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Career project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Career project

  1. 1. By: Lyndsey Escalona
  2. 2. About MeAll of these topics are discussed andexplained in this project, and eachdescribe me in different ways. • Lifestyle Choices • Learning Styles • Work Values • Unique Qualities • Foundation Building Blocks • Building Blocks to Develop • Holland Code (3) • Birkman Personality Test (3)
  3. 3. Who Am I?• Who am I? I think that my personality definitely shows and tells who I am as a person. I have the personality to help people and guide people through things. I like to get to know people, and have friends with so many different personalities. I have a really strong outgoing personality, and I think that the careers that I have chosen in these slides, explain my personality more. They describe me and what I want to do. I want to get to know people in different ways, and try to understand why they are doing what they are doing and figure out how to help them in any way possible. The careers describe my personality because they all have some aspect of helping others, and doing good for the community.
  4. 4. Lifestyle Choices- Goals• My lifestyle choices are different from 10 years to 5 years to the next year.• In 10 years, I want to be graduated from High School, and College. I want to be somewhere in Law Enforcement, or Teaching. I want to own my own house, have a family, and a car. Possibly married, and kids maybe.• In 5 years, I will be in College getting a degree. Maybe a small job part time, but focusing on school for the most part. Unless the job will help me with my major. Living at the College. In my spare time I would hang out with my friends, visit my family depending on what school I go to. Staying out of trouble.• In the next year, I want to take some classes in High School that will help me prepare for College and my major. Maintaining a high grade average. Some clubs are Red Cross, and Diverse Friendship, and applying for Leadership as a senior. Jobs taken may be shadowing someone in the career that I am interested in.
  5. 5. Score: 1- Seldom or NeverMy Learning Styles 2- Sometimes 3- Often Kinesthetic/tactile learner:My learning style is 2- I start a project before reading kinesthetic/tactile learner. the directions Which means that I prefer to 3- I hate to sit in a desk for a long learn by using my hands, on period of time hands on activities to get the 1- I prefer to see something done message across to me better. and then do it myself Learning by physical activity, 1- I like to read my textbook while using computers to reinforce riding an exercise bike touch, or by learning with 2- I take frequent study breaks making models, or doing a lab. 2- I have a difficult time giving step- This is the section that I scored by-step directions highest in. 3- I enjoy sports and do well at several types of sports 1- I am constantly fidgeting.
  6. 6. Work Values• My top two work values are the fact that I could do things for other people; and that my work will give me a feeling of accomplishment, that I did what I could and I am proud of it. The two careers that matched this were, criminal investigator and special agents, and a post-secondary school teacher. These two careers are something that I am looking into because they are in my head of pursuing them later on. I scored the highest in achievement. Which means that I do look for jobs that let me use my best ability that I have for it. I want to be able to feel accomplished with my work, not be disappointed in it. I also want to be able to see the results of hard work. To know that they are there and I am doing the right thing and a good job at it.
  7. 7. Unique Qualities My qualities are helping out others, I am a very athletic when they need it person, and I like to more. I like to be play all different types around people and of sports. help them understand different concepts. I like to express my Being around people self in different ways. and being able to help I like to take them is something that photographs, and be I look forward to doing around people. I like every day. to show people what I can do, to impress them with my skills.
  8. 8. What Do I Like?• In this test I scored the highest in the fact that I like to work with people. I like to help people and care for them. I like to work as part of a team and persuade people into different decisions or choices they may have to make. I also like to supervise and lead others.• Jobs that relate to this that I like are; Child Care Worker, Managers of Police, Secondary Teachers, Athletic Trainers, Mental Health Counselors or Clinical/ School Psychologists.• All these jobs above represent what I want to do because of my personality. I enjoy the jobs that deal with helping others in any type of circumstance there is. I want to be there for people, and to understand really what is happening to them.
  9. 9. My Foundation Building BlocksI had six foundation building blocks that described me. They were, self-esteem, self-management, cooperation, responsibility, knowing how to learn, and arithmetic/math.I feel that these specific building blocks is what helps me in building my structured foundation.Self-esteem is a big part, because you have to believe in yourself, and trust that you are doing the best that you can do. Being able to managed your time wisely helps with so many things. Knowing that you can make time and be able to complete your work by that deadline and not be running late with it. I like to have my work done even before its due, to make sure its not late. Another building block was my cooperation; being able to work well with others and incorporate their ideas with yours is so helpful. If you have a group project you don’t want to not being able to get along with them, and only think what you say is right.
  10. 10. My Foundation Building BlocksKnowing how to learn; this is key for people. If I don’t get something during class, I’m not afraid to ask for help, asking doesn’t hurt it will only help you. Going to the library to look something up, researching information more because your interested in it that much. Having responsibility for my foundation is a big thing. Doing my homework all the time, getting to class on time, not being late on projects getting them in to the teacher when they are supposed to be due. And last, arithmetic/math performing basic computations, and being able to choose the appropriate ways to solve a problem.There are some building blocks that I do wish to develop over time, such as; leadership, I want to be able to take lead in projects, and help others more. Another building block would be communication, I want to be more comfortable at giving speeches, and not nervous while doing them. Being alright with standing in front of the class and just talking. Those are some things that I would like to achieve to help me with building my foundation better.
