Lynas Response to MP Fuziah Salleh from Nick Curtis


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Lynas CEO Nick Curtis' response letter to MP Fuziah Salleh regarding discussion on the issues and concerns the Kuantan community has on LAMP

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Lynas Response to MP Fuziah Salleh from Nick Curtis

  1. 1. 27 June 2011MP Yang Berhormat Puan Hajah Fuziah binti SallehPusat Khidmat Parlimen Kuantan A137Tingkat 1, Jalan Beserah 25300Kuantan, PahangMalaysiaDear Yang Berhormat Puan Hajah Fuziah binti Salleh,Thank you for your prompt response to my letter of 21 June 2011, and your acceptanceof a meeting with me. I appreciate your willingness to engage openly and transparentlyin a conversation to exchange our mutual perspectives about the concerns of thecommunity regarding the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP). I believe that we sharea common commitment to hearing and understanding the concerns of the community. Iappreciate your important community leadership role as the sitting member for Kuantan,and am certain that a direct and open conversation with you will help me betterunderstand the concerns of the community you represent.I know that we both wish to ease community concerns. I believe that this will beachieved through ensuring a better understanding of the purpose of the LAMP and betteraddressing the factual technical details associated with the residues from the plant. It isclear to me, given the level of community concerns, that we have failed to do thisadequately so far.I hope that the public release of the IAEA review findings will herald a constructive, newperiod of much more intensive exchange of information and views between Lynas andthe people of Kuantan. I sincerely hope that establishing a dialogue with you, animportant community representative, at this critical time, develops this mutualunderstanding of the LAMP project and its local impact.Community trust can only be established if there is a belief that all parties are open andtransparent in their statements and positions. I reaffirm that Lynas is willing to becompletely open and transparent regarding the LAMP project. I do not feel, however,that this is always best done in the full glare of the media.In this case, I feel that our personal relationship will be better established by a privatemeeting with no media present in the first instance, followed by joint public statements ifrequired.In this spirit of a private meeting, I would be happy to meet on Friday 1 July, 2011 at alocation of your convenience in Kuala Lumpur. My schedule would suggest that 3.30 pmmay be the best time, however please advise me of the best available time for you. 1 of 2
  2. 2. Lynas knows it has many responsibilities in its role as a responsible and importantmember of the community at a local and national level. We have an obligation to createshared value in conventional economic terms and in terms of long term, sustainableimprovements to society through our contribution to the Kuantan community and thegreen economy. We are committed to the safety and development of the communitieswithin which we operate.I look forward to our meeting on Friday, and I hope that the dialogue opens the door forfurther discussions about your concerns and how they can be resolved.Yours sincerelyNick Curtis AMExecutive Chairman 2 of 2