Hosting A Global Book Tour Using Google+ : Presented at BookExpo America 2013


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Presented at BookExpo America 2013: Hosting A Global Book Tour Using Google+ – Learn To Market & Host A Virtual Book Tour by Lynette Young

Promoting your book, finding new readers and hosting book tours can all be done from the comfort of your couch – and computer keyboard – using social networking giant Google+. Learn how to host a virtual video ‘hangout’, broadcast it to the world, and promote your event all form Google+. With simple tools such as a computer, webcam and microphone you can reach the world on ‘tour’! Multiple ideas will be shared on types of events to host and how to set them up on Google+ step by step!

Feel free to contact Lynette directly for more information on having either this or a custom presentation or training seminar held for your company. Lynette also speaks at nearly 50 live events during the year.

NOTE: Slides without the live presentation may appear pretty useless.

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Hosting A Global Book Tour Using Google+ : Presented at BookExpo America 2013

  1. 1. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comUSING GOOGLE+TO MARKET & HOSTAVIRTUAL BOOKTOURLynetteYoung@LynetteRadio
  2. 2. &
  3. 3. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comOVERVIEWPromoting your book, finding new readers and hosting book tourscan all be done from the comfort of your couch – and computerkeyboard – using social networking giant Google+.Key Takeaways:•Learn how to find opportunities to participate in the Google+book culture•Learn how to host a virtual video hangout, broadcast it to theworld, and promote your event in Google+ and your website•Learn ideas on how to use Google+ to promote your book
  4. 4. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comWHY SHOULDYOU CAREABOUT GOOGLE+?Defined as a "social layer"that covers many of its 60+online propertiesHas over 500 millionregistered usersThe second largest socialnetworking site in the worldYep, looks like a winner!Bigger thanTwitter orLinkedIN
  5. 5. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comBREAKINGNEWS!Google+Hangoutsare now aSTANDALONEapp!
  7. 7. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comHOW DOYOU FINDINTERESTED READERS INGOOGLE+?CommunitiesHashtagsExploreHangoutsPages Events
  8. 8. There are book lovers inGoogle+forYOUR book.
  9. 9. Women’sIssuesFoodies FictionSpiritual Business LocalInspirational HistoricalChildren &YAInternational Academic Technology
  11. 11. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comGOOGLE+ HANGOUTS &HANGOUT “ON AIR”
  12. 12. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comGOOGLE+ HANGOUTS &HANGOUT “ON AIR”Hangouts are visible only tothose participatingHangout On Air’s arebroadcast to the public &recorded onYouTube
  13. 13. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comWHAT HANGOUTSLOOK LIKE...
  14. 14. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comHOWTO PARTICIPATE IN AHANGOUT & HOA1. Sign into Google+ using your Google account2. Make sure you have gone through Lynette’s checklist!3. Visit to install plugin4. Join a Hangout!
  15. 15. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comHangout“Cheat Sheet”I have developed this eBook resource to assist you on understanding andparticipating in Google+ Hangouts or Hangout On Air. This document includesinformation on how Hangouts work and tips and tricks to make the best of theexperience for you and other Hangout participants or viewers. This document isalso written from the point of view that you will be joining a Hangout / HOA that Ihave scheduled so just be sure to adapt your participation based on your ownneeds.My company Purple Stripe Productions - and my partnership with Faucet Group - providesmarketing and technology solutions in the digital communication and social media space. If you needassistance successfully and profitably integrating Google+ into your company’s marketing, publicrelations or lead generation plans - let’s ch@!Lynette YoungOwner, Purple Stripe ProductionsPartner, Faucet GroupFounder, Women of Google+What Is a Google+ Hangout?A “hangout” is a 10 person (9 people + YOU) video chat application developed as a part of theGoogle+ platform. Hangouts feel like a Skype video call where you can have ‘face to face’conversation with another person using a computer, webcam, and microphone. That is where thesimilarities end. Hangouts can contain as little as one person and up to 10 participants on the samecall - all for free. It is also possible to participate in Hangouts from a desktop (with webcam andmicrophone) as well as a mobile devices such as an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Hangoutparticipation is able to be as tightly (or openly) controlled as you would like. This insures that only thepeople you want in on your Hangout have access to join.While Hangouts are fun for personal use such as talking with family or friends, there are a nearlyinfinite number of ways to use Hangouts and Hangouts on Air for professional, business, andcorporate needs.The Difference Between Hangouts & Hangouts On AirA Hangout is a live video chat where up to 10 people can simultaneously participate. A Hangout is notbroadcast, published on YouTube, or recorded - this is where Hangout on Air’s come in. Security toenter a Hangout is determined by using +Tags or Circles.Hangouts On Air (HOAs) are publicly streamed live on Google+. HOAs are livebroadcast on Google+ (and YouTube simultaneously), embeddable on external webpages, and automatically recorded on