  11. 11. Building Blocks to DevelopThere are some building blocks that I do wish to develop over time, such as; leadership, I want to be able to take lead in projects, and help others more. Another building block would be communication, I want to be more comfortable at giving speeches, and not nervous while doing them. Being alright with standing in front of the class and just talking. Also, negotiation, I think that by developing that skill will help me understanding different ideas and thoughts, and being able to interpret them into some of my own ideas. Those are some things that I would like to achieve to help me with building my foundation better.
  12. 12. Holland Code Careers Special Education Teacher, Secondary School *SOCIAL• Becoming a Special Education Teacher at the secondary school level has always been something that has interested me. In my Holland Code this job matched my personality with what I scored. This job scored under the social part of my personality. The one thing that makes me really want to be a part of this job is the fact of helping others who really need it. Your helping children understand concepts that they don’t know at all. Your always there for them and guide them through what they need. This is a special job because you definitely need to have a lot of patients, and the will to help them all. These things are in my personality. I love to help others, and help people understand things. The salary for being a Special Education Teacher is $48,690.
  13. 13. Holland Code Career Pediatrician, General *Investigative• A general Pediatrician gets to help out kids when they are sick, they get to go home at the end of the day and know that they made someone feel better, and that they helped so many people. That’s a major thing that I want to do, I want to be able to have that feeling that I was able to help so many different kids with their sickness. It’s a little different then being a school teacher, but has some of the same ideas within it. I want a job where I know that I am helping someone. To me that is a huge part, something that I would look forward to. I want to be able to figure out what is wrong, and what exactly is causing this illness to happen to them. The salary for being a general Pediatrician is $85,270.
  14. 14. Holland Code Career Criminal Investigator, Special Agent *Enterprising• A criminal Investigator, is definitely different than my other two careers, but something that I have wanted to do my entire life. I want excitement in my career, but also the fact of still helping others. It’s a different way of help, but if someone loses a loved one, and you can be the one to find out who did it and put them away for it, that’s still helping someone. Becoming a Criminal Investigator is hard work, but by taking the Holland Code for my personality I know that they match. This job has a lot of information that you need to know, and investigation to be done. This salary is $43,120 for entry level workers and $82,520 for experienced workers.
  15. 15. Birkman Test Actuary• In the Birkman Test, one of my careers was to be an Actuary. An Actuary is someone that will be spending the majority of their time in this career with numbers. About 65 % of the time you will also be helping out other people with establishing their goals, reviewing their work progress and also researching figures. This job matches my personality because I like to be involved with math, and tying in helping people with making some of their decisions. There are test that you do have to pass before becoming an Actuary, which are fully based on your math skills. There are different steps in this career, and the further you get into the career the higher your salary will then go. Some majors for this career consists of accounting, actuarial science, applied mathematics, logistics management, managerial economics, risk management, statistics, economics, finance, and mathematics.
  16. 16. Birkman Test Criminologist• In this Birkman Personality Test another career that came up was to be a Criminologist. A Criminologist is basically someone who studies the normal social behaviors and how these influence different things. Being a Criminologist the job can change depending on what you have to deal with. You can be working on a crime scene, going to autopsies to having to construct different profiles depending on the case they are scheduled to be in. This is a job that I have wanted to do since I was little. Being able to have an open work space, and doing different things that relate to each other in some way. To be able to investigate a crime, and be able to figure out why it happened or how it even happened.
  17. 17. Birkman Test Detective/ Private Investigator• Another career choice that I chose from the Birkman Personality Test is to become a Detective or a Private Investigator. I want to be able to put the puzzle pieces together to figure out what happened in a crime scene. You get to look through different records of people to see who the profile fits to. Investigating suspects backgrounds, their life. Part of this job can also include looking for missing people. To be an investigator you should be able to work alone and not have a problem, be able to figure out situations with your own ideas, think in a logical manner, and be able to react quickly to changing circumstances. Some majors for this are developmental psychology, pre-law, risk management, criminology, and criminal science.
  18. 18. My Best Career Choice• I would say that out of all the careers that I researched and learned about, my favorite one would be the Secondary School Teacher for Special Needs. I think that this one is the best fitting for me because it has a great deal of helping others. Which is one of my main things that I really want to pursue a career in. Even though all of the careers that I learned about described me and showed my personality through them, I do think that this one is what best describes me in different ways. In this career I get to use all of my qualities that I hold, and I get to do what I love to. I get to help people, use my people skills to get along with everyone and be comfortable around them. With this career I would know that I was able to help someone out and taught them something new.