StileLine Doors - Opposites Attract!


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Interior flush veneer doors. A fact-filled prez for spec writers, architects, int design, door industry & involved homeowners/ developers. Describes product details for bold new design from Lynden Door - opposing grain in 3 attractive species.

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StileLine Doors - Opposites Attract!

  1. 1. A great, new door in three SETcut/specie combos: Quarter Plain Rift Sliced Sliced White African White Oak Mahogany Maple
  2. 2. Quarter  Darker shades  Red and pink tonesSliced  Closed grainAfricanMahogany  Beautiful variety  Noticeable grain variation from door to door with some ribboning possible
  3. 3. Plain  Lighter shades  Blonde tonesSliced  Very tight grainWhiteMaple
  4. 4. Rift  Lighter shades  Straw tonesWhite  Some rays; “fleck”Oak
  5. 5. Feast or FamineModern décor seems to featureeither costly, custom architecturaldoors or downgrades to thelowest common denominator:primed hardboard flush doors. StileLine ® is made to own the desirable middle ground - satisfying both designer and banker - giving modernist design a true choice.
  6. 6. It starts with,“Let’s beORIGINAL!”and ends with,“Let’s bePRACTICAL!” StileLine ® lets you do BOTH by offering a unique style that is AFFORDABLE and available with short LEAD TIMES and the beauty of REAL WOOD.
  7. 7. OPPOSITES ATTRACT Opposing grains in three attractive species 6” wide vertical segment on the LOCK STILE side Standard softwood edges – optional matching hardwood EUROPEAN style Suits contemporary “Create a bold, decor modern look.”
  8. 8. StileLine® canmatch mahogany,maple or oakdecors . . . eitherhorizontal or v e r t i c StileLine ® is a ALIGNED with l modern decor
  9. 9. StileLine® is aperfect choice forMULTI-FAMILYprojects: price size; thickness options: hollow/ solid core/fire/ STC/GreenDor Suite Entry In-suiteSwing | Slide | Pocket | Bifold
  10. 10. Optional, easy-care transparentfinish byLynden Door isthe perfectcomplement toCARBCOMPLIANTStileLine ® doors Adds LUSTRE and PROTECTION but NO VOCs
  11. 11. FAST SPECS  1-3/8" and 1-3/4" thick  68", 70", 80" sizes  up to 3’0” widths  hollow core, drop-in wood particleboard or bonded/sanded IC Series,Designer Comments: Asymmetrical, optional fire rated for 20 minutesEuropean influenced aestheticprovides great access to upscale  softwood or matchingspaces and modernist design as hardwood edge optionwell as excellent suitability for mid-  StileLine® skins are CARB*market opportunities in new build,renovation, commercial and complianthospitality. StileLine® is the ideal  Available NAUF* as a specialchoice for projects where orderdevelopers are looking for a way to  For color matching, pleasedifferentiate without addingsignificantly to cost. StileLine® meets contact your LDI representativethat need.
  12. 12. See the PDF of this SPECSHEET
  13. 13. See the PDF of this SPECSHEET
  14. 14. See the PDF of this SPECSHEET
  15. 15. See the PDF of this SPECSHEET
  16. 16. Need a StileLine ®in walnut? OrCedro Macho?Although we can’tproduce a StileLine ®in “any” species, weCAN do Rhytmusfrom theRediscoveryCollection in “sky’sthe limit” optionsand variations. Architectural grade Rhytmus in Jatoba