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B2B Marketing Strategy and Planning: Beginner's Checklist


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Are you tasked to develop a launch plan or a fully integrated B2B marketing plan to drive leads? Are you new to B2B marketing and unsure of best practices and/or the sales process?

If so, consider asking yourself these 10 questions before developing tactics. These are some of the high-level areas to think through to help ensure your B2B marketing communications plans are smart and set up for success. It's derived from: Beginner's Checklist for the Corporate B2B Marketer at

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B2B Marketing Strategy and Planning: Beginner's Checklist

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  2. 2. Introduction Are you tasked to develop a launch plan or a fully integrated marketing plan to drive leads?    
  3. 3. Introduction Are you new to B2B marketing and unsure of best practices and/or the sales process?     NEW?
  4. 4. Introduction If so, consider asking yourself the following questions before developing tactics These are some of the high-level areas to think through to help ensure success...
  5. 5. Think it Through 1 Do you have a solid understanding of the business vision and financial goals?
  6. 6. Think it Through If not you should obtain it before doing anything else
  7. 7. Think it Through 2 Do you have a point-of-view (POV) on how marketing can help meet those goals? If not, what do you need to do to develop it?
  8. 8. Think it Through 3 Do you have a POV on which tactics within the marketing mix will have the strongest impact?
  9. 9. Think it Through Do you have the necessary budget and resources to effectively execute them?
  10. 10. Think it Through If not     make the business case to get what you need and if that’s not possible
  11. 11. Think it Through Encourage discussion about your barriers up front to help ensure the marketing team prioritizes effectively
  12. 12. Think it Through 4 Do you have a framework for the marketing communications strategy… …that allows stakeholders to weigh in on objectives and contribute tactical ideas?
  13. 13. Think it Through Are stakeholders aware of dependencies that may require their active participation?
  14. 14. Think it Through Make sure key people and areas are aligned with you and ready to do their part because if they’re not
  15. 15. Think it Through It could have an adverse effect on your results as well as internal relationships (and possibly the respect and morale of your staff)
  16. 16. Think it Through 5 Do you have a Messaging and/or Brand Toolkit that everyone can work from when crafting communications such as…
  17. 17. blogs Think it Through collateral product presentations video promotions scripts Websites emails
  18. 18. Think it Through It can be a rough draft that will evolve but at least some type of brand and messaging strategy is critical
  19. 19. Think it Through This is a Company that gets me! to ensure your message is relevant, engaging and consistent
  20. 20. Think it Through 6 Do you have a Measurement Strategy figured out across tactics?
  21. 21. Think it Through Have you figured out how all the metrics will come together to determine whether or not the plan is delivering?
  22. 22. Think it Through If not, get ahead of that and encourage dialogue early so that everyone is on the same page to determine... .
  23. 23. Think it Through How well the plan is set up to measure and How best to address key gaps or potential risks in determining ROI
  24. 24. Think it Through 7 Have you assessed where various components of the plan need to integrate to be effective? For example...
  25. 25. Think it Through Is there a messaging framework that needs to be implemented simultaneously across the web, sales collateral, email, videos, etc.? Are the dots connected to activate, manage and measure social media?
  26. 26. Think it Through Understanding this could help you consider the necessary resources and execute in a timely manner
  27. 27. Think it Through 8 Have you thought about third parties that are a dependency for certain tactics?
  28. 28. Think it Through The sooner you can research and engage vendors and agencies necessary for implementation Such as for campaigns, design, research and lead management the better
  29. 29. Think it Through This often takes longer and is more complicated than you think
  30. 30. Think it Through 9 Have you determined who in your organization needs to be trained and educated about what the marketing team is doing?
  31. 31. Think it Through Thinking about this ahead of time will help you gain respect as it ensures everyone is comfortable with what’s going on
  32. 32. Think it Through and that key stakeholders are part of the process
  33. 33. Think it Through 10 Have you established milestones to assess how the plan is doing?
  34. 34. Think it Through Do you have resources that can pull together the necessary data and information?
  35. 35. Think it Through Always think ahead about how you will respond to a demand from Senior Management to...
  36. 36. Think it Through Show me how our marketing communications efforts are driving business and/or at a minimum supporting the sales process
  37. 37. Think it Through You’ll be considered a leader if you demonstrate you are proactively thinking this way Visit this blog post for the complete narrative: Beginner’s Checklist for the Corporate B2B Marketer
  38. 38. Think it Through   Here are some great training resources if you want to stay current .   on B2B marketing trends and best practices ongoing Membership Training Courses Learning Webinars Community
  39. 39. Let me know if I can help. Visit Contact information: LYDIA VOGTNER 415-672-1870