Ftth ft tx cabling system


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Ftth ft tx cabling system

  1. 1. FTTX FTTH Cabling SystemBy SUN TelecomFTTx FTTH Solutions2011-05-23 1
  2. 2. CONTENTSCONTENTSIntroductionProduct Line2011-05-23 2FTTx FTTH Solutions
  3. 3. FTTx FTTH Cabling SystemFTTx FTTH Cabling SystemCentral Office:ODF Rack mounted Distribution Panel (Terminal Box)ODF, Rack mounted Distribution Panel (Terminal Box)ODNCross-connection Cabinet, Optic Distribution Box, PLC Splitter,Fib O ti C bl J i t E l S litt ClFiber Optic Cable, Joint Enclosures, Splitter Closures,Optical Distribution Box, Termination Box,User-end Device:ODN Panel (Terminal Box)Test Equipment & Tool kits:OTDR, Visual Fault Locator, PON Power meter,Fusion Splicer, ToolkitsCables & Components:Fiber Cables, Adapters, Connectors, Pigtails, Patch cordsFiber Cables, Adapters, Connectors, Pigtails, Patch cords2011-05-23 3FTTx FTTH Solutions
  4. 4. Architecture2011-05-23 4FTTx FTTH Solutions
  5. 5. FTTx FTTH Solutions
  6. 6. ODF – Optical Distribution FrameODF Optical Distribution Frame2011-05-23 6FTTx FTTH Solutions
  7. 7. Cross-connection CabinetCross-connection CabinetPLC Splitter Tray2011-05-23 7FTTx FTTH Solutions
  8. 8. Wall mount Distribution BoxWall mount Distribution BoxOutdoor Wall MountFiber Cable Terminal BoxIndoor Wall MountFiber Cable Terminal Box2011-05-23 8FTTx FTTH SolutionsFiber Cable Terminal Box
  9. 9. FTTH Drop Cable Terminal BoxFTTH Drop Cable Terminal Box2011-05-23 9FTTx FTTH Solutions
  10. 10. Client End Panel (Terminal Box)Client End Panel (Terminal Box)2011-05-23 10FTTx FTTH Solutions
  11. 11. Fiber Optic Cable Joint EnclosuresFiber Optic Cable Joint Enclosures2011-05-23 11FTTx FTTH Solutions
  12. 12. Outdoor Fiber CableOutdoor Fiber Cable2011-05-23 12FTTx FTTH Solutions
  13. 13. Drop CableDrop Cable2011-05-23 13FTTx FTTH Solutions
  14. 14. PLC SplitterPLC Splitter2011-05-23 14FTTx FTTH Solutions
  15. 15. Connectors, Adaptors & Patch cordsConnectors, Adaptors & Patch cords2011-05-23 15FTTx FTTH Solutions
  16. 16. Patch cordsPatch cordsMTRJ MPOPatch cord Patch cordLC Pigtail SC Pigtail2011-05-23 16FTTx FTTH Solutions
  17. 17. AdaptersAdapters2011-05-23 17FTTx FTTH Solutions
  18. 18. Fusion Splicer & CleaverFusion Splicer & Cleaver2011-05-23 18FTTx FTTH Solutions
  19. 19. Fiber Cable Installation ToolkitsFiber Cable Installation Toolkits2011-05-23 19FTTx FTTH Solutions
  20. 20. Test EquipmentTest EquipmentPON Power MeterPON Power MeterFTTx OTDRsFiber Optic Talk setFiber Fault Locator2011-05-23 20FTTx FTTH SolutionsFiber Optic Talk set
  21. 21. Question & Answer2011-05-23 21FTTx FTTH Solutionswww.suntelecom-cn.com