BCPS Connects (ict) by : The Equals


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A school project done by our group, The Equals.

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BCPS Connects (ict) by : The Equals

  1. 1. What is the internet?With a click of a mouse, we can access information withinseconds on the Internet. The Internet is an amazing andpowerful computer network that joins millions of computerstogether all over the world. According to the latest survey in2009, the results proved that the Internet is accessible to almostthe whole world as there were 16 hundred million usersworldwide, which is about 355 times the number of users inSingapore. Since the invention of Internet in 1961, it has beentransformed completely in the last few decades, allowing us tomulti-task, search for information instantaneously, network withthe world through social sites, keep abreast with current affairs, and also for entertainment purposes.Source of picture :http://kajainternationalenglish.blogspot.sg/2012/06/should-we-allow-use-of-internet-when.html
  2. 2. The clock is ticking....We should be time-concious when using internet in class. We shouldknow how to plan and use the given time wisely. Let’s try not to bedistracted by things such as advertisements on the websites orchanging the font colour/background when doing a task on MicrosoftPowerpoint. We shall plan our time wisely as it is the key to gain acessto more knowledge. Although we are not monitored, it is importantto keep on task.In the recent years, the Internet is now increasingly used in schoolsfor learning and teaching. Initially, educators were afraid that it mightbe a source of distraction but in the end, their fears were unfoundedwhen they did a pilot project on one of the schools. Now, Internet isvery developed and advance; it’s future has yet to come. This provesthat using the Internet for learning is a reliable tool. However, beingas reliable as it is, we still have to remember that we are not ALONEonline, we have to use time wisely as there are much distractiononline. Together, with cooperation with the class teachers, we can usethe internet time-wisely.
  3. 3. Watch out on Cyber Space!As mentioned earlier on, we are not ALONE online. This is whywe have to be self-aware and know cyber-wellness well when onthe cyber space, also known as the virtual world. There might beplenty of scams online, for instance, an advertisement poppingup online, saying that you can get something for free. If we tendto believe in these scams, conmen around the net would just betaking advantage of us innocent people. Also, we have to beaware and think twice before posting something online. Thisis, because, once it is posted there on the cyber wall, it spreadspretty quickly. The more people who reads it, the moreshares, and the more in trouble we will be. Some tips on cyberwellness are :- If you are angry or unhappy about someone, do not post about it online. Approach a counseller or an adult who can tackle your problem. This is because it is less difficult to forget what we say rather then the things that we post online.- Do not share personal particulars/information online.- Do not chat with strangers.