studies. However, ensure that you can remember all the subject matters before you can relax. THE YEAR 2020
  48. 48. Money and Work: This year, best is just to save money and not gamble as there is again much water in the year. Hence do not wear black otherwise there is too too much water then you will lose money. This is because the water element is too heavy. This year when things are not smooth go full vegetarian for 4 days to cleanse the body then the good luck comes. If you have the means to buy a second property for rental income, it is best to also put it in your name and not in trust. You can never guarantee that your children when they turn 21 will give you back the property. Instead they may blackmail you. You will have no one to blame but yourself because you went the other way rather than the straight forward way which is to pay the stamp duties. THE YEAR 2020
  49. 49. Health: This year, your health is not so good. So when you have small ailments quickly see the doctor and then all is well. Continue with your exercise like running or simply do body or foot massages for blood circulation. You may need to have enough rest for your own body as every one’s body is different. Have you tried lymphatic massages as these are good for you. THE YEAR 2020
  50. 50. Love and Family: This year, pay attention to your spouse as he/she may get “cranky” hence you will need to endure till 22 Dec 2020 then all is well. Your children are not easy to handle this year. Hence learn to listen to their needs and help them rather than impose your wants on them. If in a relationship – It is great year to get married as the rat year is a symbol of beginning. If single – If you do meet any partner chances are that he/she is a fake and out to cheat your money. Be careful. THE YEAR 2020
  51. 51. 5) RAT – Average This is your year and not a good one so you are advised to pray to “Tai Sui” for a smooth year. This year, you may change house, change job or change car. All are good changes just that whatever you do, will not be smooth. When events are not smooth kindly buy a 916 gold Kirin and wear to ward the negative omen. Business Outlook – Business will not be good hence you are advised to cut cost and stay in business until the new year. For students – You will need to study extra hard then can pass exams. THE YEAR 2020
  52. 52. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck this year, hence you are advised not to gamble. This year, you may lose a big sum of money so in order to ward it off is to go buy property where a large sum will go away or the second lunar month write cheques to do a generous donation. Income from career is still good however spend carefully and try to save. THE YEAR 2020
  53. 53. Health: Health is not good this year as there can be small sickness like cough or a bad flu. Simply rest and go see a medical doctor. This year, when walking on the road, driving or simply doing work be careful or double check your work. Continue with your regular exercise or go for “gua sha” or “tunia” in order to rejuvenate. THE YEAR 2020
  54. 54. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is not good and there may be big disagreements which could lead to a divorce. If you do not wish that to happen then just let it go. If in a relationship – The couple may break up because of differences. If single – The people around are not sincere just be careful as they may have hidden agenda when making friends with you. THE YEAR 2020
  55. 55. 6) OX – Excellent This is an excellent year for you as the stars are all in your favour. There is a promotion in sight. Business Outlook – Business is slow and try doing things to make business better. Think out of the box. If all else fails then go full vegetarian to bring in some luck or travel more to generate more sales. For students – Your luck is good this year hence which ever questions that you predict can all come true. You are spot on. THE YEAR 2020
  56. 56. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck for you this year hence you can go play a bit and remember to wear your favourable colour shirt/blouse so that you can win. Remember the concept of 4pm you wear right through to 7pm then can change to other colours. Career money has always been good. Do remember to save and buy property or invest in Gold or shares as long as your bazi allows. THE YEAR 2020
  57. 57. Health: Your health is good this year however for long term longevity, it is best to have a diet that is free from meat and never eat beef (Ox) which means eating yourself. Then how can your luck ever be good? Do your regular exercise and go for massages or Chinese acupuncture if you need treatment. THE YEAR 2020
  58. 58. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is good therefore can plan for more holidays together and the children too. If in a relationship – This is a good year to get married. If you are single – There is a chance for you to meet your lifetime partner. Put flowers in a vase in your bedroom to activate romance. THE YEAR 2020
  59. 59. 7) TIGER – Average This year, because of some unlucky stars in the year, your luck is not so good. Hence whatever you plan to do this year be it changing job or buying house, just be extra careful or seek professional help. Business Outlook – Business is expected to be slow, so watch your expenses. For students – This year, studying is a breeze, quite easy and can pass. THE YEAR 2020
  60. 60. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck this year hence do not gamble. It is best to simply save money or pay attention to health in the long term like starting to take organic food etc. Income from career is good. Expect little or less bonus this year. You are advised to exchange Chye Sen Yeh red packet with your spouse this first day of the lunar new year to get extra luck. THE YEAR 2020
  61. 61. Health: This year, you will need to pay attention to your health so any slight sickness quickly go see a medical doctor then the whole year will be very smooth. You are advised to do your exercises, yoga or even massages. THE YEAR 2020
  62. 62. Love and Family: This year, relationship with family members is not so good. Try to talk less would be best. If in a relationship – There would be disagreements in the relationship, just give way if it is not too much. If single – There is just another year. No romance. Simply enjoy the year with planned holidays. THE YEAR 2020
  63. 63. 8) RABBIT – Good This is a great year for you therefore enjoy the year with news of promotion and happy events. Working hard at work can see results. Business Outlook – Business is still good therefore enjoy the year. For students – This year you will find that you can study easily and can remember things. THE YEAR 2020
  64. 64. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck for you and you may strike lottery if you do buy. If not then some form of wealth can come to you, just wait. If you are gambling, then remember to wear your favourable shirt/blouse colour and when you make money deposit it in your favourable bank colour. Income from career remains good and remember to save. THE YEAR 2020
