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                                    A FAT MAN WALKING.
                                       Listening exercise.
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Unit 1 Listening Reading


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Unit 1 Listening Reading

  1. 1. UNIT 1. A FAT MAN WALKING. Listening exercise. Name: _______________________________________________ Date: _________________ Answer these questions on the deed done by this person called Steve Vaught. Listen to the recording and answer the questions. 1. When did Steve take the first step of his walk? Which date? 2. In what place did he start his journey? Where did he finish? 3. At first, it began as a personal challenge, but gradually, it turned Steve into a ______________________. 4. What job did Steve have? 5. Something happened in his life that left him feeling very depressed. What was it? 6. Eating was the only way he could find ____________. 7. How many kilos did he eventually weight? 8. Why did he have the idea of walking from coast to coast? 9. What was his initial aim? 10. With time, what did it become? 11. One thing he became aware of was the _________________________________ in the lives of ordinary people in US 12. How many fast food restaurants did he count in one place, on a 7-Km stretch of road? 13. How long was his journey? ________________ months and ______________ Kms. 14. Which American celebrity interviewed Steve Vaught? 15. How many e-mails did he receive?