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Public Briefing on Lynas Malaysia


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Information on the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in the Gebang Industrial Estate in Pahang, Malaysia.

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Public Briefing on Lynas Malaysia

  1. 1. Lynas Corporation is an ASX 200 company Public company, listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Major institutional support International investors Transparent governance Lynas is committed to run its operations in accordance with the “Equator Principles” and the International Monetary Fund environmental, health and safety and social policies and guidelines. -2-
  2. 2. Lynas is HONEST & TRANSPARENT Vision Be a global leader in Lanthanides for a sustainable future.Values Excellence in safety, health and the environment Learn from our differences and be open to change Operate in an honest, candid and transparent manner Inquire and innovate Deliver high quality products through excellence in processes Always respect and contribute to the communities in which we live Respect, support and empower our employees -3-
  3. 3. What are Lanthanides? Lanthanides is the group of 15 metallic elements 57 to 71. Lanthanides -4-
  4. 4. Lynas Malaysia will be the world’s biggestproducer of Lanthanides A group of metallic elements With unique properties Lanthanum (La) Chemical Cerium (Ce) Catalytic Praseodymium (Pr) Electrical Neodymium (Nd) Magnetic Samarium (Sm) Metallurgic Europium (Eu) Optical Terbium (Tb) Dysprosium (Dy) -5-
  5. 5. Lanthanides are vital to Green TechnologiesImprove Energy Efficiency Environmental Protection Enable Digital Technologythrough lower consumption through emission control smaller & more powerful Compact fluorescent lights Auto catalytic converter Flat panel displays Weight reduction in cars Diesel additives Disk Drives Higher oil refinery yields Increase fuel efficiency iPods / MP3 players -6-
  6. 6. Lynas products help meeting the needs of a‘Greener Society – Green Technologies’ Total 21,000 Tonnes Per Annum (Lanthanide Oxide Equivalent) Lanthanum- Cerium Carbonate Lanthanum Carbonate, Cerium Oxide Carbonate ate rb on Ca Neodymium G SE Praseodymium Didymium Oxide -7-
  8. 8. Process FlowsheetMt Weld, Australia MINE + CRUSH Lanthanide Ore CONCENTRATION Lanthanide Concentrate (traces of naturally Sulfuric Acid occurring radioactive material) Hydrochloric Acid Residue SULFURIC ACID Sodium Hydroxide CRACKING & - Solids from gas scrubbing (gypsum) Soda Ash LEACHING - Gypsum by-product Magnesium Oxide - Iron-phospho-gypsum (traces of Hydrated Lime SEPARATION radioactive material)Advanced Materials PRODUCT Plant, Malaysia FINISHING Lanthanide Products -9-
  9. 9. Mt Weld, Western Australia, is the world’srichest Lanthanide Resource; mining has begun -10-
  10. 10. Lanthanide Concentrate is Non Hazardous, Stable andSafe 1. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Prepared by independent expert 2. Lanthanide concentrate properties Non hazardous Not classified as dangerous goods Not Poisonous Safe, benign soil type product Low level of radioactive similar to mineral sands industry Level of radioactive is below IAEA guidelines for regulated transport -11-
  11. 11. Lanthanide Concentrate is Non Hazardous, Stable andSafe Contain low level of NORM, similar to mineral sand industry and products Radioactive level below the IAEA s transportation license requirement -12-
  12. 12. Project Location Project SiteGebeng Industrial Estate Kuantan Port Kuantan Port -13-
  13. 13. How will Lynas handle the Iron-Phospho-Gypsum residue? Lynas is committed to sustainability and zero waste Regulatory Lynas priority is to add value to the residue for sale as high value products Specialist Initial site storage capacity up to 10 Market Consultan ts years Lynas Lynas is working jointly with : Residue Universities Utilisation Technology partners R&D Community The project is being monitored by the Universities regulatory authorities Technology Lynas funds government approved Partners research and development for residue utilisation -14-
  14. 14. Work is underway on applications for Iron-Phospho-Gypsum residue including construction materials -15-
  15. 15. Why Lynas chose Malaysia and not Australiaor China? AUSTRALIA: All approvals obtained in Australia, however: Infrastructure is poor – industrial land, port capacity Engineering and construction skills are very tight Relatively high cost Water shortage Difficult to find one location in Australia that has land, chemical industries, good logistics and water CHINA: Previously fully approved in China and land purchased, however: Chinese government now controls and restricts export of all material Chinese government now applies import and export duty -16-
  16. 16. Excellent FDI and benefits for Pahang Financial benefits Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of capital cost of RM 1.3 billion Operating expenditure is RM 350 million per year Export revenue of RM 880 million per year Over 350 skilled and semi skill jobs created Support local Technical Institute Undertake R&D activity A pioneer activity Transfer technology to Pahang, Lynas plant act as seed for cluster of plants who require Lanthanides Growth of supporting industries and surrounding areas with a positive multiplier effect to the Pahang economy -17-
  17. 17. Gebeng has the ingredients to create a clusterof Lanthanide downstream industries Port facilities Secondary schooling Industrial land English language Industrial Knowledge Central Utilities Technical colleges Infrastructure InfrastructureNatural gas supply University education Chemicals supply Research institutions Cluster Ingredients Clear legal framework Receptive Lanthanide Accountable Government raw materials regulators Vision for FDI -18-