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Why is Your Mom on Facebook & Why Does She Want To Be Friends with Your Ex? : Besides checking up on a high school sweetheart or playing Farmville, discover the five motivators for why people participate in social networking online. By understanding what's in it for them, you will get a better understanding of what's in it for you, and in the process figure out what your mom needs to friend your ex for.

Video can be found at : http://igniteshow.com/videos/why-your-mom-facebook-why-does-she-want-be-friends-your-ex

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  • why anyone friend anyone online?\nyou could say that online social networks exist to answer a simple need of humans in the modern age…\n
  • ‘what’s in it for me?’ them? you? your mom?\nmake money / play Farmville\nshows what, not WHY\nreverse engineer what people do\nfind why they’re on Facebook\n
  • companies use this - but this is what marketers do\nTHIS doesn’t match what people want - only what businesses want\npeople motivators into 5 different drivers\n
  • trained to be consumers\nTV - radio\nsocial network platforms - choices to consume\n
  • info at fingertips not just homogenized mass media\ntwitter celebrities, cooking / youtube, tech blogs \nyour mom - dating “that guy” - Facebook relationship status\n
  • online media - not replace traditional\nshift to replace the container, not the content\nincreased drive to consume - someone has to be making all this content\n
  • online network ‘carte blanche’ to create our own\ndream it / make it / say it\nno more waiting for Oprah / be your own show\n
  • blog / cat herding\nvideo / travel\ntwitter / stuff your dad says\n
  • creating fills the need to define ourselves, show who we are\ncreate for ourselves / friends family\ndigital soapbox and shout our thoughts to the world\n
  • and then the world gets to shout back at us\n$0.02 / opinion -- instant gratification on feedback\nparticipate in conversation -- join in the cocktail party\n
  • comments / blog post & FB status\nchatting during live events on ustream or CNN\nyour mom comment on your FB photo / gained 10 lbs\n...why contribute?\n
  • show that we are useful, valuable, we belong\nraise hand/voice & participate\nsuggestions, contribute ideas, give feedback\n
  • leads us to collaboration\nbrainstorming / teamwork / working together on projects / do something BIG\nso that the result: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts\n
  • fundraising / PTA to raise money for class trip\nvideo games / clan to help with boss fight\nsocial / mom & girlfriends looking for a blind date for you\n
  • why collaborate?\nto be part of something bigger than ourselves\nto achieve what they can’t on their own\nmany aspire to do great things, \n
  • be a tribe - not meant to be alone\nshared interest / goal\nfind love / money\n
  • scariest part of all, reaching out and saying i want to get to know you, friend/like/follow/connect\nonline networks not meant to replace our lives, but enhance them\n
  • being connected is a very strong motivator online\nwe all want to be part of something / community\nto be accepted and acknowledged ... to be liked\n
  • Woman 45+ (your mom) are most responsible for growth in social networking site usage\nwhy on FB?\n consume\n create\n contribute\n collaborate\n … and connect\n
  • if that doesn’t tell you why your mom wants to friend your ex - go with the obvious...\nsocial networking kittens sometimes grow up to be cougars and you ex is now fair prey\n
  • Ignite Wilmington #4

    1. 1. Why is Your Mom on Facebook & Why Does She Want To Be Friends with Your Ex?
    2. 2. I can haz? sxc.hu
    3. 3. Goals Nothing Useful To Your MomTactics Strategy
    4. 4. Consume
    5. 5. Fat. Dumb. Happy. icanhascheeseburger.com
    6. 6. Online Information Sources100 75 50 25 0 Mashable Facebook MSNBC Fark
    7. 7. Create
    8. 8. I baked you a cake but I eated it. icanhascheeseburger.com
    9. 9. Link Leads To... Rick AstleyActual Content Affiliate Link
    10. 10. Contribute
    11. 11. Im in yur blog leavin teh commentz icanhascheeseburger.com
    12. 12. Smart Your Ideas Inexpensive Expensive Your Manager’s IdeasThe idea your boss Dumbmakes you go with.
    13. 13. Collaborate
    14. 14. All your base are belong to us. failblog.org
    15. 15. You WE Me
    16. 16. Connect
    17. 17. Matched Online : February 12, 2009 adogslifehatboro.com
    18. 18. Productivity Analysis 9067.5 Paycheck 4522.5 0 Number of Farmville Friends
    19. 19. Flickr / Karamellzucker
    20. 20. wikipedia.com