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WH Deck v.5_Optimized

  1. 1. A division of SAXXON STUDIOS, LLC. ©2014 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The inception of Whitehouse Projects began 5 years ago in Peru with Saxxon Studios/Whitehouse Projects founder, Jim Cossio. While in the travel town of Miraflores, Cossio discovered an opening night event for an art gallery where street artists exhibited their craft directly onto the white walls for the public. To his amazement—and dismay, these artists, who had poured their heart and soul into these works would all have their art “whited-out” to create room for the next showing, thus erasing the memory of the art and the artists themselves. When Jim returned to the states his fascination with the “white-out” concept became even more intensified. With further research on the Peru gallery and musing of a white-out gallery this seedling of an idea eventually grew into what is now the Whitehouse Projects—a full fledged traveling event series confidently providing the artist, the audience, the buyer, and the charity an opportunity to become part of the movement. *We want to bring the nomadic street artist and the refined technical artist under one umbrella where art is art and the stigma of the stereotypical artist is demolished. *At our event attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves within the dynamic art community, the convenience to participate in the active observation of live art, and the accessibility to invest themselves into the artwork at the event through a silent auction. *Within those viewers are the buyers, those who are willing to stand up for the movement and prevent the white-out process. The option to claim artwork allows the buyer to feel at one with the artist and give recognition to their “heart and soul” on a canvas; however, any unsold artwork will be completely painted over with white paint at the end of the night ultimately concealing the original piece. All participating groups collectively give back through Whitehouse Projects’ partnered charity thus creating a strong support system within both the art and general community as a whole.Constant evolution is what brought Whitehouse Projects to where it is today—and we want to keep that momentum moving. In 2014-2015 we will be traveling to: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Miami. Whitehouse Projects is not just a one-night event. It is a movement. Join us in making a difference.
  3. 3. Self-expression + Imagination + Creativity = ART The self-expression of the artist, the imagination of real people, and the creativity of the community. Whitehouse Projects - a movement bringing you ART. Here at Whitehouse Projects we’re all about movement - the movement of art, the movement of creativity, but most importantly the movement of awareness. We’re advocating the recognition of artists both at a local and global scale; whether they’re street artists or classical artists we’re demolishing the stigma and bringing “the artist” under one umbrella.
  4. 4. INVITED ARTIST “If society is crumbling, I brought the jack hammer,” reads one wheat-pasted poster from this socially critiquing artist. His work consists of little mantras like this, pasted up around the city, paired with what appear to be self-portraits. Bumboy WC manages to push past ennui to while also making us laugh. Sure, he’s ready to embrace anarchy, but the subject matter for his work wouldn’t be so potent if things weren’t so messed up. Bumboy’s got a chip on his shoulder that’s only widening by the day. But the sorer he gets, the better his work becomes. -Complex Magazine The Los Angeles street artist Morley dares to say yes as he meanders the city like Moses in the desert, plastering his typographic posters from street corners to highway off-ramps. His work isn’t hard to miss, and not simply because of its bold lettering, it’s the humor that gets you. Morley’s posters are often at odds with the ever-present billboards berating you to buy things you don’t need. He is a breath of fresh air, and more often than not, a laugh in the middle of the day when jaded Angelenos need it the most. One gets the sense that it may be Lloyd Dobler who’s going around the LA streets, bucket and brush in hand, delighting us with his sly quips. -LA Canvas Magazine Born in El Paso, Tx. and raised in Boyle Heights, Ca., Fabian Debora has been creating art since his childhood. Beginning his art career in 1995 as a member of the East Los Angeles Streetscapers, Fabian was mentored by many Chicano artists and muralists and was introduced a creative expression in all throughout East Los Angeles and continued to develop his style through work on canvass. He has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, including Santa Barbara, Ca., Los Angeles, Ca., and Kansas City, Mo. Known for her stylized brushwork, Mariella’s work in oil paint is becoming internationally known and widely sought with many celebrities requesting to model for the young artist.She chooses to use her vision to go deeper and record the unseen. And how it all began… I love when people ask how I got “involved” in art opposed to how I “started” because involved describes it perfectly, I’m in a relationship with art. -OC Artwalk Mariella Angela Fabian Debora Morley Bumboy Mariella Angela Fabian Debora Morley Bumboy WC Marco Nabi Anh Tran Julian Shin Matt French
  5. 5. Saxxon Studios, LLC formerly known as Department of Design and Color is a premiere design and photography studio proudly serving clients for more than 23 years. Founder James Cossio aka. Big Jim formed Saxxon Studios as a response to the ever-growing need for talented up and coming artists to work together creatively within the Action Sports and Fashion Apparel industry. Saxxon Studios clientele insist on the best and strive for the top, and Saxxon has always kept that frame of mind as our driving force to promote and serve creatively the best we can. James Cossio and his team have established a well-known reputation in this Industry by following his motto “Creating Design through Imagination”. It is our desire to work with companies to create strong business relationships based on creativity, along with the power of imagination. This year Big Jim wanted to give back and forge creativity and imagination to a new level; how to engage society with art without making it seem so out of reachand boring. Figuring that artists thrive on self expression…they have imagination and many use of colors. These elements combined is ART to many people. Now add some amazing talented artists, some blank canvases and a night to showcase skillful artwork for a good cause…and you have the Whitehouse Projects! CURRENT AND PAST CLIENTS
  6. 6. VAMPPED. is a collaborative group of individuals fr y. r r V “new-br y, and industry understanding VAMPPED is rapidly gr r r r In an ever V needs and desir V ’s curr r level. Often times companies starting r y developed....VAMPPED reate an ultimate presence. SPONSORS AFFILIATE
  8. 8. POTENTIAL MEDIA COVERAGE MONSTER CHILDREN Art : Music : Culture : Fashion New York Based JUXTAPOZ Art : Music : Culture New York Based TRANSWORLD BIZ Action Sports : Fashion California Based PAPER Art : Music : Culture : Fashion New York Based URB MAGAZINE Art : Music : Culture : Fashion California Based LA WEEKLY Art : Music : Culture New York Based LA ARTWALK Art : Culture : Lifestyle California Based VICE Art : Music : Culture : Fashion New York Based HYPE BEAST Art : Music : Culture : Fashion Online Based HIGHSNOBIETY Art : Music : Culture : Fashion Online Based LA CANVAS Art : Music : Culture : Fashion California Based THE WORK MAG Art : Music : Culture : Fashion Online Based