What Makes You Best In Class - The Inside Story to Brand 'You' - @TheBizEvent 6/20/13


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Lynn Hazan lets us know what it means to be your own brand manager. Lessons on how to dig deeper when defining what YOU do and how to translate that to potential employers. Lynn teaches us how to avoid wasting time on fluff words and how to put our skills into concrete terms. Cultivate your brand and magnify your strengths through content marketing through carious channels.

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What Makes You Best In Class - The Inside Story to Brand 'You' - @TheBizEvent 6/20/13

  1. 1. What Makes You Best inClass?The Inside Story of the Brand “You”.Lynn HazanPresident, Lynn Hazan and Associates, IncLynn@lhazan.comwww.lhazan.com312-863- 5401
  2. 2. What Is A Brand? It is more than a name, symbol, design. “It is what people say about you whenyou leave the room “ Identifies and differentiates aproduct/service from competitors.
  3. 3. The 4 P’s Of Marketing
  4. 4. What Are Your 4 P’s (or yourco’s)?My Product is ________________,Place______________________,Promotion__________________,Price_______________________
  5. 5. VUCA Describes BusinessToday- The New Normal Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous(Derived from military vocabulary in the 1990’s)
  6. 6. The VUCA Antidote Vision Understanding Clarity Agility
  7. 7. War For Talent Employers are hiring Looking for top candidates Top candidates receive multiple offers Brand yourself well and create demandfor your talent.
  8. 8. 5 Tips – Brand Yourself/YourBiz# 1: Promote your talent Who are you? How are you seen?
  9. 9. Exercise: The HemmingwayChallenge Tell your story in 6 words
  10. 10. Hemingway’s StoryForSale.BabyShoes.Never Worn.
  11. 11.  Lynn’s Story: Passionate Recruiterloves placing superb talent
  12. 12. What is Your UPS?What makes youUNIQUE?What makes youSpecial?Why should we hireYOU?Unique Positioning Statement
  13. 13. Stand Out
  14. 14. 5 Tips - Brand Yourself#2: Establish a presence online Is your online content appropriate? What comes up when you Googleyour name?
  15. 15. Content Marketing = The NewMarketing
  16. 16. Sign Up For The Free OrbiterMonthly Newsletter Go to: http://www.orbitmedia.com/newsletter-pages-72.php Andy Crestodina andy@orbitmedia.com
  17. 17. How to manage what people seewhen your name is searched Website and blog under domain name Social media presence
  18. 18. 5 Tips – Brand Yourself# 3: Be visible Where are other experts? Post/ Share new content Participate in discussions Think about the platform Be accessible
  19. 19. Be A Subject Matter Expert Share best practices Have experiences to relate Speaking engagements to share yourknowledge. Webinars, conferences, liveconferences, white papers, videos.
  20. 20. Great tools for contentvisibility SlideShare (part of Linkedin) Lynn posts presentations- LH&Afeatured on SlideShare’s Career frontpage
  21. 21.  EzineArticles.com- Lynn PlatinumAuthor-Interviewing to Win a Job Offer-Companies are Hiring.: Don’t Fumble YourChances
  22. 22. 5 Tips- Brand Yourself #4: Set up SMART goals like amarketing campaign S pecific M easurable A ttainable R EALISTIC T imely
  23. 23. 5 Tips - Brand Yourself#5: Re-Define Yourself in aChanging World The world is constantly changing. Youhave to change with it.
  24. 24. Must Have Skills ForCandidates Marketing Writing Analytic/Quantitative Social Media & digital skills Collaborative work styles
  25. 25. Must Have Skills Continued Managing clients, supervisory skills Foreign Language skills Do more with less! Industry specific experience◦ Strategy and tactics◦ Biz Dev
  26. 26. What Companies Seek: 21stCentury Skills Creativity andInnovation Critical Thinking& ProblemSolving Communication& Collaboration Productivity &Accountability Leadership &Responsibility
  27. 27. What Companies SeekContinued TechnologyLiteracy Flexibility &Adaptability Initiative & SelfDirection Social & CrossCultural Skills InformationLiteracy Social MediaLiteracy
  28. 28. Sign Up For Lynn’s E-jobs A free, confidential listserv from LH&A Clearly print your name and emailaddress on the sign up sheet! Join Today!
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  30. 30. Lynn Hazan
Lynn Hazan &Associates, Inc55 E. Washington St.Suite 715Chicago, IL 60602312-863-5401lynn@lhazan.comwww.lhazan.com@lynnhazan