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Edit of first 60 years history of The Grimsby College, research and writing or years 60 to 65 - The Grimsby Institute

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Anniversary Book

  1. 1. T H E G R I M S BY I N S T I T U T E O F F U R T H E R & H I G H E R E D U C AT I O N 6 5 T H A N N I V E R S A R Y 6 5 Y E A R S 1 9 4 4 O F - 2 0 0 9 E D U C AT I O N
  2. 2. A N N I V E R S A R Y CO N T E N TS INTRODUCTION 3 1944-1950’s - THE EARLY YEARS 4-5 1960’S 6-7 1970’S 8-9 6 5 T H 1980’S 10-11 1990’S 12-13 E D U C AT I O N 2000-2001 - DAWN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM 14-15 2002 16-17 2003 18-19 2004 20-21 2005 22-23 H I G H E R 2006 24-25 2007 26-27 2008 28-29 2009 30-31 & 65 AND NOT RETIRED 32-33 F U R T H E R ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 34-35 O F I N S T I T U T E G R I M S B Y T H E 2
  3. 3. I N T RO D U C T I O N In trying to write a history of the Institute it is impossible to include absolutely everything that has been achieved in the 65 years that it has been in existence. Therefore, this commemorative book simply attempts to highlight many of the Institute’s achievements, and give a flavour of its vital role in the community over the years. Since 1944 the Institute has evolved into one of the largest colleges in the country, standing at the heart of the local community, and having in those 65 years touched the lives of most local people, either through education, training, employment or a public event. A far cry from its humble beginnings with a total of less than 2,000 students, in April 2009, the Grimsby Institute boasted over 20,000 students and almost 35,000 enrolments, with the financial performance in 2007/2008 resulting in a turnover of over £40m. And, with over 1,400 staff across a range of roles, the Institute is recognised as one of the largest employers in the area. Recent research by the Association of Colleges found that for every £1 a college spends it contributes £1.90 to the local economy. This means the Institute makes a phenomenal contribution of over £81m to the local economy of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and surrounding areas each year. Mr Frank Vivian, a former Principal and lecturer who worked at the Grimsby College for forty years, and who has a keen interest in local history made the recording of the College’s first 60 years history, for which we are ever thankful. The following record of events provides some insight into how it is we come to be here today, looking forward to the merger with Yorkshire Coast College in 2010 and who knows what else beyond.
  4. 4. 65th ANNIVERSARY 1 9 4 4 - 1 9 5 0 ’s T h e e a r ly y e a r s Although the Institute as we know it Combined with the end of the war and In September 1959, having had the today was not built until 1953, the the nation returning to something experts approve of the College, the FE Education Act of 1944 gave the resembling normality, things were Sub Committee agreed to a new go-ahead for the separate training starting to look promising for Grimsby constitution for a Governing Body. This, schools in Grimsby - the Nautical School residents, except that in 1947 Grimsby together with the adoption of the and the School of Arts and Crafts, to Town crashed out of the football league’s Instrument and Articles of the College join together under the banner of The top division! in the next year formed the basis of the Grimsby College on the land at Nuns government of the College and its Corner, and is now Grimsby Institute’s In the decade that saw the television subsequent development under the LEA. main campus. become commonplace in local homes, the town’s new College began to take With over 4000 students now at one In the early 1940’s, when the school shape, with tenders submitted for the central campus, a Students’ Union leaving age was 14, there was small building of the first instalment at Nuns was formed. provision for those who chose not to go Corner in 1951, which in the 16th straight onto an apprenticeship; a century had been the site of a nunnery. Technical College operated out of the Eleanor Street Technical School in the evenings, overseen by the Technical Education Sub Committee. The school’s staff provided some training, as did staff from the Nautical School and the School of Arts and Crafts. The Education Act instigated by then Minister of Education, R A Butler, received royal assent in August 1944. This was to bring about a turning point in the provision of education in Grimsby, as it instructed and empowered Local Education Authorities to make adequate post-compulsory education provision available. The need for a College of Further Education in the town was agreed by the newly formed Further Education Sub Committee and plans and staff appointments were made, with Mr R E Woods becoming the first Principal. This was the start of the College itself, although it was still spread out over several sites. In 1948 the Ministry of Education approved 25 acres of land at Nuns Corner for “Further Education purposes” which was the beginning of College becoming one recognisable building. With the amalgamation of the specific teaching centres from around the town and the eager development of new courses, 14-year-olds would now have a choice when leaving school, either to start as an apprentice or to attend college and enter Further Education. 4
  5. 5. 1 948 - e NGlaND UK railways are nationalised to form British Railways. 1 943 - G rIMsBy Grimsby was the first place in Great Britain to have the Butterfly Bomb used against it by the Luftwaffe, devastating many areas.
  6. 6. 65th ANNIVERSARY 1 9 6 0 ’s Development of courses and further During the 60’s, the growth of the technological knowledge and facilities, expansion of the College building moved College’s course provision led to meant that the College was becoming at a frantic pace throughout the 1960’s. the creation of two more departments closely associated with the expansion of The first meeting of the newly elected and their advisory committees, technical courses to Higher Certificate Governing Body was held, and set up and a rebranding of some of the and Diploma levels. four Advisory Committees (Commerce, other departments. Engineering and Building, Nautical, and A reflection of the role of women in the Applied Science), which would report to In 1964 the Engineering and Building Swinging Sixties, with new style icons the Principal, make recommendations Department was so big the two such as Twiggy, was highlighted by a regarding the range of courses, purchase disciplines each warranted becoming a Department of Trade and Domestic of equipment, and act as general liaison department in their own right so it was Sciences to cover catering, bakery and between the College departments, split in two. Further changes took effect hairdressing which was later changed industry and commerce, and the various this year at 61 Bargate, as the former again to the Food and Fashion examining bodies used. Membership nursery was bought and converted into Department in 1966. of the committees was drawn from the a hostel with 40 beds, for use by the professional institutions and local trainee navy cadets, which was later to The school leaving age was raised to 16 organisations which had an interest in become the site of the Food School. years in 1968 and led to developments the work of the relevant departments. in the Further Education system. The Nuns Corner site now also boasted: a In 1964 the Government set up the large four-storey block incorporating Industrial Training Boards, which a main foyer, lift, refectory, library and initiated a financial system to encourage specialist studios for the Art department employers to train their employees at (although their main School was still at all levels and ensure that an element Silver Street). A further three storey block of Further Education was taken up by was located on the south side of the main everyone. This challenged the Further foyer which was linked to the main Education system to devise courses to building by only the ground floor, it complement the ‘off the job training’ to consisted of a large common area, a be given by employers or agencies acting lecture theatre with ramped seating, on their behalf. Some larger local firms classrooms, staff workrooms and three set up their own training schemes, whilst research laboratories for the Science others joined together and formed Group department on the top floor. Training Associations. The main ones The Department of Business Studies in the area were for Engineering, was created and soon added Across the site there were now also Shipbuilding, and Road Transport. Management Studies to its remit, and rooms for pottery, wood carving and the former Commerce and General cabinet making, a new bakery and The provision of training programmes Studies Department was renamed the larder room, a main assembly hall, tailored to the needs of industry and Department of General Studies. sports hall and changing rooms, an commerce became big business. engineering training workshop, a Cooperation between the College’s Courses relating to what were then marine engine laboratory, motor vehicle academic staff, training officers from the termed ‘women’s subjects’ had been workshop, experimental laboratory, major firms, and training groups in the grouped together in the Science and industrial catering kitchens, changing area produced schemes that were Maths Department. rooms, domestic cookery kitchen and operated at the College to the precise the first properly equipped training standards of the training boards The most significant and longstanding restaurant in the area, known today as concerned, and were paid for on a full change came about in 1965 when the the Gallery Restaurant. cost basis by the employers. This was College itself was renamed the Grimsby the forerunner of the now Work college of Technology, and the GCOT logo Based Learning which gives was devised and used during the next 23 employees the chance to train for years. For 20 years the College had been work related qualifications, such as evolving and expanding, it had become National Vocational Qualifications, far more than a provider of only Further in the workplace. Education courses; course development through consultation with employers, regionally and nationally, and excellent 6
  7. 7. 1 966 - e NGlaND England won the world cup final, beating West Germany 4-2, giving them their first World Cup win, and becoming the first host to win the tournament since Italy in 1934. 1 967 - G rIMsBy Freshney Place Shopping Centre boasts over 70 stores including Marks and Spencer, Binns (House of Fraser) and BHS. It was originally constructed between 1967 and 1971.
