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Adobe creative suite 4 production premium [old version]


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Adobe creative suite 4 production premium [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Creative Suite 4 ProductionPremium [OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating2.9 out of 5Product FeatureCreate and deliver high-quality video andqinteractive productions with tightly integratedsoftware tools for pre- and post-production onWindows and Intel based Mac OS systemsAchieve exceptional creative control with allqcomponents--produce engaging experiences byleveraging innovative new 3D workflows;enhanced editing, animation, and compositingfeaturesWork with unparalleled efficiency, so you haveqmore time to craft your vision. For example,expanded Adobe Dynamic Link enables you to linkcontent between components so you can seeupdates immediately without renderingTake advantage of the efficiency XMP metadataqoffers for project intelligenceDeliver on film, on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, online,qand on mobile devices with smooth efficiency toreach more audiencesRead moreqProduct DescriptionAdobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium software is a must-have solution for creative professionals whoneed to craft world-class video, audio, and interactive media on air, online, on device, and invariably ondeadline. Includes: After Effects CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Photoshop CS4 Extended, Flash CS4 Professional,Illustrator CS4, Soundbooth CS4, Adobe OnLocation CS4, Encore CS4, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Device CentralCS4, Dynamic Link Read moreProduct DescriptionMaster the production challenges of today and tomorrow with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premiumsoftware, a tightly integrated pre- and post-production toolset for Windows and Intel based Mac OS systems.Use it for video and audio editing, still and motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive media, as well asDVD, Blu-ray Disc, and mobile authoring.
  2. 2. Search for spoken dialog, make video clips searchable, and access rights management information and other typesof project intelligence thanks to new support for XMP metadata across Production Premium. Click to enlarge.Save time on every project by dynamically linking content between select components of Adobe Creative Suite 4Production Premium. With Adobe Dynamic Link, you can see and hear updates instantly--without rendering--as yourefine your projects assets. Click to enlarge.
  3. 3. Use the powerful new Speech Search feature in both Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Soundbooth CS4 toautomatically generate metadata that makes video searchable by linking the spoken word to timecode-specifictext. Click to enlarge.The redesigned user interface puts all of the controls for Adobe OnLocation on a single screen, while the Shot List(inset) lets you input vital information, comments, and more. Click to enlarge.Plan, create, and deliver anywhere with the intelligent post-production solutionComplete pre-and post-production solutionCreate and deliver high-quality video and interactive productions with tightly integrated software tools for pre-and post-production on Windows and Intel based Mac OS systems.Creative controlAchieve exceptional creative control with all components. Produce engaging experiences by leveraginginnovative new 3D workflows; enhanced editing, animation, and compositing features; a unified user interfacethat makes moving between components fluid; and robust output options.Powerful integration for exceptional productivityWork with unparalleled efficiency, so you have more time to craft your vision. For example, expanded AdobeDynamic Link enables you to link content between components so you can see updates immediately withoutrendering.Project intelligence with XMP metadataTake advantage of the efficiency XMP metadata offers for project intelligence. For example, new Speech Searchtechnology in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Soundbooth CS4 speeds up the editing process by using metadatato turn spoken words into searchable metadata, making it easy to find particular clips and make video assetssearchable.Wide variety of output optionsDeliver on film, on video, on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, online, and on mobile devices with smooth efficiency toreach more audiences.Motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects CS4
  4. 4. Be more productive with a host of enhanced features in Adobe After Effects CS4. Searchable timelines andprojects, expanded 3D compositing options, included Mocha for Adobe After Effects software, and numerousinterface enhancements streamline almost everything you do.Editing efficiency with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4Take advantage of scalable and flexible nonlinear video editing capabilities to tell your most compelling stories.New native support for tapeless workflows and more than 50 enhancements in this release help make theediting workflow more efficient.Direct-to-disk recording with Adobe OnLocation CS4Bypass the time-consuming capture process by shooting directly to disk, and monitor the quality of yourfootage using an impressive array of production tools. Featuring a completely redesigned interface, AdobeOnLocation CS4 now runs natively on both Windows and Intel based Mac OS systems.Interactive experiences with Adobe Flash CS4 ProfessionalWork with a new animation model that makes Adobe Flash CS4 Professional easier to learn for new users, addsefficiency for proficient users, and provides even greater control for creating immersive interactive experiences.Industry-standard design with Adobe Photoshop CS4 ExtendedEdit images and video with an expanded set of creative options. Work directly with 3D models, and takeadvantage of new video layer enhancements. Plus, the new Adjustment and Masks panels provide quick accessto tools you need to adjust color, tone, and selections of your images.Production planning with Adobe Illustrator CS4Design project elements and storyboards for your productions. Create multiple art boards in a single file, andwork with enhanced gradient tools.Enhanced audio editing with Adobe Soundbooth CS4Create and arrange audio clips in