YouTube. Anyone, even someone not loggedinto Google+ can watch a HOA. All they need is the link to the post on Google+ orYouTube where the video player is displayed.Page 1 v1.7 © Lynette Young & Purple Stripe Productions LLCSequence of EventsJoining an Existing Hangout / HOAWhen you are first invited to the Hangout / HOA, you will receive anotification in Google Chat (so be sure you are logged into Google+ atleast 15 minutes before our scheduled time). Just click on the link tojoin. When you are invited to a Hangout, you will receive a pop up chat notification on your Google+browser window. Invitations issued via circle membership will not trigger an individual invite message.If you don’t see your invite, visit my Google+ profile and look for the Hangout listed with the blue “Jointhis hangout” button. Click and you are on your way!If you are participating in a HOA, you will be asked to read and agree to the Terms Of Service (TOS)from Google that states you will, among other things, will not view or display in any way copyrightedmaterials that do not belong to you. That means don’t have music, movies, or television playing in thebackground.During a Hangout, any attendee has the ability to invite additional people to participate. In HOA’s I amthe only person with that authority, as I am ultimately responsible for the content that it contains.Because this is immediately and globally available for viewing, I ask that we all keep the content andlanguage PG13.Once you are participating in a Hangout there is nothing else to do! HOA’s require additional actionitems and procedures.HOA - Going LIVE to BroadcastOnce all participants are in the pre-broadcast Hangout, I will let everyone know when I’m about to flipthe switch to make it a public watch-only hangout. I have that magic button, so don’t worry you will hitsomething by accident. The live Hangout on Air is also streamed to, featured onthe page, available as a YouTube player embed, and recorded for future viewing.Note: If you are starting the HOA, it is up to YOU to click the red “StartBroadcast” button. You alone will be able to stop broadcasting again.After the Live Broadcast is started, I usually give it 2-3 minutes ofgeneral light chit-chat before officially starting ‘the show’. This gives viewers time to find and click playon the video player and test the connection before going public.To start sharing the public view-only video player link or embed a YouTube player on a website, youcan click the “embed” text link in the upper right corner of the Hangout window to receive either asharable link or the HTML text to embed a video player. This will work even before a HOA is set tobroadcast. Remember, even people without Google+ accounts or that are not logged in canview the video once you share the link!Page 2 v1.7 © Lynette Young & Purple Stripe Productions LLCIf at a point in the hangout we decide to invite others in to participate, I will make the announcementand send the invites via my Hangout control panel. There is only room for 10 total participants, sohowever many ‘slots’ are open beyond me and my guests is all that will be available. If 100 peopleare invited in, but only 8 spots remain, it’s first in first get. When one drops out, another can join.Hangout on Air’s can be done with only YOU as a participant, and will not show the ‘filmstrip’ on thebottom edge of the video but ONLY your video in the large top box.IMPORTANT!! If you drop out of the hangout, don’t panic! Just go back to the original linkinvite and join back in again. You can also visit my Google+ stream and look for the JOINHANGOUT button and jump back in.Blue BoxingWhile participating in a Hangout of any kind, you may notice that whomever is speaking (or has theloudest mic) takes center stage on your screen. If you want to not hop around so much visually, clickon the filmstrip video of the person you wish to keep in focus. This is ‘blue boxing’, as they will have ablue box around their bottom ‘filmstrip’ video. To go back to auto-switching, click their box again toremove the border. Just be sure not to hit the ‘report’ button by accident! During a recorded HOA, thesystem only records the primary speaker (or loudest participant) regardless of how you personallychoose to view the Hangout. What this means is that at any time there is the possibility that YOU areon the main screen Hangout picture, so no pickin’ your teeth!Tips for a Great HangoutBe sure to test your webcam and microphone at least ONE HOUR before our scheduled Hangout /HOA time. If you have not participated in a Hangout / HOA before, you must install a small piece ofcode into your computer (Google Talk Plugin - check here for system requirements). To instal theplugin, go to your Google+ page and click on the “Start a Hangout” and go through the steps as if youwere going to host your own hangout. Along the process you will be asked to install the Google pluginand possibly restart your browser. Once you can run through the tests to verify your microphone,speakers and webcam you are all set!Your EquipmentHeadphones. Use them please. Even with only two people in a Hangout there is apossibility for a feedback loop (when each person hears themselves and others speakover and over and over again). The Google+ Hangout software may detect this and muteyour ability to speak in the Hangout. The earbuds that came with your smartphone or iPodwill work just fine. If you have a Skype or gaming headset that has both the headphonesPage 3 v1.7 © Lynette Young & Purple Stripe Productions LLCand microphone built in that works as well.If you are using a laptop with the built in microphone it is CRITICAL that