  8. 8. 65th ANNIVERSARY 1 9 7 0 ’s The importance of the international students of the Engineering Scunthorpe and Grimsby Boroughs fishing industry and related industries Department resulted in the building of formed the Scunthorpe and Grimsby such as food processing, refrigeration a scale model (1:6) of a stern freezer Computer Centre which was near and engineering led to many course trawler deck, which was used to Hereford Avenue. The College had a link developments in those sectors. demonstrate the function of the to the ICL computer and, with the help of Another factor was the creation by the machinery associated with shooting and the Local Education Authority, embarked Government in 1973 of the Manpower hauling a trawl, which was also made to on computerising student enrolments. Services Commission to promote training scale. Such was the success of the part of Today the Institute’s Management within industry and commerce, including the course spent at Grimsby, the College Information Systems department is still the vocational training of school leavers was asked by the ODA if it would take a leader in computerised records. as well as the retraining of the existing on the organisation and running of the The locally famous statue of the workforce. Funding was made available whole course. This put Grimsby on the fisherman Grim rescuing Havelok from to devise and deliver training courses map internationally for our post graduate the sea, which used to look out over the tailored to the specific needs of the course in the training of fishery officers, Nuns Corner roundabout, was unveiled employers. Grimsby College of managers and technicians, and students by the Rt Hon Anthony Crossland MP Technology became very active in from as many as 43 different countries on 29th May 1973. The statue, sculpted creating schemes suited to the food came to Grimsby to train. by Wain Hobson, caused quite an upset and chemical processing industries, not A significant further development was as one local councillor became very only in the production of course material an arrangement with Loughborough concerned at the possible effect that this but also in pioneering the use of Distance University which enabled students nude figure would have on the people Learning and the ‘on-site’ tutorial. This studying at Grimsby to obtain an MSc of Grimsby. Having now been removed proved to be the answer to training staff by research, following the one year due to vandalism, Principal Daniel Khan who were employed on a shift system College Diploma in Food Technology, intends to secure funding to restore the and is still in operation today. specialising in Fish Processing Technology iconic statue in the near future, and The Ministry of Overseas Development at post graduate level. Although the local return it to it’s rightful place of showed an interest in the courses for the fishing industry was in decline, the prominence, on display in the Institute’s fishing industry and a new course for continued growth locally of the food grounds to the Grimsby community. seagoing engineers was devised industries led to the development of The Government’s reorganisation of specifically to train students from Ghana. related courses. Full-time and part-time county boundaries in 1974 brought about This important breakthrough in obtaining courses in such subjects as creation of the county of Humberside, support from a Government agency was management, food science and and the College went from being the only to lead to the College becoming technology, and refrigeration engineering provider of Further and Higher Education internationally recognised as a provider were actively promoted. These industrial under the Grimsby borough Local of training and education in Fishery links with the College provided training to Education Authority, to one of 11 under Studies. This was underlined when the both local and international employees the new county of Humberside. From 1st College’s Nautical Department worked essential to the overall planned food April the College had to pitch for funding with the Overseas Development sector and port expansion, to make against other colleges, in particular the Administration in mounting, initially, Grimsby the centre of the UK food new Higher Education College in Hull. part of a course funded by the British processing industry. Another change in the delivery of Further Council as part of their commitment As part of his fact finding tour of British Education courses came about through to aid the development of the Third industry in 1978, Prince Charles paid a recommendations from the Hazelgrave World countries. visit to the area to look at the fishing port Report in 1976. This resulted in the The course was aimed at the training and of Grimsby. He stopped off at the College creation of the Technician Education education of fishery officers and other for a buffet lunch prepared and served Council and the Business Education people working in that field and included by the catering students under the Council and led to a restructuring of practical experience on board fishing supervision of the staff in the both technical and business education at vessels as well as technical skills and Training Restaurant. In order to better the technician levels. A new concept of management of fishing operations. The reflect the work being done, the becoming qualified by obtaining credit local fishing industry co-operated in Nautical Department was renamed in a number of units of study was making this course as realistic as possible The Department of Maritime Studies developed, and with it, the now familiar and all the students spent time at sea and Fisheries, and the Science and jargon of units, levels, programmes, on trawlers. To bring the complexities Mathematics Department became The assignments, and continuous of a trawler into a practical teaching Department of Science and assessment made its appearance. These environment, a practical seamanship and Food Technology. developments would lead to the transfer fisheries training centre was established In the 1970’s the college purchased its of many of the College’s courses and staff at an old school in Victoria Street, at Lock first computer, recognising that to the Hull Institute. Hill. In this facility a realistic project for technology would be the way forward. 8
  9. 9. 1 974 - e NGlaND The first McDonalds in England was in Woolwich S.E.London. 1 979 - G rIMsBy The district was renamed Great Grimsby.