  65. 65. Health: This year, you may encounter some small illness then quickly go see a medical doctor to ward it off. Continue with yoga, massages or simply do simple exercises at home before going out will be good. For long term good health and longevity you may wish to consider taking less meat and more vegetables and fruits and take more brown rice than the white for less sugar. THE YEAR 2020
  66. 66. Love and Family: This is the year where relationship with spouse is an issue as you may find him/her getting “cranky”. Just ignore, talk less and wait till the year pass as it gets better. If in a relationship – This year, you may find that there is a lot more work to be done in a relationship to ensure that it gets smoother. If single – This year if you are seeking for a partner, most of the ones that appear are not good. Some may turn out to be a fraud to cheat you of your money. Be careful. THE YEAR 2020
  67. 67. 9) DRAGON – Average This is an average year for you because of the presence of some stars. Therefore before doing any investments, read the lines carefully before signing. The safest investments are with the banks. The second lunar month will be best for you to write cheques to do a donation as this can ward off any money losses that can happen in this year. Business Outlook – Business will be slow, just reduce cost is the best and wait for the new lunar new year. For students – This year, you will find that you need to put in some effort to study. THE YEAR 2020
  68. 68. Money and Work: This is no Heaven’s luck and only income from career. Hence this is a year to watch your expenses, see if there is any where that can be cut so as to save more. It will be good to start your retirement plan now while you are still young so that you can have a head start over others. This year, if you wish to be lucky all the time, is to give generously with your money. “What goes away, comes back”. The Universe up there is a fair one. When you give money generously , money can come to you, generously. THE YEAR 2020
  69. 69. Health: This year, if you feel some small sickness like flu, quickly visit a medical doctor, take medication and rest. Our body needs rest. Some need longer hours while some shorter because of their lifestyle. Do not let others influence you until you get yourself sick. Continue with your exercises, yoga and body massages maybe once a month will be the best. You will notice that those who pay attention to their health live the longest. THE YEAR 2020
  70. 70. Love and Family: This year relationship with spouse is not good as it can involve money. It is silly to disagree over money which can be earned. Just give if the amount is not a big one. If in a relationship – This is a good year to get married and why not ? Buy a nice proposal ring and get any masters to pick your auspicious wedding date !!! If single – Do not be happy if you meet a nice partner because this partner may be out to cheat you of your money. THE YEAR 2020
  71. 71. 10) SNAKE – Good This is a good year for you and you are in luck ! There is a possibility of a promotion at work or you may change job to a higher position. However, be careful as the economy out there is weak. Consider carefully before leaving. Business Outlook – Business is slow so spend less or reduce your salary to keep the business in tact. For students – You always have good memory and therefore studying is always a breeze. Little effort and can pass. Enjoy the year ! THE YEAR 2020
  72. 72. Money and Work: There is Heaven’s luck and therefore you can go buy lottery ticket every month and hope to win big. To help you to win big is to keep two mandarin oranges with their wrappers in the freezer of your fridge for the whole year. And if you strike Toto first prize, do not change your oranges but simply add in two more. Income from career remains good. Try having a joint account with your spouse like 20% goes into investment or savings etc. THE YEAR 2020
  73. 73. Health: This year, your health is not so good. Keep warm, wear more clothes or jacket and any small ailments quickly go see a medical doctor to ward it off. For longevity, try taking less meat and more vegetables and fruits or take organic food. Do continue with your excises, yoga and massages. THE YEAR 2020
  74. 74. Love and Family: This year, try to surprise your spouse with something like paying for all the family vacation trip or something. Little nice surprises will be able to keep the relationship healthy. If in a relationship – There is some disagreement sometimes couple have different points of view. One person lead in the relationship while the other say yes then all is good. If you are single – It will be difficult to meet the right one this year. Sometimes it is best to stay single. THE YEAR 2020
  75. 75. 11) HORSE – Average This year, your sign clash with the rat year hence you are advised to go pray to Tai Sui if not take less meat would be very good for you. Let your instinctive nature guide you as you are an intelligent person. This year, you may change job, change house or change car, all are good changes except that things may not be smooth so if that is the case then go buy a 916 gold kirin to wear the whole year to keep you protected from harm. Business Outlook – Business is slow. Just be careful of frauds. For students – You may find that this year everything is not smooth hence you have to study extra hard. THE YEAR 2020
  76. 76. Money and Work: There is no Heaven’s luck this year, therefore do not gamble nor do any big investments. It is best that the second lunar month, write cheques to any charitable organisations to ward off some money. If not the losses may be great as you are suppose to lose a sum of money. Do not do any big investments unless it is buying property. THE YEAR 2020
  77. 77. Health: This year, your health is not so good only small sickness like flu and cough when that happens before the lunar new year, quickly see a medical doctor to ward it off then all is well. Continue to do your exercises, yoga or massages. THE YEAR 2020
  78. 78. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse may have an issue. If in a relationship – This year, relationship may have an issue with money. Consider this carefully before you decide if he/she is the rightful one. If single – This year, you may meet your rightful partner. When the timing is right, can consider marriage. THE YEAR 2020
  79. 79. THE YEAR 2020 12) GOAT – Good This is a good year for you as the stars are in your favour. You can expect a promotion or change job with a higher pay. Business Outlook – Revenue is still good for you. However do watch your expenses. For students – This year is quite an easy year for you however you will still need to study hard in order to get good grades.
