Proposal and treatment


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Proposal and treatment

  1. 1. Music Video Proposal and Treatment Artist – Ben Pearce Song – What I Might Do Production Company – LC’S Music Video Productions Director – Lydia Cooke Contact Email -
  2. 2. General Concept: My music video will contain dark lighting, creating a night life mood, there will be one man dressed all in white in a black background, performing on his own with dancers in the background also dressed in white contrasting to the black background. Red lights will flash, implying a night club setting, close up shots and long shots will be included. It’s a dance/ house music genre so the video is going to quite unusual and contain unique elements. The lyrics will mainly tell the story while the cast will perform and entertain. Set in a spacious empty area, so the main focus is the song, cast and effects included. Guidelines 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Must shoot the music video in a dark spacious place, to create a dark empty setting. Cast must ALL be dressed in white to create that contrast between the black background. Video must contain a variety of camera shots and angles. Include a red lighting effect, to give the impression the music video is supposed to be set in a nightclub. Must deliver the music video as a whole in good quality, and in a professional manner. Use good quality editing effects to make the video as good as possible Camera skills must be at a good standard, no unprofessional shots or filming, so therefor we must practice using the camera and it’s effects. Must act professional, setting deadlines and completing tasks within the time we have set. Inspirations for Music Video As the song I have chosen is within the dance genre, there was other similar song from different artists I was considering basing my music video upon for example: Duke Dumont – Need You 100 - Storm Queen – Look Right Through - Disclosure – F For You Chase and Status – Count On Me - The setting of my music video is quite unusual as ideally I do not want anything else in the shot but the cast. I want the background to look completely empty and black, so the audience focus on the artist and dancers performance. I want a huge contrast of three colours which are black white and red. As the cast will wear all white and red lights will occasionally flash onto the cast. I was inspired to do such a unique setting as most dance songs include narrative stories, I wanted to go against this convention and introduce a new style of a dance music video.
  3. 3. Some movie clips have good elements I could use in my music video which would be ideal, and could bring some life and entertainment for the audience as they can reflect back on the movies: Alice in Wonderland - Corpse Bride - This Is The End - Crew Director/ Production Designer: Lydia Cooke Director of Photography: Tom Ross Assistant Director: Callum Wallace Production Manager: Alex Nesbit Art Director: Tom Ross Set Decorator: Callum Wallace Head Stylist: Lydia Cooke Make Up Artist: Lydia Cooke Editor: Alex Nesbit Production Concerns 1. Need to consider a budget towards the production of the music video as we have no money for equipment. So we need to think about suitable areas to film and the equipment we already have easy access to. 2. Need to consider the necessary costumes and props, if we have to purchase anything in particular that’s needed to make our music video the best it can be. We will have to decide fairly who spends what amount of money. 3. Limited amount of crew members so each person will have to take on a number of roles and professionally perform well. Decide each role fairly and maturely. 4. Attendance of our crew, we all must be at every filming session so we complete our filming process quickly and professionally, and also so each member brings the necessary props, make up and equipment for shooting. We will also need to establish what days each member is available at the same time on the same day. 5. Each member steps up to bringing new ideas to the table, all put equal effort and consideration into the project. 6. Practice using the camera, to ensure our shots are good quality and up to a good standard for our target audience. 7. Create deadlines for certain things, and complete them within the time we have given ourselves.