  10. 10. 65th ANNIVERSARY 1 9 8 0 ’s Despite the country being in the grip training for student nursery nurses under particularly amongst young people, of the New Romantic and the the supervision of qualified staff. with a new training initiative. The Youth glamorous wedding of the Prince of Training Scheme (YTS) came into being Wales to Lady Diana Spencer, the start By 1985 the seemingly dark spell had and the College was funded to provide of the decade was far from romantic come to an end and several more new 500 places. The College’s YTS scheme for Grimsby College. and innovative projects, some of which had been inspected by the MSC and the have been adopted elsewhere were to College was granted Approved Training The 80’s began with a change in enthuse the staff team. A fully equipped Organisation status in 1988. leadership; Eric Green who had been at TV studio with editing facilities was the helm since 1954 retired and former installed in the Media department and an More building work was undertaken at vice-principal, Mr Frank Vivian, took over on-site multi-gym was made available to the Nuns Corner site: a workshop large the Principalship. Mr Vivian had a both staff and students, to help exercise enough to accommodate the building proverbial ‘baptism of fire’ when all but the body as well as the mind. of several houses inside it for use by the three of the College’s advanced courses, Construction section was created, with a together with fifty-two academic staff, A project undertaken by Social Care separate area equipped for the Electrical sixteen technicians and the financial students identified the need for some section to carry out the installation and resources relating to the courses were facility where special needs children testing of domestic and industrial officially transferred to the Higher could mix with others and, in an informal electrical wiring circuits. There was also a Education College in Hull on 1st January atmosphere, develop their creative new large welding and fabrication 1983. The wealth of courses the Hull abilities. This idea became a reality and workshop, which was in use by January College could now offer led to it the Art and Recreation Centre for 1986. becoming the University of Lincolnshire & Handicapped Children (ARCH), a Humberside, which eventually relocated registered charity supported by Undoubtedly, the 80’s saw the real start to Lincoln. The year 1983 also heralded voluntary donations, began meeting of the computer revolution and one of the concept of the 6th form college by every Saturday with a fully qualified the long awaited facilities was the the Minister of State. teacher in charge, assisted by volunteers installation in 1986 of the computer often including students from the College programme, Further Education Grimsby College still had an important and local schools. Management Information Systems part to play in the delivery of the courses (FEMIS). This was Humberside Council’s which were being run by Hull, particularly Distance Learning developed so much answer to the cry from all of its colleges food sector based courses, so annex that a lecturer was appointed in 1987 for some accurate, easily accessible, buildings and facilities were developed to be specifically responsible for current information on which to base the to suit the image of a Polytechnic. The 61 progressing these courses and day-to-day and future planning of the Bargate premises became a dedicated marketing them nationally. So-called local Further Education provision. The Food Technology School and the Art ‘Outreach’ education and training also Humberside College of Higher Education department was transferred to the developed, much of which involved and Grimsby College cooperated in the former school on Eleanor Street. close co-operation with local employers provision of computer equipment for and provided opportunities for staff to joint educational use and a DEC VAX/750 Mr Vivian proposed changes to Grimsby undertake periods of secondment into computer was installed. In addition to the College’s structure in order to industry to update their own knowledge main machine, terminals were provided operate responsively to the ever and techniques. in several rooms and a computer changing demands placed upon it. manager and a programmer were The series of changes became known Birds Eye Walls Ltd, a huge employer in appointed. Few people could have as ‘Project 85’ and included a Primary the region at the time, approached the imagined how the computer would go Management Team which consisted of College for a programme to create a on to revolutionise the lives of both staff the Principal, Vice-Principal, and three ‘multi-skilled’ maintenance workforce in and students. Directors; of Curriculum Management, their factory at Grimsby. This venture was Student Services and Development. They a great challenge to the team of lecturers In 1988 Frank Vivian retired from the role supported the work of 14 areas of the who devised a three-year programme of Principal, after 40 successful years of curriculum. Other developments which became the forerunner of several working in industry and education. Alan included the employment for the first multi-skilling training programmes Gothard, a former member of the British time of a chaplain, and the beginnings delivered to other firms in the area. Navy, stepped into the breach and was of what is now the Children’s Centre; a In 1987, under Margaret Thatcher, the to steer Grimsby College for the next toddler’s group for children of staff and Conservative Government attempted nine years. students which provided practical to tackle spiralling unemployment, 10
  11. 11. 1 982 - e NGlaND Prince William of Wales is born, he is second in the line of succession. 1 987 - G rIMsBy Grimsby Town Football Club reached the FA Cup quarter-final.
  12. 12. 65th ANNIVERSARY 1 9 9 0 ’s Significant developments took place in systematic planning. Deputy Principal, recognised with several awards including 1990 that would affect the College in Mr Ellis succeeded in establishing Promoting Equal Opportunities from the the long-term. The Local Management performance management systems for Institute of Careers Guidance, Quality of Colleges scheme, was launched and the College that are highly regarded in Mark from the Basic Skills Agency, resulted in a newly constituted the college sector. Helping Hands from NEL Careers Governing Body, consisting of 20 Association for Work Experience, and in In 1995 the Art & Design faculty moved members with an ‘employment 1999 the College’s HE Prospectus won a from Eleanor Street to its current interests’ majority. This body, which was National Award out of 147 entries. Westward Ho site, just down the road renamed the Board of the Corporation from the main Nuns Corner campus and Significant changes in the education in 1994, quickly concentrated its energies on the strategic management was renamed the School of Art & Media. sector came into being during the late of the College, determining staffing To make learning more accessible to the 90’s, which had an effect on the College. levels and responsibilities, amongst wider community, a Resource Centre Changes to the funding of colleges were other things. was created in Immingham in 1994. This explored to achieve maximum income to provided a gateway to studying at the enable education and training to be The College was reorganised into five College, offering certified courses as well available to all. A project to assist Small departments, each of which was divided as those solely for personal enrichment, and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) in into subject area sections. The change and was the first of many very successful competitiveness through leading edge might be summarised by saying that the community learning centres to be technology received approval and College was given a finite budget, within established in the area. Various other funding from the Humberside Training which it had the freedom to provide developments took place, to include: the and Enterprise Council in September courses of its own choice and dictate setting up of exchange programmes with 1997. Grimsby College and NELC were staffing levels, that is, it had more local American Colleges, new refrigeration and to manage a ‘New Deal for Disabled control of the internal affairs of the motor vehicle workshops, remodelling People’ programme, through a shop College. of the foyer area to include the and manufacturing base in Freeman Reception, an Information Centre and Street, and a ‘Lifelong Learning In April 1990, the LEA was also instructed Student Services, an extension of the Partnership’ steering group was formed to operate more strategically, by planning refectory, and the College’s gym and between the College and North East its FE service on a county basis health centre, Bargate Fitness Suite, Lincolnshire Council. according to labour market intelligence opened to the public as a commercial and employers’ needs as well as the In November 1998, the Government set venture, but still provided staff and needs of students. Further Education up and funded the Further Education students with reduced admission rates. colleges became funded by the Further National Training Organisation, for Education Funding Council. A change in In 1996, the county of Humberside, colleges to improve quality, standards and central government policy allowed created in 1983, and responsible in part partnership with industry and schools, Grimsby College to once again deliver for the downsizing of the College’s HE and in their 1999 white paper, Learning Higher Education courses. The successful courses, came to an end itself. The county to Succeed, the Government outlined a launch of several Higher National boundaries were again redefined and the new framework for post 16 education Diplomas, with Degrees being offered Grimsby and Cleethorpes area became and training (excluding HE). Money was from 1993, gave the College another part of newly created North East made available for colleges to achieve aspect to its provision and in 1995 the Lincolnshire. The following year, Alan Social Inclusion and Widening College received approval to develop Gothard retired as Principal and was Participation. This was administered a programme of HE courses with the replaced by Mrs Marylin Hawkins and, by the setting up of 47 Learning and University of Humberside. Along with a a year later in 1998, Rodger McCracken Skills Councils and 45 Small Business corporate manual and a new logo, a new became Chairman of the Corporation and Service franchises. phase for the provision of post 16 Ms Gill Alton was appointed as Director education in the local area had begun of Learning. In summing up the 90’s, it can be and by June 1994, the academic structure described as a significant period in the had developed into five faculties: The tail-end of the 90’s saw no let up growth of the provision of many courses, in the activity of the College and staff, covering a wide range of modes of • Business Administration including a full-time counsellor, an equal access. The need to maximise the income & Management opportunities advisor and a press officer, generated by the College brought an • Construction & Engineering were appointed to supplement the entirely new emphasis on the qualities • Continuing Education academic staff and promote the College. needed to operate in such an • Catering, Health & Social Care Students and staff continued to work environment. The bottom line was that • Art & Design with local schools and the local since the FEFC became responsible for Mr Ray Ellis was appointed as community, putting on events including the funding of Grimsby College, it always Vice-Principal at the start of the 90’s to competitions, plays, dance shows, videos met, or bettered its targets for learning. guide the College towards more and exhibitions. The College was also 12
  13. 13. 1 991 - e NGlaND Helen Sharman becomes the first Briton in space. 1 993 - G rIMsBy Pleasure Island opened.