  80. 80. Money & Work: This year, there is Heaven’s luck and therefore you may wish to buy some lottery if you wish. When the stock market around the world falls in value, you may wish to take some funds to go buy some good stocks in order to make some extra money. However do not be too greedy. In fengshui, we also buy shares based on the elements which we are favourable with. Hence some shares we will avoid because we know that this will always make us lose money no matter what. THE YEAR 2020
  81. 81. Health: Your health is good this year however do continue to do your regular exercises and take your multi vitamins. Going for yoga helps in blood circulation and hence it is a form of good exercise if you like yoga. If not, then go for your regular foot and shoulder massages. THE YEAR 2020
  82. 82. Love and Family: This year, relationship with spouse is good hence everyone is happy and in harmony. If in a relationship – In the relationship try solving both of your differences and if all is well then try to get married this year or the next. If single – This year, you may meet your rightful partner and he/she is the one. THE YEAR 2020
  83. 83. Predictions for the Goat Year How to have better wealth ? Fengshui 2020 Predictions for the Rat Year
  84. 84. How to have better wealth ? 1) The romance star (4) is in the South West 2) The water star (1) is in the North East 3) The robbing star (7) is in the Centre 4) The sickness star (2) is in the South 5) The legal star (3) is in the North 6) The wealth star (8) is in the North West 7) The helpful star (6) is in the South East 8) The 5 yellow star (5) is in the East 9) The fire star (9) is in the West
  85. 85. Fengshui Tips for 2020: When you wish to renovate your house this year, do not renovate at the East and South sectors of the house. To activate wealth is to place a “pot of gold” (gold ingot shaped bowl with lots of coins) in the North Western part of the house. When you feel that your luck is not smooth, go full vegetarian for 6 days.
  86. 86. Fengshui Queen Singapore® Tip for 2020 Predictions for the Rat Year
  87. 87. 2005 – Carry 88 grains of un-cooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection. 2006 – Carry a “gold pendant abacus” in your wallet for more money to count in the year. 2007 – Carry S$500/- cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money, you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you. 2008 – Carry a small bagua, size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth, protection and power. FengshuiQueen SG Tip
  88. 88. 2009 – Throw lots of coins on the writing desk in your study room or anywhere in the living room for additional Good Luck and for your wealth to grow in 2009 !!! 2010 – Go and buy a real gold (916 gold) “ru yi” pendant for your smooth career and place it in your wallet !!! 2011 – Place 8 big mandarin oranges individually wrapped in the freezer and watch for Good results, 3 months later !!! 2012 – Carry a Jade laughing Buddha in your wallet !!! 2013 – Buy a big 3 legged toad (bronze) and place it in your wealth area of your house.
  89. 89. 2014 – Buy a laughing Buddha and place him on the floor behind the house main door for added Good Luck !!! 2015 – Buy a bronze “Chye Sen Yeh” for Good Fortune all year round !!! 2016 – Buy a 916 gold “Chye Sen Yeh” for Good Luck all year round !!! 2017 – Carry 888 un-cooked rice in a red packet for Good Luck !!! 2018 – Carry a Golden Bell for Good Fortune and Protection !!! 2019 – Wear 2 pink, rose quartz crystals on your left wrists for a smooth year and Good Fortune !!!
  90. 90. Buy a crown porcelain frog and place him in the wealth area !!! Fengshui Queen Singapore®
  91. 91. Predictions for the Goat Year Conclusion: Fengshui Tips for 2020 Predictions for the Rat Year
  92. 92. 1) Investment Tip: Keep cash in your favorable colour bank to prepare for investments or for retirement. 2) Create Merits: Whatever little that you have, try to give. 3) Follow Blog, “The Fengshui Savvy Investor” to find out more about updates or join in Facebook, FengshuiQueen Singapore, Lynn Yap, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Slideshare, Vimeo and Youtube - 4) Go to to view the slides – 5) Join us in WeChat Group “Free Fengshui Chat” where Master Lynn Yap goes “live” every Friday night at 8pm.
  93. 93. HERE’S WISHING ALL A VERY HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, WEALTHY, HEALTHY, FABULOUS and AWESOME 2020 !!!!!!!! Predictions for the Rat Year