Corel draw premium suite x5 [old version]


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Corel draw premium suite x5 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.4 out of 5Product FeatureDesign software with support for traditionalqillustration, tracing, and graphic-design needsBuild websites; create interactive flash animationsqwith 350+ built-in multimedia effectsEdit video and quickly create high-definitionqmovies with 30 creative templatesNew color-management engine enhances colorqconsistency across all mediaNew and enhanced tools; support for dozens ofqvideo and flash formatsRead moreqProduct DescriptionCorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 is premium design software that opens you up to new web possibilities, whilesupporting traditional illustration, tracing and graphic design needs with new and enhanced tools. Built on therenowned CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, it introduces website creation with dozens of site styles, video editing,and flash animation software with over 350 built-in multimedia effects. Now, you can engage your audiencewith greater impact than ever before. Do even more than you thought possible! Read moreProduct DescriptionCorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 is premium design software that opens you up to new web possibilities, whilesupporting traditional illustration, tracing and graphic design needs with new and enhanced tools. Built on therenowned CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, it introduces website creation, video editing, and flash animationsoftware, so you can engage your audience with greater impact than ever before! Build standout websites withthe help of dozens of templates and site styles. Create interactive flash animations with over 350 built-inmultimedia effects. Even edit video and quickly create high-definition movies with 30 creative templates. Nowyou can do even more than you thought possible!
  2. 2. Internet cafe sketch View larger.Street view sketch View larger.Ideal forGraphics professionals in the advertising and printing industries who spend much of their time creating andediting graphics, working with text, retouching photos, making videos and creating websitesGraphics non-professionals who use graphics software to create their own marketing materials for print or webMarketing departments in small-to-medium businesses or enterprise environments that create brochures, printads, newsletters, video communications, website content and other marketing collateralCompetitive AdvantagesCorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 offers a complete professional graphics solution with new web design, websitecreation, flash and video capabilities.Contains illustration, multi-page design layout, tracing, photo-editing, web graphics, website creation, flashanimation and video editing and production in one powerful suiteProvides incredible value with a quick return on investment, enabling high-quality graphic design for print andweb at an affordable priceOffers market-leading file compatibility, with its applications supporting PDF, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator,Adobe Photoshop, JPG, PNG, AVI, MPEG, AVCHD, BDMV, HDV, DivX, QuickTime, RealVideo, Windows MediaFormat, and more than 100 formats in totalIncludes comprehensive learning tools, such as context-sensitive hints, video tutorials, and other helpfullearning resources to help you quickly learn and growContains hundreds of dollars of valuable content, including 10,000 clipart images, 2,000 vehicle templates,1,000 high-quality, royalty-free photos, 1,000 professional fonts, 350 design templates, 350 multimedia flasheffects, 30 video templates and dozens of templates and SiteStylesKey Features and BenefitsMore communication options beyond traditional channels
  3. 3. Extend your designs beyond traditional channels and tap into new market opportunities with CorelDRAWPremium Suite X5. New applications help you build websites, create flash animations and edit videos, withtemplates and built-in content to guide you.More efficient content organizationSpeed up your workflow with Corel CONNECT, a new content finder that helps you locate graphics, templates,fonts and images quickly on your computer and selected websites. Save valuable time by instantly accessingyour selected content, which is stored in the tray synchronized between CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.More accurate color managementMatch the colors you see on screen across printed materials and web graphics. A new color managementengine enhances color consistency across all media and introduces support for new color profiles fromPANTONE.More precision for web graphicsDesign web graphics more effectively than ever in CorelDRAW with a new Pixels Mode that lets you previewhow content will display online. Optimize your settings to achieve the highest graphics quality with a newExport for Web Dialog box.More file compatibilityNow enjoy support for dozens of video and flash formats, including SWF, AVI, MPEG, AVCHD, BDMV, HDV, DivX,QuickTime, RealVideo, Windows Media Format and many others.Whats included
  4. 4. View larger.Main ApplicationsCorelDRAW X5Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5CorelDRAW ConceptShareCorel PowerTRACE X5Corel CAPTURE X5Corel CONNECTCorel Website Creator X5Corel VideoStudio Pro X3SWiSH Max3*WinZip 14.5 Pro*PhotoZoom Pro 2* (plug-in)*Online registration requiredContent10,000 high-quality clipart and digital images1,000 professional, high-resolution digital photos
  5. 5. 1,000 OpenType fonts, including Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) and engraving fonts2,000 vehicle templates350 design templates350 multimedia effects30 video templatesDozens of web templates and stylesDocumentationQuick-reference card and full color, online guidebook for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. (Hard-cover, printedguidebook available with box version)Help files for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, Corel Website Creator X5, Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 and SWiSHMax3TrainingOver 2 hours of training videos on DVDRead moreYou May Also LikeCorelDRAW X5 The Official Guide