  14. 14. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2000 - 2 0 0 1 D a w N o f T h e N e w M I l l e N N I u M Grimsby College has responded by The Learning Shop, which was officially provided with chef’s jackets, courtesy of a constantly moving forward, opened by local MP Austin Mitchell and sponsorship by Young’s Bluecrest. developing innovative and relevant the Mablethorpe Learning Centre, programmes which meet the needs of opened in 2008, and run in collaboration The Management Information System for learners, employers and the wider with the CG Partnership. both academic and administration use community. It was proud to be one of was upgraded with a new MIS intranet the first colleges in the country to offer At the end of the year, Mrs Hawkins installed, giving staff access on a ‘read a varied programme of sporting resigned as Principal but remained in the only’ basis to the Student Data Base, academies starting from a Further education sector, taking up a post with handling enrolments and attendance Education level, creating the Football the Learning & Skills Council and records, downloading of examination Development Centre. therefore making way for the new entry and enrolment forms, course Principal, Daniel Khan, to take over the leaflets, and capable of generating all The availability of Work Based Learning position at the beginning of 2001. the reports needed by the Learning and programmes such as National Vocational Skills Council. Qualifications (NVQ’s) and Modern From 1st January Mr Daniel Khan, Apprenticeships, has meant that students formerly Deputy-Principal at York have been encouraged to work while College, took on the challenge of they learn, in disciplines as diverse as ensuring Grimsby College grew bigger Engineering and Hairdressing, with and better in the new millennium. students attending College for one or two days a week to train in specially From a financial and accountancy equipped workshops. background, the new Principal was equipped to plan for the continued Since the College was given the go ahead development of the organisation in to redevelop its repertoire of HE courses what has become a highly competitive in 1995, the number of courses on offer marketplace, recognising that at that level increased every year which educational establishments need to resulted in the creation of a specific run as efficient businesses as well centre for Higher Education. The Nuns as successful learning environments Corner campus was officially opened by for students. Government Minister, Alan Johnson, and saw the College enter into an agreement FE courses have remained as the main with the Universities of Hull, Sheffield, focus of the College, with methods of Huddersfield and Lancaster, delivering delivery increasing dramatically. The some courses in partnership with Franklin College formed part of the 6th Form College. Today it boasts hundreds of Partnership with Tollbar Business & courses, either full or part-time, including Enterprise College and St James’ School, Masters, Degree courses, Foundation enabling an increase in the range of A and Degrees, Higher National Diplomas, AS level courses available to students, Higher National Certificates, and although today Toll Bar School has opted professional training courses across a out of the initiative in favour of following fantastic subject range, attracting the International Baccalaureate students from outside the region. programme of study. Not everyone is able to, or chooses to, The Grimsby College, Immage Studios come into the main college building so and Grimsby Evening Telegraph, taking learning out into the community formed GTV and were granted the has been a core element in the College’s drive to widen participation in education. Association of College’s Beacon Award A dedicated Widening Participation Team for Media Training. The Plumbing Section was set up in 2000. Today, over 10 was accredited by Zurich for the new Community Learning Centres remain, IGAS Plumbing Centre, newly built in delivering a wide range of subjects what was the University’s library and to learners in locations which include Café Drum opened for business. The Cleethorpes, Immingham, Skegness and Catering and Hospitality Department also the central Grimsby flagship IT provision, were fortunate enough to have students 14
  15. 15. 2 000 - e NGlaND The much-anticipated Millennium Bridge opens to the public, but has to close after it starts swaying. 2 000 - G rIMsBy Daniel Khan takes over the position of Principal.
  16. 16. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 2 Opportunities in vocational training Whitgift Film Theatre in 2002, North East Lincolnshire Council, developed with a programme of re-established as a truly independent housing associations and local vocational GCSE’s delivered to 14-16 cinema by making available to construction companies, formed to train year olds. These flexible GCSE’s, in local people, films of cultural or unemployed people up to NVQ level 3 in subjects such as engineering and media, cinematic importance and not only construction, who will then go on to build are still not currently taught in schools. Hollywood blockbusters. social housing. This has meant that school pupils come into the College for most of their The Humber Institute of Food & Issues raised following consultation with lessons, particularly any practical Fisheries was recognized as being a leading employers on a local and national sessions, with some delivery also Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE’s) level and also with the Learning and Skills taking place in school. with the College also being a partner Council (Humberside) were responded to in the Humber Ports & Logistics CoVE with the bespoke design of the College’s The Floral Hall in People’s Park, was programme, with training courses £3.5 million Humber Engineering acquired from the local council and provided being relevant to the needs of Training Centre (HETC). The main space is extensively refurbished. It now flourishes the industry’s sector, delivered either at organised into zones of specialist activity, as a centre which provides Horticultural the College or in the workplace. which can be opened up, reduced in size, courses and advice, as well as Significant workforce development or configured to meet any training or operating as a commercial garden centre. programmes have been undertaken business support requirements. The College also worked in partnership with companies including training over with the Lincolnshire Rural Activities 2000 employees for Youngs Bluecrest. In September The University of Centre at Kenwick Park near Louth, which Lincolnshire was to vacate its Humber has led to the Centre being The Port and Logistics partnership is Lodge premises to allow for major managed by the Institute. This Centre working with companies including DFDS refurbishments to create Humber Lodge offers horticultural courses but has Tor-Line and Volvo, and East Coast Media Halls of Residence, available for student developed specialist provision for has links with organisations including occupancy commencing in the learners with additional needs, which Granada, the Press Association, Sony, 2002/03 session. include equestrian activities, computer Apple and Northcliffe Press. training and cookery courses. A 100% success rate with recent NVQ Gas East Coast Media was officially opened in Installation and Maintenance trainees on April by the late Grimsby Telegraph Editor, a new government initiative also Peter Moore, and was to celebrate being involving Jobcentre Plus, is an example accepted onto the LSC’s CoVE of the College’s commitment to working programme in June of the same year, with all agencies in the area, to either as was Food Manufacturing. Immage re-skill or up-skill the workforce. Studios in Immingham was taken over by the Institute and became part of The Construction & Built Environment the East Coast Media Centre, making department has links with local industries programmes for the local cable station, in the sector and the Electrical Channel 7, which has the potential to Department has been given Joint Training reach over 100,000 viewers in the region. Ltd Centre of Excellence status, in Community Media facilitators were made recognition of its training schemes for available to work with community groups electrical installations, working with and individuals to make programmes employers including Harry Carr Ltd and about issues which affect them and their F.R. Townsends & Co. Ltd. The Institute is community. ECM offers training in the approved to deliver a Pre-fabricated use of High Definition video equipment Access Supply & Manufacturing and has been acknowledged by Sony Association (PASMA) standard training (Europe) as an official Sony HD Training programme, working in partnership with Centre. At this time, Grimsby College was Caspian Access and Plant Hire Ltd. also the only college in the UK to provide live television training. Grimsby Institute is also the training provider for the Community Training Expanding the range of media provision, Construction Company, which is a came with the re-opening of the collective including the charity Doorstep, 16
  17. 17. 2 002 - e NGlaND The Party in the Palace takes place at Buckingham Palace, London for Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. 2 002 - G rIMsBy East Coast Media is officially opened by the late Grimsby Telegraph Editor Peter Moore.
  18. 18. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 3 The College was able to demonstrate its possible, being commended across the ECM’s work in the local community using commitment to the community board. The year also saw the first three innovative mobile media vehicles, following the Government’s 2003 graduates from full degrees in media to take media training beyond the announcement regarding tuition fees, from the College, under a validation campus, received national recognition which meant that universities could vary arrangement with Lancaster University. when the Institute won the Edexcel their fee amounts between £1000 and Beacon Award for Lifelong Learning £3000 from September 2006. The The Humber Engineering Training Centre, which was announced at the November Grimsby College’s reaction was to was officially opened by Lord Sainsbury 2003 Association of Colleges pledge not to charge top up fees, in early 2003. In response to a need national conference. capping this until 2011. Principal Khan identified by the Lincolnshire and Rutland was to become a figure of even more Learning and Skills Council, the provision The College’s dedication to the pursuit community prominence after for a fully operational automotive training of excellent standards and provision successfully standing in the May 1st workshop facility and an ILT/teaching area has led to it receiving many awards elections, and becoming a Liberal for trainees in the Skegness area was from educational or industry related Democrat Councillor. developed over a one year period, bodies. Many individual members of through joint working between the staff have been recognised for their The College was proud to support events Grimsby Institute and Skegness specific contributions or outstanding including Park Pride day, the Vocational College. This resulted in the achievements. Lincolnshire Show, the Cleethorpe’s Automotive Training Centre, previously Carnival, sponsored the kit of the local Ice a commercial garage, which was refitted Perhaps one of the most prestigious Hockey team and worked with and opened in September. awards for a college to achieve is a organisations including The Safer good inspection result. November 2003 Communities Partnership, and the was the first OFSTED inspection of the 16+ Club. organisation for seven years. The report praised the promotion of management of In July the Food Dynamo Training Centre equality and diversity, and acknowledged was officially opened. The Centre that the college as an organisation works was CoVE funded and aimed to create a well with schools, and to attract realistic training environment based non-traditional learners. The inspectors on real production line technology for rated leadership and management as participants. being good, citing clear and well-communicated strategic objectives, East Coast Media had its CoVE centre through business planning and good status formally confirmed in the management in most curriculum areas. summer and by the time November Of the 11 areas of learning inspected, came, the centre’s provision to FE half were classified as ‘satisfactory’ whilst students and professional trainees had A new HE partnership with Franklin five were identified as ‘good’ and one been rated as Grade 1 standard by College was launched by Alan Johnson as ‘outstanding.’ The overall report was OfSTED, making ECM the only purely MP, the then Minister for Lifelong extremely positive and highlighted many media division of any Further Learning, Further and Higher Education, areas of good practice. Ms Gill Alton Education institution in the UK to possess in September 2003. The aim of the who led the College preparation is now a the accolade at the time. The OfSTED partnership was to increase learning national speaker on this subject. report reflected upon the excellent opportunities for students and support teaching and the very high level of the Government drive to encourage industry standard equipment adults into Higher Education. A total of 23 available, due to investment from mature students began an Access course the LSC through CoVE and from in 2003/4 with a further 28 undertaking Institute revenues. the new Bridge to Access preparation course, boasting excellent retention and At the same time as the OfSTED well above national averages. Two new inspection, ECM’s extensive media HE degrees were validated with the provision was also scrutinised by the QAA University of Hull; a BA in English Studies, inspectorate as part of a pilot joint and BA in Sociology with Psychology. inspection process, with the division achieving the best result 18
  19. 19. 2 003 - e NGlaND 24 October - Supersonic aircraft Concorde makes its final commercial flight after 27 years. 2 003 - G rIMsBy The Automotive Training Centre opens in Skegness.
  20. 20. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 4 The Riverhead Learning Centre moved 100% achievement was recorded in what’s in a name? to Osborne Street and was officially 20 out of the 26 different subjects In August 2004 Grimsby College was opened by Austin Mitchell in March completed by students. granted a change of name by the 2004, joining forces with other training Secretary of State, and became The providers and JobCentre Plus to offer a Following the receipt of two excellent Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher range of computer training and other OfSTED reports, the management and Education (GIFHE) which reflected the services, many being provided for free. staff of the facility applied to the National changing times. The Institute’s Day Nurseries Association to receive strategic aim was to provide a full range The Humber Institute of Food and the highly regarded ‘Quality Counts’ of Higher Education programmes for the Fisheries (HIFF) was presented with its accreditation. After six months of local community, and ensure it was official accreditation as a Learning and extensive evidence gathering and able to compete in the education and Skills Council Centre of Vocational assessment, the award was granted. skills marketplace. Excellence by Alan Johnson MP in Spring Quality Counts recognizes high standards 2004. The award recognises the of childcare which exceed even those During 2003 and 2004, members of the innovative programme of joint laid down by OfSTED, and is a wonderful Institute’s business staff were specially working between the Grimsby Institute, tribute to the staff whose efforts made trained by Microsoft to deliver training, North Lindsey and Hull college, with the the award possible. adhering to strict guidelines, in Microsoft Grimsby Institute taking the lead in 35 Professional; a technical software co-ordinating and driving the partnership, package to enable networking – ideal for under the banner of the Humber Food personnel working in the business sector. Manufacturing Technology CoVE. The course launched in September 2004, making the Institute home to the only Dr Mike Dillon, of the Humber Institute official Microsoft Academy locally at of Food & Fisheries was also proud the time. to receive the prestigious accolade of ‘Academic of the Biennium’ from Plans for a fully operational travel agency the International Association of at the Nuns Corner campus came to Fish Inspectors. fruition when the East Coast Travel Agency was created and staffed, HIFF are a partner in the Ports & Logistics ready for opening in September 2004, collaborative CoVE which became active to provide not only discounted deals in April. The South Bank Launch for the for students and staff, but also a CoVE took place on 25th November realistic training environment for some with a large industry representation. The of the students on courses in this Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher curriculum area. Education (GIFHE) established a South Bank Logistics Steering Committee with 13 representatives as members of this group. This group was formed to support freight/transport managers and new programmes in warehousing/distribution and technical services into port/ freight industries. Significant international progress was East Coast Media’s work in the made with the start of a Business community also earned them an Management degree being delivered in Association of Colleges Beacon Award in partnership with Geely University in 2004, having also won a Beacon award China. The course began with intensive in 2001. English tuition for the students, followed by the first year of business tuition by Summer 2004 saw the first full A level tutors from the Institute, actually based results for the North East Lincolnshire at Geely. 6th Form Partnership, with 175 A level entries. Whilst these results matched the average national pass rate, a fantastic 20
  21. 21. 2 004 - e NGlaND Architect Zaha Hadid becomes the first female recipient of the Pritzker Prize. 2 004 - G rIMsBy The Grimsby College changes it’s name to The Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education.
