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Intern at LH&A


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Are you a college student or recent graduate looking to learn more about careers in marketing, communications, public relations, or human resources? Lynn Hazan & Associates offers a hands-on experience unlike any other internship.

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Intern at LH&A

  1. 1. Interested in careers in Marketing, Communications, PR, or HR? Want to sharpen your skills? Intern with Lynn Hazan& Associates
  2. 2. Moving Forward: Words of Advice“Young people need to think about their careers more like a business, and to think about their brand. They need to learn how to differentiate themselves from the competition, how to have business intelligence to be the entrepreneurs of their own lives.”– Reid Hoffman Founder, LinkedIn
  3. 3. Why an internship? Because VUCA is the new normal.• V- Volatile• U- Uncertain• C- Complex• A- Ambiguous• We’re living in VUCA times• The job market is VUCA – How can you best prepare for it?
  4. 4. Lynn Hazan & Associates• What we do: Executive recruitment for marketing and communications jobs.• Who we are: Talent seekers, talent- developers.• Former interns work for agencies, major corporations, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurial businesses.
  5. 5. What LH&A Interns do:• Web and social media content• Candidate screening• Candidate interviews• Personal portfolio building• Reference checks
  6. 6. What LH&A Interns get:• Networking opportunities & business contacts• Practical use of professional social media• Insider perspective of the job market• A new and improved resume• Personal portfolio building• Interview practice
  7. 7. An internship at LH&A sharpens your 21stCentury Skills: Creativity & Innovation  Technology Literacy Critical Thinking &  Flexibility & Adaptability Problem Solving  Initiative & Self Communication & Direction Collaboration  Social & Cross Cultural Productivity & Skills Accountability  Information Literacy Leadership  Social Media Literacy &Responsibility
  8. 8. Internships lead to jobs.“Graduates with two internships on his/her resume are more likely to find a job in this market.”- Lynn Hazan President, LH&A
  9. 9. Interns practice their UPS Unique Positioning StatementWhat makes you special?What makes you stand out?What makes you different from your peers?
  10. 10. Intern Testimonials• “Don’t be afraid to be wrong.”• “Be early, speak up, connect the dots.”• “When you speak with authority, you command authority. Confidence is key.”• “Research and stay on top of the companies you work with.”• “Everyone has flaws. Avoiding them will not make you better.”• “Interning with Lynn was one of the best career moves I ever made. Without doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”
  11. 11. Interested? E-mail a resume and cover letter to m and call 312.863.5401 to follow up. LH&A Summer 2012 Intern Class