film, video, and interactive projects with greater flexibility. Easily edit audio inFlash CS4 Professional projects in Soundbooth CS4 using convenient, task-based tools along with newmultitrack audio project support.Collaboration with clients and colleaguesAccess the Adobe ConnectNow service to share project storyboards online with up to three people before youshoot. Use Adobe Encore CS4 to output SWF file versions of your dailies to post online. Expedite review cycleswith the Adobe Clip Notes feature in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, which enables you to embed videointo a PDF file and then import timecode-specific comments to the timeline. Access improved Resource Centralto find new assets, and quickly find news and inspiration in Bridge Home.Whats includedAdobe After Effects CS4Adobe Premiere Pro CS4Adobe Photoshop CS4 ExtendedAdobe Flash CS4 ProfessionalAdobe Illustrator CS4Adobe Soundbooth CS4Adobe OnLocation CS4Adobe Encore CS4Adobe After Effects CS4--Create motion graphics and visual effects with the industrystandardInnovate visuallyEnjoy creative control over virtually every element in a highly responsive 2D and 3D compositing and animationenvironment. With After Effects CS4, you can create virtually whatever you envision.Work with efficient toolsEasily handle a wide range of post-production tasks--from keying and motion tracking to color correction,
  5. 5. rotoscoping, and more--using flexible tools in a user interface optimized to help save you time.Deliver to virtually any screenEasily create output for delivery to a wide range of media formats and platforms--from traditional film andvideo to the web and mobile devices--from a single project.Robust timecode display options throughout Adobe Premiere Pro give you the ability to work with SMPTE orframe-count timecode. Click to enlarge.Navigating nested compositions in Adobe After Effects CS4 is made easier by the Composition navigator alongthe top of each Composition panel (right). A Mini Flowchart (below) reveals the nesting organization of relatedcompositions Click to enlarge.The new Cartoon effect in Adobe After Effects CS4 allows you to convert live action footage (left) into stylizedimagery (right). Click to enlarge.
  6. 6. Enhancements to 3D support in Photoshop CS4 Extended include the ability to merge 2D layers (left) onto 3Dlayers (right)Ñeffectively turning a 2D image into part of the 3D object. Click to enlarge.Adobe Premiere Pro CS4--Capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, oron deviceDiscover new post-production workflowsWork with the formats you want, from DV and HD to 4K and beyond. Support for industry standards enablesyou to interchange more easily with other industry-standard tools. Powerful new metadata managementfeatures help you deliver video content to virtually any screen.Work with efficient post-production toolsEdit faster with a broad selection of professional editing tools and tighter-than-ever integration with otherAdobe software. Maintain pristine quality across the production process with an efficient tapeless workflow, findspecific areas of your content faster with the innovative Speech Search feature, and stay focused on your workwith background batch encoding.Achieve creative excellenceMaximize your creative options with powerful enhancements that help you bring new dimensions to your work.Achieve your vision with professional color correction, quick and precise multicam editing, and much more--allfrom within a familiar, customizable interface. Tap into a wealth of tutorials, stock footage, visual effects, andmore to elevate your production quality, and connect to the creative community to share ideas. Fromacquisition to delivery, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 offers tools that help you deliver excellent results.Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended--Discover new dimensions in digital imagingEasily access full editing powerTake greater advantage of all that Adobe Photoshop Extended software offers with a more intuitive userinterface and nondestructive editing freedom so you can achieve the highest quality results.Work more efficientlyBe more productive by taking advantage of smooth integration with other Adobe software and enhancementsthat leverage the power of todays faster graphics processors.Edit 3D and motion-based contentEnjoy breakthrough enhancements that now let you paint directly on 3D objects and unleash the editing powerof Photoshop software on 3D content. Plus, edit motion graphics for video with enhanced control for speed andprecision.Perform advanced image analysisExtract quantitative information from images, count objects or image features, track and log your work, andvolume-render DICOM files.Flash CS4 Professional--Create and deliver rich interactive contentDesign with ease and efficiencyQuickly create and modify animations while retaining a great degree of control. Powerful new object-basedanimation, Bezier controls, and motion presets make working in Flash easier and more intuitive.
  7. 7. Explore new creative possibilitiesExpress your creative vision in innovative ways with exciting new design tools. Animate 2D objects through 3Dspace with 3D translation and rotation. Use the Bones tool to easily create chain-like effects or distort shapes.Add the expressive power of patterns to your designs with the Deco tool.Collaborate across workflowsCollaborate smoothly across designer and developer workflows. Easily import content into Flash from AdobeInDesign and After Effects software using the XFL format. Enjoy common user interface elements and toolsacross the Adobe Creative Suite 4 family.Deliver for a wide reachDeliver interactive experiences that reach audiences across platforms and devices. The latest technologies,such as XMP for mobile and delivery to the Adobe AIR runtime, are right at your fingertips.Use the new Motion Editor panel in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional to control keyframes more precisely. Click toenlarge.The ability to transform 2D elements in 3D space opens up the possibility of creating new looks in Adobe Flash CS4Professional. Click to enlarge.Multitrack support lets you quickly assemble all your audio elements, and save them as an ASND file that can beshared with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and Adobe After Effects CS4 software. Click toenlarge.
