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Vicenza Trend Recap


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Vicenza Trend Recap

  1. 1. Vicenza,Italy- Bijorhca,Paris Trend Recap January 2015
  2. 2. Metallic Bold Chunky Layers
  3. 3. FRINGE Free Flowing Dreamy Layers
  4. 4. Relaxed Alternative Vintage
  5. 5. MEDIEVAL Dark Metals Chain Link Iron work inspired
  6. 6. PASTEL Delicate Whimsical Airy
  7. 7. MASCULINE Masculine Leather Metal Fantasy inspired
  8. 8. NATUR E Rough, natural stones Organic shapes Butterflies and insects Feathers
  9. 9. GEOMETRIC Industrial Angles Modern
  10. 10. RomanticLace Warm metals Antique Classic