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Lydur Gudmundsson’s favourite small dog breeds


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A lot of people know that they want to get a small dog as they require less space and often less exercise but it can be hard to know just which breed is best for you. Lydur Gudmundsson has put together this compilation of the smallest breeds to help you make your choice.

Smaller dog breeds have a number of benefits, they tend to be easier to care for and are less likely to suffer from health problems such as arthritis. Small dogs have also become a great deal more popular due to the large number of celebrities who have been spotted with petite pups. Many people tend to think of a pug or sausage dog when considering small breeds, but as you can see from Lydur Gudmundsson’s list there is a lot more choice than that!

Choosing a less well known breed, such as a Pomeranian, can save you a great deal of money as they are not quite as popular yet just as cute. Enjoy the video and check out my business – Lydur Gudmundsson’s Canine Company – for more advice and tips on everything dog related.

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