Cover Letter Misspellings Contest


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How many misspellings can you find in this letter from an imaginary job seeker? Enter the contest by 4/3/09!

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Cover Letter Misspellings Contest

  1. 1. Spell CheckSpell Check Won’t Save YouWon’t Save You NowNow or I Am Neither a Sir Nor a Madman A Contest from Lynn Hazan & Associates
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Spell Check Won’t Save You Now or I Am Neither a Sir Nor a Madman By Anne Howard, Lynn Hazan & Associates To enter the contest: Count just the misspellings (not grammatical errors) in the letter below and send an email to with the total. We will draw a winner from among the correct responses received by 5:00 p.m. CDT on April 3, 2009. Winner will be announced April 6, 2009 and will receive a $25 gift certificate to Levy Restaurants. Dear Sir/ Madman: Thank you for speaking with me this week; I am so glad to be renewing aquaintences with you. I felt very much at ease during our conversation and confidant that I could contribute to an excellent working relationship. I have four years experience with the worlds largest publication for Spanish-speaking men. My current roll is senor writer at the newspaper. We were the sourtce for all decisioning about the responce of this audience. My responsibilities included attending and organizing weekly meetings, communicating and reporting minuets. I also organized the annual company gala, with live music and elegant horsedevours. Among employees, I was ranked 5 out of 5 3 years in a row at year end. I work well independantly and also in a team envionment. I also speak Hindi and Bengali (Indiana languages). My position was eliminated as part of the companies down sizing efforts. All employees are being layed off. Prior to this, I left my last position due to "philisophilogical differences." My salary requirements are negociable. Weather or not you hire me for this opening, I am glad to connect with you. I appreciate your suggestions on my resume, and will send you a revised version. It will be proofed wth a fine toth comb. It has been proofed already, but not as critically needed, I am sure. Sincerely, Your perspective employee
  4. 4. (Not an April Fool’s joke! All of the above are actual errors that we have received in resumes and letters from candidates.) 2009 marks the 10th year of Lynn Hazan & Associates, a Chicago recruiting firm specializing in marketing and communications searches. The firm places candidates in full-time, part-time and temporary positions with agencies, corporations and non-profits. LH&A also offers a service for candidates called The Empowered Job Seeker, which provides one-on-one consulting to help candidates position themselves as the candidates of choice. © 2009 by Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc.