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Food Security Conservation Farming in the Community of Bana Cameroon


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Three years of development have resulted in a Demonstration Farm in the Community of Bana aimed to help Palliative Care patients have food to eat! A school garden teaches children the principles of Conservation Farming. Seeds are promoting reintroduction of protein crops (peanuts, beans), corn adapted to the altitude and cover crops to add enrichment to the soil.

Bana Farm Field School utube:

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Food Security Conservation Farming in the Community of Bana Cameroon

  1. 1. Food Security An Introduction To Our African Experience in the Community of Bana 2011- 2014 Presentation Prepared By Allan and Lydia Sorflaten September 20,2014
  2. 2. - Pre-Departure - Meet In Winnipeg With Canada Food Grains Bank (October 2012)
  3. 3. Develop Conservation Agriculture Study Guide for Farmer Field Schools
  4. 4. Nutrition Manual Prepared for Two Day Seminar
  6. 6. Mme. Oussematou Dynamic & Determined/Caring & Compassionate ----- A Powerful Personality Who Gets Things Done ----- !
  7. 7. Bana
  8. 8. Problems Identified.... • Depleted soil • Insufficient food supply • People poorly nourished • People without money to buy food, seeds or fertilizer • No social safety net • People suffering HIV AIDS, malnutrition, diabetes, hypertension, rickets, blindness
  9. 9. Highly Leached Tropical Soils Vulnerable to Effects of Long Term Erosion and Poor Cropping Practices
  10. 10. Inadequate Supplies of Food at the Bana Market
  11. 11. A Mother Of Five No Money to Buy Food No Social Safety Net
  12. 12. Elderly Blind Diabetic Without Family. Has Food When Someone Happens To Bring Him Some.
  13. 13. Approach the Problems.... 2011- Presented an introduction to Conservation Farming and Basic Nutrition 2012-Full week seminar -Demo plot using Conservation Farming Principals -Allocation of land for Demonstration Farm 2014-Conservation Farms Bana Demonstration Farm, School Gardens, Rogers’ farm and others. -Development of a Pallative Care Program (home visits, rice, soap, matches, beans and toilet paper)
  14. 14. Opening Day of Week Long Seminar
  15. 15. Participants Appreciate their Study Guides
  16. 16. Practical Demonstrations Introduce Basic Principles
  17. 17. Show Differences Btw. Various Soil Types
  18. 18. Demonstration Plot As Part of Conservation Farming Workshop
  19. 19. Bana Farm Field School Participants
  20. 20. Foods Prepared From Local Products (Cassava Leaves Are Not Normally Used But Are High In Vitamins) Cassava Leaves
  21. 21. Certificates of Completion Are Proudly Displayed
  22. 22. Meeting the Traditional Chief of Bana November 2011 (On Left is Joseph Tafrey, President of IDF & Farmer From Befang)
  23. 23. 2012: King Designates Land For Demonstration Farm
  24. 24. Land Clearing Demonstration Farm
  25. 25. Rocks Are Split By Hand And Contoured
  26. 26. Planting Done Using Conservation Farming Principles
  27. 27. Our Visit To The Farm March 2014
  28. 28. Bringing Water By Pipe To The Lower Part Of The Farm
  29. 29. Hand Watering On The Flat Allows For Growing Year Round
  30. 30. Delivering Food To Palliative Care Patients
  31. 31. Bana School Garden Results
  32. 32. Seeds For All
  33. 33. Thank You To Mme Oussematou for her Dedication