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The World In My Fingertips - Summary


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Summary of The World In My Fingertips by Genevieve Tang

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The World In My Fingertips - Summary

  1. 1. The internet is a worldwide system ofcomputer networks. It isa common part of ourdaily lives. Once you logonto the internet, youenter a virtual world.
  2. 2. In 1961, an American computerscientist discovered a way toshare information from onecomputer to another andcalled it a network. In 1969, anetwork linked twocomputers at two AmericanUniversities together.
  3. 3. The name internet was firstused in 1974. It connects allthe networks together.In 1989, the world wide webwas invented by a Britishresearcher who developed amethod to combine pictures,music ,videos ,symbols
  4. 4. It is estimated that by2020, there will be 2thousand million userswhich is about 400 timesthe number of peopleliving in Singapore. Thisalso means that 30% of the
  5. 5. AdvantagesIt allows information to be obtained quickly.It can be used anywhere with a Web connection.It improves communication across
  6. 6. DisadvantagesYou do not know who you are talking to online.When there are too many users, there might be a ‘traffic jam’ online.The computer might be
  7. 7. Credits :The World In MyFingertips by GenevieveTang