  22. 22. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 5 In 2005 Rodger McCracken decided to step down from his position of Chairman of Governors of the Institute, with the role now being assumed by Mr Philip Jenkinson. Having held the position of Chairman since 1998 Rodger was one of the officials responsible for the recruitment of now Principal Daniel Khan. Rodger commented that it was Daniel’s making reference to the students in his presentation that was key in the decision to appoint him for the role; other applicants had failed to actually mention the students. The Institute continued to grow in terms of community integration. It was to reopen the former St Giles’ Avenue library in Scartho, in February this year, after taking it over from the council, with the building now standing as not just a library but a combined learning centre. With Principal Daniel Khan ever keen to forge international relations the Institute carried out a £1 million refurbishment of The Towers building in Bargate in order to provide rooms for 40 students. This included lecture and conference rooms to form an international centre and was renamed Grimsby Institute’s International Centre. Ever at the forefront of pioneering media, March 2005 saw the development of Propeller Television Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Grimsby Institute. The starting budget was a phenomenal £5.2 million, with £2.95 million from Yorkshire Forward. The aim was to deliver a national channel for new film and television talent on the Sky platform, scheduled to start airing in February 2006. In May, after undergoing an extremely rigorous selection process, the Riverhead Learning Centre based at the Learning Shop, Osborne Street received a Beacon Award for IT Provision, with part of the criteria for the award relating to the quality of teaching, and The Humber Gas and Plumbing Centre at the Grimsby Institute gained CoVE status. October continued the theme of success as the staff of Little Stars Day Nursery were awarded third place in the ‘Nursery World’ magazine ‘Team of the Year’ award at a prestigious ceremony in London. This achievement was surpassed just four weeks later when Tracy Bennett won ‘Nursery Management Today’ magazine’s ‘Manager of the Year’ award. The Starfish Project to India was officially launched and saw volunteers travel to India to take part in a multitude of life changing activities for the good of the community they were visiting, after Southern India suffered the after effects of the Tsunami. 22
  23. 23. 2 005 - e NGlaND London is chosen as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games, beating Paris in the final round of votes 54 to 50. 2 005 - G rIMsBy A £1 million refurbishment on The Towers Building provides rooms for 40 students.
  24. 24. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 6 In January 2006 the Institute’s Food Institute’s Job Shop, a free service helping performances by Matt Willis. The event, Development Team supported the students find part-time work that fits held at the Grimsby Auditorium, was British team at the Olympic Games in around their learning. In the same month sponsored by the Institute and the Greece by providing a recognised Little Stars expanded its gardens so that Grimsby Telegraph and acted as a course in Applied Food Safety and all units had direct access to free-flow reward for individual personal successes Control, with inspectors and private outdoor play – a unique feature in this in GCSEs. business. area. The Nursery also gained recognition for ‘Outstanding Practice in The Humber Business School secured Alongside this, work was undertaken Outdoor Play’ from the NE Lincolnshire a major contract to deliver Institute of to furtholer enhance the activities Early Years Development Agency. Leadership & Management (ILM) undertaken with Traceability. Daniel Khan programmes to Managers and visited Sri Lanka in January of this year to An exciting new partnership formed in Supervisors at North East Lincolnshire discuss development with Al Zimmiz July 2006 when The Grimsby Institute Council, starting in September 2006 International (pvt) Ltd in Kalmunai. of Further & Higher Education opened and continuing throughout the next Projects including a feasibility study to a joint campus at the University of academic year. build a new factory for fish processing Yangtze’s International College in China. and packaging, a canning factory, and the The campus, based in Wuhan City in The year was brought to a close with the establishment of a faculty of fisheries at Hubei Province, was to become an Institute acquiring the Burlington Guest an appropriate university in Sri Lanka. English Language Centre, benefitting House in Cleethorpes, intended to around 300 students with English tuition accommodate Tourism Students’ training. In October the first group of Enterprise by the Grimsby Institute tutors in its Ireland Strategic Management first year, with specialist tuition given Development Programme students had to Chinese students on Higher National successfully completed their qualification Diploma programmes in Business or with representatives of the group Computing, focusing on business consisting of owner/managers from the language and terminology. Irish Seafood Sector. The overall objective of this programme being to East Coast Occupational Safety and create a ‘critical mass’ of owner Health (ECOSH), a commercial subsidiary managers and senior managers from of the Grimsby Institute of Further and differing seafood businesses with a Higher Education, became one of only a common understanding of business handful of accredited centres in the UK strategies, marketing, organisation to offer the new NEBOSH International performance and systems to General Certificate in Occupational Safety increase market penetration and and Health. ultimately profitability. Summer 2006 saw continuing success The real success of the programme has for the A level partnership with results certainly been demonstrated by the level exceeding the national average pass rate of involvement from the Irish Seafood and 100% achievement recorded in 19 sector, with senior management and subjects. GCSEs were also very strong owners taking valuable time out from with a 94% pass rate, with impressive their business to travel from all over results for the core subjects of English Ireland to the workshops held in Dublin. (100%), Maths (94%) and Science (96%). Students were able to apply for a ticket May brought about the launch of the for the BrightStart concert, with 24
  25. 25. 2 006 - e NGlaND A whale is discovered swimming in the River Thames in London. 2 006 - G rIMsBy A partnership was formed between the Grimsby Institute and the University of Yangtze’s International College in China where a joint campus opened.
