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INFOGRAPHIC: Sample Framework to Assess B2B Marketing Department Workload


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Regardless of whether you outsource or hire, many people with varying skills usually need to be involved to make your marketing efforts successful (whether your sales goal is $1M in new revenue or $20M).

So what to do? And where do key people fit in the picture? This framework may help you consider how to decide and prioritize roles and responsibilities within the marketing function. More than likely you will see through this exercise that it often takes a village to create marketing programs that will drive revenue.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Sample Framework to Assess B2B Marketing Department Workload

  1. 1. Lydia’s Marketing & Communication Consulting Services Practical, no-nonsense, fast, and affordable virtual marketing consultation and support Sample Framework to Assess B2B Marketing ‘Workload & Resource Reality’ Document the likely workload needed to execute your Marketing Plan (effectively) and the variety of skills needed • Brand positioning and core messages (that all team members, writers, designers, etc. will work from) • Branding & Marcom guidelines (e.g. color palette, communication templates, fonts, graphics, etc.) • Social media policies • Metric goals and budget • Lead management requirements and processes • Market and customer loyalty strategy • Big picture, strategic, analytical mindset • B2B “modern marketing” experience • Ability to organize/interpret/translate data, insights and ideas for team, stakeholder and senior management discussions • Create analytical framework to show what to measure, why and how • Create rules, spreadsheets, feeds, etc. to easily organize, segment, view and track data • Create dashboards and reports for various stakeholders • Support creation or evolution of lead management infrastructure & workflows • Strategic analytical ability • Strong with Google Analytics, spreadsheets, database marketing, reporting techniques, etc. STEP 1 Use this as a framework for discussion and analysis to decide who should be accountable for the work as well as who will manage details of execution (whether full-time or outsourced talent) Use output from Steps 1 & 2 to decide final organizational structure, comp plans, hiring approach, future staffing projections, etc. STEP 2 STEP 3 Accountability Examples Brand & Marketing Strategy Task Examples SKILLS NEEDED WHO Data & Analysis, Infrastructure and Processes • Recommend and design specific/measurable campaigns to meet an objective (e.g. campaign to generate 100 newleadsortomeetother metricgoals) • Manage campaign thru execution, partnering with others as needed (e.g. for content, communications, media placements, measurement, etc.) • Understands lead gen best practices, database marketing, CRM, marketing automation, media buying, PR, email, landing pages, social media, etc. • Exceptional project manager • Can engage and direct designers and other support functions as needed Campaign Design and Execution • Drive the broader strategy for what and why as it relates to content and communications • Coordinate data, research, team input, etc. to inform strategy • Accountable for plan, schedule, execution and integration • More than a Marcom Manager or writer; thinks big picture and considers content from the audience POV as well as sales/service goals • Ability to synthesize data to make creative decisions about content’s role in moving the business forward Content & Communications Strategy • Oversee and manage the confirmed content strategy • Oversee execution of all marketing content as well as customer, employee or investor communications • Support execution of product-specific communications and content (inc. spec sheets, product presentations, white papers, etc.) or content for sales campaigns • Willing to take execution responsibility for all communications • Can work cross-functionally to ensure all stakeholder needs are met • Able to develop and manage content production workflows, editorial calendars and applicable analytics • manage the rollout, maintenance and user experience for product or service offerings • Partner with Marketing heads to develop positioning and core content • Partner with stakeholders as needed • Product (and various technical) expertise • Deep insight into customer needs and motivations • Ability to partner and collaborate for messaging, subject-matter-expertise and customer experience Content & Communications Development • Dedicated resource to help Sales reps execute their plans • Social selling support (e.g. to optimize LinkedIn as a channel for building relationships) • Sales presentations, emails, and other direct communications • Event planning, e.g. sales workshops, tradeshows, webinars, executive roundtables, etc. • Data mining, analysis, CRM optimization • Tactical while also understanding strategic objectives and the need to integrate with other marketing areas (e.g. Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing) • Creative with content; can run with tactical ideas using corporate guidelines and agency support Sales Support and Project Management Lead Qualification and Outreach Product Management • Gatekeeper for new leads and top-of-the-funnel processes and outreach • Oversees website Chat function • Sales oriented, knows how to uncover needs and underlying interest • Ability to work with CRM and established processes & workflows • Design branding guidelines in partnership with marketing leaders • Oversee design and creative output for all mediums • Create communication templates for presentations, e-newsletters, case studies, etc. • Support web and content development teams with customized images, graphic elements, etc. as needed • Strategic with regard to design’s impact on engagement and conversions • Great designer as well as manager for projects requiring multiple specialists • Experience designing for B2B buyers and influencers • Able to get up to speed quickly on strategic business insights informing design decisions Web & Graphic Design 415.672.1870 | |