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Digital strategy for coca cola


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Digital strategy for coca cola

  1. 1. Digital Strategy For Coca-ColaPresented By: Lyndsey Stormer
  2. 2. • American males and females aged 15-20• Social Media• Brand DecisionsTarget Audience
  3. 3. • Increase product sales• Increase brand loyalty• Create engagementGoals
  4. 4. • CONSUMER INVOLEMENT kennybriscoe.comThe Big Idea
  5. 5. • Creating art projects out of coke products.• Entrants post on Youtube.• Winner will receive $25,000• Non-entrants will be able to voteCoke Art Contest
  6. 6. • Increased engagement• Increased Awareness• More ad clicksIntended Effects
  7. 7. • Get people talking• Cheap advertising• High consumer involvementImportance of SocialMedia
  8. 8. • 10 million• $25,000 Prize• Cost per clicks• Professionals• Art DisplayBudget
  9. 9. • Get young people excited• Involvement• Brand awareness• Brand loyaltyThe Point
  10. 10. Thank You