  26. 26. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 7 January was met with the Government Library, available for use by the general The Institute’s East Coast School of Art Building Schools for the Future initiative, public as well as students, and home to enjoyed an outstanding year achieving with the biggest capital investment in the community filming project, NunnyTV. exceptional success for level 3 school buildings for over 50 years and The Institute also expanded its programmes; 17% above national the promise of a £100 million Higher Engineering Construction Industry benchmark for 16-18 year olds and 29% Education centre on Franklin College, Training Board (ECTIB) operations at the above the national average for Grimsby Institute and Hereford CATCH facility in Stallingborough. 19+ students. Technology School sites. Principal Daniel Khan celebrated being The Institute gained recognition for its The original Institute’s mission statement awarded an OBE for services in excellent diversity work when it received was changed in the 2007/08 academic Education. In addition, in April he was two Beacon Awards and students were a year: ‘To be a first class, customer nominated for the Northern LloydsTSB cause for pride as four of them reached focused and dynamic provider of Jewel Awards, which honour the the semi-finals stage of the Nation skills education and skills,’ to: ‘To be a world expertise and success of Asian people in Refrigeration Awards. Refrigeration class, customer focused and dynamic the UK. Previous winners have included student, Matthew Lands, won the RAC provider of education and skills.’ Of Dragon’s Den star James Khan, with the Craft Operative of the Year Award and six the change, Vice-Principal, Quality and reward’s focus being upon on Asians who students were nominated for the 2009 Higher Education, Gill Alton commented: are making a contribution to the social competition. Students Edward Haste and “We might not be a household name in and economic fabric of the country. Lewis Leggett were to come 1st and 3rd remote parts of the globe although our respectively in the Guild of Bricklayers reputation is spreading fast – but we do competition the same year. offer a service to our students and clients, that matches the aspirations of those The Grimsby Institute Football world class companies.” Development Centre were to win the English Colleges Football Association At this time the Institute had over 350 National Cup and came third in their first overseas students including 115 from season in the ECFA Premier League. China, studying a range of subjects from Business Management, Digital Media and The Computer Services Unit was integral Business with English. to the Institute’s success in winning a Technology Exemplar award from BECTA, Scartho Hall, the new halls of residence, making the Institute one of the only ten was launched, with attendance from educational establishments within the Austin Mitchell MP. February 2007 also country to have this award. marked the official opening of the A levels enjoyed another successful year Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher with the majority of courses enjoying a The Institute’s East Coast Media Centre Education Nunsthorpe Community 100% pass rate, and across the achieved Skillset Media Academy Status Campus by Alan Johnson MP, curriculum there was an 12% increase in partnership with Bradford University’s Government Minister for Education and of A-C grades, with AS levels grades A-E Media School and the National Media Skills, although the campus itself was increasing by 14%. A Level Sociology Museum in the 2006/2007 academic completed in September 2006 and in use and English were particularly strong, year, and photography provision also from that time. recording 100% pass rates. Enrolments gained Nikon Academy status. could be classed only as outstanding as The Institute transformed a disused the 2007-2008 recruitment saw The Institute was to experience its first junior school in Nunsthorpe into a base growth at five times the rate of the National Student Survey, carried out by for animal care, horticulture and some national figure. IPSOS MORI and commissioned by the construction courses, to include painting Higher Education funding Council for and decorating, plastering and GCSEs also saw success with a 100% pass England. Published on the Unistats approximately 40% of the Brickwork rate in Biology, English and Sociology website it was designed to measure levels section, with the rest remaining at the whilst Psychology recorded a pass rate of of student satisfaction. Results found that Nuns corner site. This refurbishment also 93%, representing 9% above the nation outcomes were positive for the Institute, included the development of benchmark figure for achievement on in most instances falling in the top specialist workshops, an IT centre, a this course. quartile of national results. refectory, sports hall, dog kennels, a greenhouse, and the North East Lincs 26
  27. 27. 2 007 - e NGlaND Apple Computer unveils the revolutionary iPhone. 2 007 - G rIMsBy Daniel Khan was awarded the OBE for Services in Education.
  28. 28. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 8 The Institute could now lay claim to five this year. A number of Institute students divided their trip to include spending Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) play in the British Colleges of Sport time at the Christian Medical Centre in whereas the average college has only leagues and this year the Institute was Vellore helping to build a new football two by comparison. Sporting academies represented by two female golfers, pitch, visiting the Children’s Home in had now been extended to include Jessica Schiele and Holly Clyburn who Yercaud to install a generator and athletics, cricket, football, golf and won the national title 2007/2008 and sari-looms, and finally headed to the tennis, a media academy, two TV again for 2008/2009. Holly also won the fishing villages of the south to launch channels (Propeller and Channel 7) and European under 21 ladies title. The the second Grimsby Institute a golf club as well as a National Skills Institute currently stand as the only fishing boat. Academy for Food and Drink college to purchase their own golf club. Manufacturing, specialising in fish Additional student activities included the processing skills. Principal Daniel Khan won Business launch of the student newspaper, Black Person of the Year at the Northern and White, in November. The Institute The Grimsby Institute was to be named Business Awards held at the Grimsby Students’ Life Association (ISLA) was one of the top 10 colleges for technology Auditorium in June. formed and the continued development receiving Technology Exemplar Network of the gx brand was strengthened with status which means as a member it will For the year ending July 2008, The the introduction of on site under 18 club receive funding to help develop its Grimsby Institute made an operating nights. A host of activities to coincide technology and share its aspirations, surplus of over £1.6m, before with fresher’s week was also organised issues and learning points across the exceptional costs attributed to the by the gx team. network. In March The Grimsby Institute proposed new build project, leaving a launched the UK Seafood Championships, net surplus of £1.089m - the best Celebrity TV chef, Antony Worrall with the competition open to full-time financial result achieved to date. In Thompson joined Great Grimsby MP catering or college-based modern terms of academic success, ‘Outstanding’ Austin Mitchell to officially launch the apprenticeship students nationwide. results were received from the town’s Humber Seafood Institute, further Ofsted inspection. enhancing Grimsby’s status as Europe’s In May The Grimsby Institute received Food Town. two Beacon Awards from the Association of Colleges. The Churches Owned by North East Lincs Council, the Award for Sustainable Partnerships, aim of the HSI Europarc facility is to be a recognising diversity and aiming to hive of industry development, research develop people and communities. The and opportunity and The Grimsby Centre for Excellence in Leadership Institute envisions it will act as the focal Award, honours the promotion of race point for seafood services nationally equality. Judges were impressed by the and internationally, backed by Yorkshire Institute’s visits to the local mosque, Forward and the European Regional synagogue and Sikh temple, and its Development Fund, as well as the involvement in Divali, Ede and Chinese local authority. New Year celebrations. Institute football academy students, Benji Would and Jack 80% of the UK’s seafood is processed in Debnam were proud to be selected to the Grimsby and wider Humber area, and represent the English Colleges Team in The Grimsby Institute marketing team it is the expertise built up over time that The Northern Ireland Milk Cup in July. initiated assistance in the multi-million is being used to progress the industry The competition, established in 1983, pound NE Lincolnshire business scheme, forward. Knowledge is a key element and is one of the most prestigious youth the e-factor, the ethos of which is to The Grimsby Institute is driving the trade football tournaments in Europe, if not the inspire enterprise in the area. corridors forward with the £5.6-million world, attracting teams from 56 countries Humber Seafood Institute. from all around the world. Players who Channel 7 became the longest running have taken part in the competition, and local TV station in the UK. Having been gone onto major honours include David launched in 1998, the channel celebrated Beckham and Wayne Rooney. its 10th year of broadcasting. The success of the Football Development The Starfish Project celebrated its third Centre led to the development of Golf, year running, launching this year’s trip in Athletics, Cricket and Tennis Academies the Institute’s i-Bar. The team of 11 28
  29. 29. 2 008 - e NGlaND Lewis Hamilton becomes the youngest ever Formula One World Champion. 2 008 - G rIMsBy Daniel Khan wins the Business Person of the Year at the Northern Business Awards.
