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Are you for or against euthanasia by sara


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Are you for or against Euthanasia? Sara's opinion.

Published in: Education
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Are you for or against euthanasia by sara

  1. 1. WRITING EUTHANASIA? ARE YOU IN FAVOUR OR AGAINST… EUTHANASIA? (This composition has been written by Sara Santana, 2nd Baccalaureate A student- IES Playa de Arinaga- Agüimes) – (Unit 5- For or against compositions) Euthanasia is a method whereby anyone with a chronic illness or who is suffering any situation that causes him or her extreme physical suffering can achieve a painless death. Euthanasia is a voluntary medical procedure, which is to help dying patients suffering chronic or terminal illnesses that worsen significantly their quality of life. Euthanasia is not permitted in Spain legally. Its practice is liable to imprisonment. However, in Spain there have been numerous cases of euthanasia. But perhaps the best known is that of Ramon Sampedro, a Galician who was paralyzed for 25 years after an unfortunate accident and he was condemned for life. It was the first person to ask for euthanasia in Spain by legal means. In my opinion, I think that euthanasia is a dignified solution for people suffering a terminal illness and pain, despite what different religions can think about it. So, I think it should be legalized at least in our country.