you use headphones orearbuds. No exceptions. Every person that has ever used both the built-in speakers and microphonehas caused a horrible feedback loop.Microphones. You need one to participate. There really isn’t any way around that. I do havethe ability to call out to a phone number to have you participate audio-only in a Hangout, but itgoes against everything a Hangout is.Webcam. Most of today’s webcams will work with Google+ Hangouts so long as you areable to successfully use it in Skype or Google Talk. If you have controlling software for auto focus orany of those wild over lays (bunny ears anyone?) be sure to turn it off. The auto focus specificallycauses a great deal of lag in Hangouts as you ‘eat’ more bandwidth sending a video signal out thatchanges more often. Place your webcam either at or above eye level to avoid giving the viewers adirect view into the inside of your nose. (Thanks to Amber Mac for that tip!)Try to make sure you stay within video frame during the Hangout. A good rule of thumb is to keep thetop of your head to your elbows visible in camera. No one wants to listen to you talk while getting ashiny view of only your forehead.Your EnvironmentBackground. Try to see about having a ‘neutral’ backdrop for what appears ‘in camera’ on theHangout. I have used a curtain behind me in the past to hide my messy office and to hide anypersonal items such as family pictures or “For Dummies” books I would prefer not get out I’ve read.(Safety issues for my family as well as my professional reputation.) As long as you have a nice,organized and clutter-free background it will look presentable and professional. I suggest a few HughMacLeod prints if you can swing it.When you are broadcasting a video signal over the Internet in a Hangout, the more pixels thatchange/move the more data gets sent over the line. By keeping your background uniform andstationary you increase the quality of the video you appear in and reduce the chance of audio lag(meaning that you talk and the sound ‘appears’ a few moments later).Noise levels. Turn off the phone, television, put the dog out first, give the kids your iPad to play with.Try to keep distractions down if possible. If you are finding that something is going on you need toattend to, mute your microphone and/or video feed (there are buttons that you control in the top rightcorner of the Hangout window). If for some reason my kids jump in the video frame, I mute mycamera (my screen will turn black) or hit the mute button on my physical microphone, as not tointerrupt the Hangout or have their image or voice show up and be broadcast globally as well asrecorded. No potato chip eating allowed!Lights. You will need them. Make sure you are in a brightly lit room. The key to good lighting is toplace lights in front of you from a slight angle, not in back! Having a light behind you that shows up inPage 4 v1.7 © Lynette Young & Purple Stripe Productions LLCframe tends to throw off the entire video. Move your webcam around a bit so the 40 watt bulb behindyou doesnt look as bright as the sun.If you are looking to get fancy, a simple 3-point light setup composed of desk lamps and LED lights(or at least ‘daylight’ bulbs) go a long way. To make you stand out in the video and let people see youand not a dark shadow where your voice comes from. Wikipedia has a great quick tutorial of how toset up a 3-point light set. If nothing else, be sure you are not only lit from behind.YouA HOA is a globally broadcast and recorded event which puts you on the world’s stage, be sure tolook the part! If your background is light, wear something dark - or the other way around - in order toprovide contrast to yourself. The video camera sees two dimensions not three like we do in ‘real life’.Ladies, wear makeup or at least powder and lipgloss. The video camera and the lights can wash youout, so be a bit bolder than you would in person. Also be sure that the blouse you wear does not get‘cut off’ in a strange position on the video screen. Tube tops and spaghetti strap tops tend to make itlook as if you are nude. Just an observation...Gentlemen, shave (if you are so inclined)! Honestly a bit of face powder to hide the “shines” wouldn’thurt either. No one will know, I promise.Be sure to use the restroom and grab a glass of water before you settle in for the Hangout.Above all else, have fun! This is a chance for people to get to know you. Let your personalityand expertise shine!Page 5 v1.7 © Lynette Young & Purple Stripe Productions LLC
  17. 17. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comSTARTING AHANGOUT ON AIR
  18. 18. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comEMBED A HANGOUT ON AIR
  19. 19.
  20. 20. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comIDEASTOPROMOTE A BOOKIN GOOGLE+
  21. 21. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comSeek out book clubs.Interview other authors.Hold a fan Q&A.Create or join Google+ Community.Look for book reviewers in your genre.Run a live Google+ Event.Make a Page for your book.Create a writer’s group.Do “virtual book signings” - AuthorGraph.comStart a discussion group around your book topic.Host your own book tour.
  22. 22. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comHANGOUT “FLAIR”• LowerThird• Overlays & A/V• Camera Man• Screen Share• Google Drive• RemoteDesktop• YouTube• Misc. Games &Apps• HangoutToolbox
  23. 23. @LynetteRadioLynetteYoung.comVIRTUAL BOOKTOUR1. Prepare a One-Sheet specifically forVBTs2. Create a ‘landing page’ to direct readers to view HOAs &video archives3. Determine how much time you can dedicate toVBTs4. Reach out to unconventionalTour Hosts
  24. 24. You