Genre research indie rock


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Genre research indie rock

  1. 1. Genre Research
  2. 2.  Indie Rock is a genre of alternative rock whichoriginated in the 1980s in both the UK and theUSA Sub genres of Indie Rock include Indie Pop andJangle Pop Although the term Indie Rock originallysuggested that artists were outsiders andunderground, many Indie Rock artists began toboast commercial success in the 2000s.This wasa result of changes in the music industry and waspartly due to the internet
  3. 3.  In the US, the Indie Rock scene began with “CollegeRock” in the early 1980s. In the US this included bandssuch as R.E.M, and in the UK bands such asThe Smiths Other bands in this genre included 10,000 Maniacs,TheHousemartins andThe La’s These bands went against the “synthpop” genre whichdominated the early 1980s
  4. 4.  In the UK in 1986, NME made a compilationcassette featuring bands such asThe Pastelsand Primal Scream.This is a document of thestart of the Indie Pop scene which influencedthe development of the entire British Indiescene Some original Indie Pop artists include Josef Kand Orange Juice
  5. 5.  In the 1990s many Grunge bands such as Nirvana,Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were widely exposed andachieved commercial success Punk revival bands including Green Day andTheOffspring were grouped under the Alternative Rockumbrella and were also very popular In the UK, bands such as Blur and Oasis also broke intothe mainstream The terms “Indie” and “Alternative” lost their originalcountercultural meanings and now described a lighterform of music as a result of mainstream success
  6. 6.  Music style combines elements from BritishPunk, Rock and Heavy Metal Usual instruments include guitar, bass, drumsand keyboard The main emphasis is on the vocals Lyrics often a reflection of social andeconomic matters or address topics of socialconcern Typically underground and less popularartists signed to independent record labels
  7. 7.  Guitars Bass Keyboards Drums Vocals
  8. 8.  The vocals of Indie music have a distinctivesound which mean the lyrics do notnecessarily match the beat
  9. 9.  The Smiths were formed in Manchester in 1982 Signed to RoughTrade Records Four studio albums Most important band marking the start of the UKindie scene in the 1980s The band broke up in 1987
  10. 10.  American Rock band formed in 1980 One of the first popular Alternative/Indie Rockbands Originally signed to the record label Hib-Tone Achieved mainstream success with their single“The One I Love” in 1987 Signed toWarner Bros Records in 1988 The drummer Bill Berry left the band in 1997 butthe rest of the group continued as a trio Announced their split in 2011
  11. 11.  English Alternative Rock band formed in Londonin 1988 Graham Coxon (the guitarist and singer) left theband in 2002 but they carried on to do a tour in2003 without him After this tour, however, they did not continue toany studio work or touring as a band The band reunited with Coxon in 2008 and stillremain active They received a Brit Award in 2012 forOutstanding Contribution to Music
  12. 12.  American Indie Rock band formed in 1997 Noted for use of unconventional instruments Seven studio albums and five EPs Gained commercial success in 2003 with their fourthstudio album “Transatlanticism”
  13. 13.  American Rock band formed in 1999 Originally the band produced music with SouthernRock and Blues influences but has graduallyexpanded to a more alternative, arena rock sound Nine UK top 40 singles and two Brit Awards Achieved chart success in the US in 2008 with theirsingles “Sex on Fire”, “Use Somebody” and “Notion” The band still remain active
  14. 14.  British Indie Rock band formed at the 1999Reading music festival Musical influence from bands such asTheCure and Radiohead “SilentAlarm” was their 2005 debut albumwhich won NME Album of theYear and IndieAlbum of theYear at the PLUG Awards Went on to release three more albums andare still active
  15. 15.  Formed in Glasgow in 2002 First achieved UK chart success with their secondsingle “Take Me Out” Their second album in 2005 was platinum-selling inthe UK and gold-selling in the U Nominated for several Grammy and Brit Awards,and won an NME Award Sold over 3 million albumsworldwide in 2009
  16. 16.  Formed in Sheffield in 2002 Four studio albums and one live album Their debut album in 2006 was the fastestselling debut album in British music history Five Brit Awards, and two Grammynominations Fall under the umbrella of Indie Rock,however one of the bands key features is thatthey have changed their genre of Rock ineach of their albums