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Women and media


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Women and media

  1. 1. Review of the area J:Women and the Media Gender and the Media Vilnius, May 2012
  2. 2. The aim and objectives of the ReportThe aim: To report on the current situation at the EU level and at the Member States level in implementing the obj ective 1 of the area J Women and the Media of the Beij : ing Platform for A ction (BPfA and to introduce possible ) indicators in this area
  3. 3. The aim and objectives of the ReportThe objectives:• To produce a literature review on gender and media, with special emphasis on women’s involvement in decision making in the boards of the media organisations (tv, radio, written press), both public and private;• To collect data regarding codes of conduct that the media organisations might have adopted and analyses gender equality issues in order to avoid discrimination based on sex;• To propose indicators for area J on basis of available data• To collect and analysed at MS level the way women and men are presented in the media (does not include commercials and movies); this is a separate part of the contract, as will not come up in the Report for the Irish Presidency; it will be a separate product for EIGE in order to develop an independent publication out of it.The outcomes
  4. 4. Timeframe for the development of the Report• June 2012: Contract signed; duration 1 0 months.• S eptember 2012: Interim report received and discussed in the meeting of the Working Group on Beij indicators. ing• End of October 2012: Final report will be submitted to EIGE. On basis of the submitted document, EIGE will prepare a report on Women and the Media.• Mid December 2012: the report will be sent for comments to the members of the HLG on GM.
  5. 5. Timeframe for the development of the Report• Middle of January 2013: send to the HLG on GM a revised version of the report with included changes.• End of January: EIGE will include last changes based on the comments and suggestions coming from the members of the HLG on GM.• Beginning of February 2013: EIGE will adopt and make public the Report on Women and the Environment in the EU and the EU Members States.
  6. 6. ContactsVirginija Langbakk – DirectorVirginija.Langbakk@eige.europa.euJolanta Reingarde – Senior ResearcherJolanta.Reingarde@eige.europa.euIlze Burkevica – Statistics OfficerIlze.Burkevica@eige.europa.euIoana Borza – Gender ExpertIoana.Borza@eige.europa.euEIGE - General European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Švitrigailos g. 11M 03228 - Vilnius Lithuania Switchboard: +370 5 2394140