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Ulysses in Cyberspace: Distraction and Self-Regulation in Social Machines


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SOCIAM all-hands meeting, September, University of Oxford

Published in: Technology
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Ulysses in Cyberspace: Distraction and Self-Regulation in Social Machines

  1. 1. Ulysses in Cyberspace: Distraction and Self-Regulation in Social Machines Ulrik Lyngs
  2. 2. 1. Background: ICTs and Self-Regulation
  3. 3. Constant connectivity 2,617 touches/day1 76 sessions/day1 1. dscout 2016, Mobile Touches
  4. 4. The self-regulation challenge
  5. 5. The self-regulation challenge • Constantly-connected universal machines • Attention economy • Human cognitive constraints
  6. 6. 2. The Anti-Distraction Market
  7. 7. The Anti-Distraction Market Remove distraction s Usage informatio n Reward / punish Forest World’s Most Dangerous Writing App RescueTime meTime Focus Booster Stay Focused TimeStats Freedom Self-Control Anti-Social OFFTIME DriveCare Think Isolator Spirited Away News Feed Eradicator DistractaGone Yondr Write or Die Clear Focus Clockwork Tomato CARROT QualityTime
  8. 8. Remove distractions Picture representing Freedom
  9. 9. Usage statistics
  10. 10. Reward/punish
  11. 11. Freedom Self Control Anti-Social OFFTIME RescueTime Think (by Freeverse) Isolator Spirited Away Focus Booster World's Most Dangerous Writing App Freelancer Forest: stay focused DistractaGone Yondr NUGU DriveCare Focus StayFocused Timestats Tracktime MeTime Focus Writer Isolator FocusMask Moment SnuzNLuz Pavlok MOTI Facebook Demetricator WasteNoTime Time Groove Momo ltd FB Purity RescueTime + real life Google Contributor BasicAttentionToken Twist Plan-and-Play MyTime AppDetox QualityTime PreventDark BreakFree Phone Addiction Blocker Smartphone addiction stopper Smartphone addiction Timerlock Timeout - Control Your Smartphone Addiction Detox Launcher Detox Procrastination Blocker Smartphone Addiction System NoTouch No More Smartphone Addiction Self Control for Study Smartphone Junkie Alarm Time Used Time Lock Newsfeed Eradicator Smartphone Addict Heads Up Help Me Focus - Boost Productivity Phone Detox - Control App Use Stay Focused | Study Help AppBlock - Stay Focused DrunkMode AppDetox
  12. 12. 3. The Design Space for Anti-Distraction Tools
  13. 13. The Design Space for Anti-Distraction Tools • Can we use self-regulation research to understand the design space of anti-distraction tools, classify them, and predict their effects?
  14. 14. (adapted from Shea et al. 2014) System 2 control System 1 control Reward Expectanc yDelay Expected value of control Metacognitive representatio ns Metacognitive representatio ns Competition between action schemas Effector system Action Sensory input Usage information Remove distractions Reward/punishment
  15. 15. Q&A