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Lexxon Training provides transformational workshops that inspire organizational change and personal development for all levels—from the CEO to the front line worker. Our training is delivered face-to-face and hands-on, through energetic, interactive workshops and professional support to help your people succeed. We also offer security and safety courses to organizations and individuals. Our training division leads the industry with field expert instructors for professional certification and skills building.

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  • Thank you for your time today…
  • Here’s a quick overview of what we’d like to cover today:-A bit about you and what we know about your business so far. Please feel free to jump in here and provide us with additional info. The more we know about your needs, the better we can fill them.-We’ll tell you about Lexxon and how we can help you with training solutions tailored to fit your exact needs.-We’ll talk a bit about the two training modules you are currently interested in:SERVICE ADVANTAGE for Customer Service ExcellenceManaging DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS.-Then we can discuss next steps.
  • Next thingwe are going to talkabout is Lexxon.Optional:Lexxon is a division of Commissionaires BC and at Commissionaires BC we have trained our employees for decades to higher than industry standards. We started to develop our own training because we could not find the quality workshops we needed.Recently we formed Lexxon so we could offer our many training modules to other industries, not just security! We have already trained hundreds of people in our service excellence course.
  • Lexxon is a brand new fresh and innovative training organization focused on ensuring you get training that works and that makes sense to the actual business you do.Employees are one of the most valuable resources in any company and offering them training programs to keep them at the top of their game is what we do.Our workshops are collaborative and experiential. We don’t have instructors, we have facilitators who manage the training process for maximum retention.Our workshop modules are short and impactful so that participants leave with new knowledge and skills they can apply the very next day. We’ve heard first hand from others that they noticed the difference right away. In other words, our participants come in the morning and leave transformed!
  • We have two types of training courses:-those for the security industry (as with our security background with Commissionaires)-and then workplace relations courses for everyone! These workplace coursestrain in soft skills and are focused on how certain behaviour at work can lead to more success.So, we have training workshops for leaders in companies, managers, supervisors and foreman and frontline employees. We are currently building relationships with a variety of others in your industry and hope to begin training with them soon as well.In addition to that, we have trained employees of many organizations, including:First Nations Employment Services on behalf of BC HousingVector AerospaceInterior Health AuthorityCDI Collegeand a local government: the District of Similkameen
  • Our training workshops are built upon a large selection of workplace relations training modules that we have developed.Read list and explain/expand.E.g., Today we know one of the major stressors in the industry is change. It can stop productivity in its tracks and who can avoid change? Our CHANGE RESILIENCE: Managing the Stress course provides employees with the tools to manage change smoothly and stay in the game.
  • We understand that in your particular industry and business, you face unique challenges.That’s why we want to hear about your current challenges and then, leveraging on our 20 plus training modules, build a workshop that fits your exact needs.It’s a win/win/win, employees are recognized and get help to function more efficiently in their jobs, their managers have better functioning departments and happier team members and the company grows its bottom line.
  • So we mentioned that we are a fresh, innovative training company. Here’s how we are different:-we build workshop collaboratively with you so they med your needs head on-we transform participants so they leave ready to apply their new skills and knowledge, which impacts the entire organization-we can create excellent training workshops for all levels of your organization-our facilitators are subject matter experts, who bring real life experiences into the training room-we are completely committed to each participants success and will work hard to make sure everyone in the room is successful
  • We’re flexible and if it’s best for you, our facilitators will travel to your facility to train.Alternatively, we have two state of the art facilities, one in Surrey, right on the SkyTrain line at Gateway Station and one in the heart of Kelowna.
  • Transition slide…read text.Ask if there are any questions and move on.
  • Read text.
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  • As we said before. Our workplace training solutions will deliver a win/win/win for your organization.Employees are recognized and get help to function more efficiently in their jobs, their managers have better functioning departments and happier team members and the company grows its bottom line.
  • We are nearly at the end now. We just want to summarize before we finish the slide show.
  • Lexxon v1

    2. 2.  your business  about lexxon  personalized workshops  SERVICE EXCELLENCE  CONFLICT RESOLUTION  ORGANIZTIONAL SKILLS  NEXT STEPS • Overview
    4. 4. Lexxon training ABOUT LEXXON  Provides workplace relations training for organizations looking to equip their employees with game-changing tools.  Our workshops are collaborative and interactive—delivering high impact returns.  Participants leave transformed, ready to bring their newfound insight to work the very next day.
    5. 5. Our training ABOUT LEXXON Our focus: We specialize in workplace relations training to help your workforce accelerate to excellence Training for leaders, managers, supervisors & frontline employees
    6. 6. Workplace relations training modules ABOUT LEXXON 1. SERVICE ADVANTAGE for Customer Service Excellence 2. CHANGE RESILIENCE: Managing the Stress 3. Managing WORKPLACE CONFLICT 4. DIVERSITY in the Workplace 5. Getting ORGANIZED 6. and more
    7. 7. ABOUT LEXXON Workshops personalized for you Lexxon’s vast experience in workplace training provides us with a library of training modules to meet your every need. > Over 20 workplace relations training modules > We work with you to identify current issues in your workplace > We build personalized workshops for your team that train on the participants’ precise needs > You benefit with instant impact––the very day after the workshop!
    8. 8. How are we unique? ABOUT LEXXON  Collaboratively build workshops to meet your precise needs  Deliver high impact returns/win win win  Trainers of adults: leaders, managers, supervisors & frontline employees  Subject matter expert facilitators  We are passionate about the success of our participants
    9. 9. LEXXON OPERATION Facilities State-of-the-art classrooms Surrey (at Gateway SkyTrain station) and Kelowna We will travel to your facility to train your teams.
    11. 11. What participants are saying SERVICE ADVANTAGE ―Enjoyed the workshop material, exceeded expectations, appreciated the human relations and multi-cultural awareness.‖ –Lyndell Monkley, Personal Assistant
    12. 12. What participants are saying INTERIOR HEALTHSERVICE ADVANTAGE ―The information provided has given me a new appreciation for the importance of customer service.‖ –Nancy Myrah, Office Manager
    13. 13. What participants are saying SERVICE ADVANTAGE ―I found the workshop offered a unique approach to customer service and broke down some unique thoughts/patterns that I can use to better better understand the customer.‖ –Ryan Ceome
    14. 14. 1. WORKFORCE will feel appreciated, empowered and more loyal to your organization. 2. MANAGERS will feel more supported by their frontline staff and get more done. 3. BOTTOM LINE the CAO will see a balanced budget. Workplace training? What’s in it for you? SUMMARY
    15. 15. SUMMARY
    16. 16. Thank you