Passive voice worksheet


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Passive voice worksheet

  1. 1. english worksheet School Year 2010-2011 Use and Form – Basic Rules Remember:  We use the Passive voice when what happens is more important than who does it.  The object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive voice.  We form the Passive voice with the auxiliary verb Be (always in the same tense as the verb in the active voice) and the Past Participle of the main verb, followed by a by-phrase, the agent, when we know who or what performed the action. Children’s day is celebrated on June 1st. Yeah…Lots of trees were planted yesterday. Street traders sell black-market products. Black-market products are sold by street traders. Match the forms of the Active verbs with Rewrite each sentence in the Passive: their corresponding Passive forms. I forget (singular, S. Past) They built 3 new schools last year. were forgotten discover (Plural, S. Past) ________________________________ were left make (singular, S. Present) Thousands of people visit the Azores. was forgotten build (Plural, S. Present) ________________________________ was left forget (Plural, S. Past) Someone stole my purse from my locker. are built leave (Plural, S. Past) ________________________________ is sent produce (Plural, S.Present) The monkey painted that picture. were discovered leave (singular, S. Past) ________________________________ was built build (singular, S. S. Past) Millions of teenagers enjoy her books. is made ________________________________ send (singular, S. Present) are produced
  2. 2. Read the following piece of news. Write an active sentence and a passive Cross out the wrong verb forms. sentence from these prompts. Doctor George Tiller, 67, was at the morning 1. The little boy / the wallet/ yesterday/ find. services this Sunday when he was shot/ shot, a) police said. The gunman was fired/fired one shot _________________________________ at Tiller and was threatened/ threatened two b)_________________________________ other people who tried to stop him. The suspect was taken/ took into custody in a Kansas City _ suburb 3 hours after the shooting. Outside Tiller’s 2. Teachers/ students/ good manners/ clinic, flowers were placed/ placed along a fence, teach. and Kansas Coalition for Life was left/ left a sign a) saying members were prayed/ prayed for his _________________________________ change of heart "not his murder. A man yelled b)_________________________________ that Tiller’s hands were covered/covered with THANK YU!