  30. 30. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2 0 0 9 January saw the Grimsby Institute secure European Social Funding, to the sum of £750k, through the Learning Skills Council, to deliver courses to up to 500 people as part of the Skills for Jobs Humber project, open to unemployed adults across the Humber, providing training in safety passport, care, construction, IT and other areas. Both the Lincolnshire Regional College in Heath Road, Skegness and the student ‘recruitment’ office in Seshadripuram First Grade College were launched, as was the Dr Q primary school project. Dr Q came about as a result of initial franchise work using the Professor Fluffy initiative, in conjunction with Liverpool University. After a few years of running Professor Fluffy the Institute found it was increasingly changing the programme to suit its own needs and therefore developed their own concept, Dr Q. The programme is aimed at Year 5 (age 9/10), striking an early engagement with Further and Higher Education. It is not only linked to English and Maths but also promotes vocational areas. Involvement in events not centred on learning have become central to the Institute’s ethos of getting involved with the community. It has hosted events to include the annual Motor Show, finals of the National Seafood Championships, the Police’s Motorcycle Awareness days, the Great European Debate, Wilkin & Chapman Law Moot, Oriental Seafood Show, Diversity Week activities, graduation and professional awards ceremonies, Chinese Society events, Everyman Club speakers and Adult Learners’ Week activities. One of the more recent events includes playing host to the BBC and David Dimbleby for ‘Question Time’ in May, with some students being granted permission to visit the set. Catering for the programme’s crew and David Dimbleby was provided by the Institute’s hospitality team and students. Mr Maoxi Ye, President of Wenzhou Enterprises Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, and Chairman of the Xiking group of companies in Beijing and Wenzhou signed a memorandum of understanding which will mean that in July of this year, Sky Television channel Propeller TV will be under new management as the Beijing Xiking Advertisement Co Ltd, will take control in partnership with the Grimsby Institute. Last year the channel celebrated winning the Hot Bird TV Channel Award over Italian Sky Cinema1 channel. The Hot Bird Award celebrates the very best in broadcasting in today’s audiovisual landscape. The Grimsby Institute’s Higher Education provision was recognised by the University of Hull, and is set to become The University Centre, Grimsby. The official launch of the Centre is scheduled for this summer. The Grimsby Institute’s 2009 Graduation promises to be the biggest ever, with the Institute holding a one day spectacular at the Grimsby Auditorium in October. Over 700 graduates has meant it is necessary for the Institute to move the ceremony from the traditional Town Hall set- ting, as the venue is not sufficient to hold such a large number. There will also be a separate Masters and Professional ceremony prior to this in St James’s church in October which will see the Institute graduate the first cohort of graduates in MBS and MSc innovation and Productivity. 30
  31. 31. 2 009 - e NGlaND The final wave of Woolworths stores close across the UK. 2 009 - G rIMsBy Dr Q Primary School Project is launched.
  32. 32. 65th ANNIVERSARY 6 5 a N D N o T r e T I r e D In life, 65 years generally has come to Learners and communities in the developing a sponsorship programme signify the end of an era, a time when Borough of Scarborough and surrounding that offers financial and ‘benefit in kind’ most of us may believe we have area will benefit in terms of, increased support to individuals and groups. Our accomplished the most significant learner opportunities, shared expertise, support often means groups can update feats that we are ever likely to. For the joint planning, a more effective equipment, individuals can develop their Grimsby Institute, 65 years brings about deployment of resources combined with skills and abilities and our sponsorship the dawn of a new time. greater curriculum cohesion, a wider often means individuals and groups can range of provision and improved attend events they would have not been The year has not been without its opportunities for learner progression. able to without our help. setbacks, as plans to redevelop the Grimsby Institute campus, to the scale of With the dissolution of the governing As the largest provider of Higher £150m, reached Application in Principle body of YCC and its merger with The Insti- Education in the region Principal (AiP), but is currently stand on hold as a tute scheduled for the 1st January 2010. Khan sees the Institute as having a result of the well publicised difficulties Our aim is that by 2014, the YCC will responsibility to the community to with the LSC capital allocation process, have excellent facilities, financial stability, provide a range of opportunities for leaving The Grimsby Institute currently growth and diversity of income, possess education and skills. The future will evaluating its options. Whatever the a strong brand and reputation, be belong to organisations which compete outcome, the Institute has sourced the positioned at the heart of the on the basis of superior skills, funding to make sure that The University community, be recognised for responsiveness and innovation. The Centre Grimsby, for Higher Education quality, have an international perspective Institute intends that its training will give becomes a reality. One of the year’s most and most certainly an impact beyond individuals those qualities. International exciting developments has to be the Scarborough and the sub region, and a developments mean the Institute should proposed Grimsby Institute merger with reputation as a leader for vocational become a multi-cultural campus where Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough. skills training. different nationalities will be welcomed to pursue their academic programmes, Grimsby Institute intends to make its Over the past eight years Daniel Khan, but also contribute to the local culture vision statement a reality for Yorkshire together with the SMT, has and bring more visitors to the area. Coast College, its learners and overseen the growth of the Institute communities. The merger with YCC will in many ways; courses, staff and Grimsby Institute’s involvement with the create the Grimsby Institute group, which student numbers, partnerships with local local community is at a level where it is will see it’s activities run from Skegness employers, buildings, and equipment, regarded as more than just an and East Lincolnshire to Scarborough in international programmes and awards, educational institution but as an intrinsic North Yorkshire. At the heart of the are some of the many areas in which the member of the local community which group will be the Institute’s existing Institute has had success. helps learners to turn their aspirations mission statement. into reality. The Principal believes that the The Institute prides itself on making Grimsby Institute’s performance should “To be a world class, customer focused a difference by enabling individuals, be judged by the passion shown by its and dynamic provider of learning organisations and communities to fulfil staff in assisting people to achieve their and skills” their potential. One of the ways this is aspirations, hence improving the quality achieved is through sponsorship, of life of the community. 32
  33. 33. l INCol N sh Ire reGIoN al ColleGe Opened it’s doors to students from the Skegness area.
  34. 34. 65th ANNIVERSARY a C k N o w l e D G e M e N T s The Grimsby Institute wishes to thank Lyndsay Rowan for producing this most recent summary of our history. Also Frank Vivian and Joni Appleton for working on the book of our first 60 years and the many other contributors who helped us compile our history. 34
  35. 35. T H E G R I M S BY I N S T I T U T E O F F U R T H E R & H I G H E R E D U C AT I O N 6 5 T H A N N I V E R S A R Y Nuns Corner | Grimsby | North East Lincolnshire | DN34 5BQ Freephone 0800 315 002