  8. 8. Adobe Media Encoder lets you use any combination of sequences and clips as source files and encode to anextensive variety of formats. Click to enlarge.Adobe Illustrator CS4--Explore new paths with the essential vector toolExplore new featuresPowerful additions such as the Blob Brush tool and transparency in gradients inspire new creativity. The highlyanticipated multiple artboards feature prompts new ways of working.Discover hidden gemsExisting features have been polished, and hidden functions have been uncovered to reveal usefulness anddepth, enabling you to learn more quickly and take better advantage of the power of Illustrator.Work efficientlyIllustrator CS4 offers improved interaction with options and tools, plus you can do more directly on the artboard.Innovations with Smart Guides and Isolation Mode plus new panel behaviors enable a smoother, more efficientworkflow.Deliver almost anywherePrint delivery is more reliable with Separations Preview. And with new user interface similarity and sharedformats among Adobe Creative Suite tools, work across applications is virtually seamless.Adobe Soundbooth CS4--Create and edit audio with easeRapidly enhance and edit audioTake command of the audio in creative projects with task-based tools that help you create, clean up, and polishsound. Multitrack support and automatic volume matching give you more flexibility and control. Visuallyremove unwanted noises with the editing tools available in Spectral view.Work with ready-to-use audio assetsPersonalize your soundtracks with the enhanced Soundbooth Score editing workflow. Download SoundboothScores from Resource Central, and use new multitrack support to customize, combine, or layer multiple scores.Add effects to adjust the mood, or stretch or shorten the file to alter duration.Use intuitive, task-based toolsTackle everyday audio editing and cleanup with the power of nondestructive editing in the new Adobe SoundDocument (ASND) format. Quickly and easily heal sound, match volume levels, create sound effects, andchoose from a library of high-quality audio filters and streamlined mastering tools.Enjoy tighter integrationEliminate the need for intermediate rendering and streamline the process of editing audio in Soundbooth whileworking in various Adobe Creative Suite components with features such as new nondestructive roundtripediting and Adobe Dynamic Link.
  9. 9. Adobe OnLocation CS4 for shooting direct to disk and monitoring footageAdobe OnLocationCS4 is powerful cross-platform (Windows and Intel-based Macs), direct-to-disk recording andmonitoring software that helps you shoot better and faster. The completely redesigned interface puts control ofall functions on a single screen and features the familiar look and feel of other Adobe creative applications. Usethe professional on-set monitoring tools to calibrate your camera, set levels, and monitor signals to obtain thebest quality video and audio and avoid time-consuming and potentially costly problems.Shooting and capturing video directly to disk lets you record a two-hour event as a single clip or shoot as manytakes of a scene as you need to get it right--no changing tapes, no solid-state memory time limits, no missedaction. Its a directors dream come true--but when youre editing, finding that one perfect take among dozensof outtakes can be difficult. To make it easier, Adobe OnLocation CS4 offers a Shot List that enables you tore-record multiple takes of the same scene retaining the metadata automatically from the original master shot.When you edit the footage in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can search for a favorite take simply by searching formetadata logged while you originally recorded the footage. Or, run the speech-to-text feature in AdobePremiere Pro, which uses new metadata support to find words spoken by the talent.Adobe Encore CS4Use Encore to create DVDs and high-definition Blu-ray Discs, and with one click, easily save projects youdesigned to be delivered to disc as interactive content compatible with Adobe Flash Player for the web.While on location, use Encore to output SWF file versions of your dailies to post online.Choose Your EditionWith the tightly integrated tools and services in Adobe Creative Suite 4 software, you can create visually richcontent for virtually any media--print, web, interactive, video, audio, and mobile. Find the one thats right foryou:
  10. 10. Adobe Creative Suite 4 also allows you to access features and services that are hosted online, such as AdobeCommunity Help, Adobe Kuler, Adobe ConnectNow (a service on, Adobe InContext Editing, andBridge Home.** This product may allow you to access certain features that are hosted online ("online services"), provided you have a high-speedInternet connection. The online services, and some features thereof, may not be available in all countries, languages and/or currenciesand may be discontinued in whole or in part without notice. Use of the online services is governed by separate terms of use and by theAdobe privacy policy, and access to these services may require user registration. Some online services, including services initiallyoffered at no charge, may be subject to additional fees. For additional details and to review the terms of use and privacy policy, pleasevisit Read more