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Back to the future: creating and testing responsive email templates


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A talk given at Baltimore Innovation Week 2015 about creating email templates that work.

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Back to the future: creating and testing responsive email templates

  1. 1. Back to the Future: Creating and Testing Responsive Email Templates By Lyn Muldrow, Front-End Developer
  2. 2. Coding like it’s 1999! What’s the best thing about html emails? Lead Generation Customer Retargeting Message/Brand Reinforcement OUTLOOK
  3. 3. History and Use Responsive Email Design was coined by Ethan Marcotte circa 2010 Emails should offer a consistent experience across devices Speed, interaction, and accessibility at the forefront of design
  4. 4. Responsive, or nah? webkit and moz used, but the emails are still broken! Bad GOOD
  5. 5. Oh, the pain!Common pain points include: image sizes nested tables in nested tables deprecated code bugs (Outlook) testing across platforms inline CSS
  6. 6. What can we do? Use effective, descriptive media queries Use templates that have been tested across platforms Consider deprecated HTML/CSS that works: <tbody> <tfoot> Create specific criteria for use cases
  7. 7. Testing, Testing, Testing! Litmus, Email Lab, Mobile/RWD Tester
  8. 8. Resources/References Email Lab: Mobile/RWD Tester: Litmus: Understanding Mobile Email: Twitter: @LynMuldrow Facebook: Email: Web: