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  1. 1. Suspension Beam Arch Cantilever Truss Cable-stayed draw
  2. 2.  Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Suspension/Cable-stayed - The deck (trafficway) of a suspension bridge is hung by cables which hang from towers. The cables transfer the weight to the towers, which transfer the weight to the ground. Cable-stayed bridges have towers, but cables from the towers go directly to the road deck, instead of spanning from tower to tower.
  3. 3.  Golden gate bridge
  4. 4. It can span 2 kilometers to 7 kilometers feet much more further than any other bridge.
  5. 5. Beam - The beam type is the simplest type of bridge. The beam bridge could be anything as simple as a plank of wood to a complex structure. It is made of two or more supports which hold up a beam.
  6. 6. A beam bridge is made out of two supports that hold up one beam….
  7. 7.  Lupu bridge - Shanghai Arch - In the arch type of bridge, weight is carried outward along two paths, curving toward the ground.
  8. 8.  The rainbow bridge, Niagra Falls
  9. 9.  Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney
  10. 10. An Arch bridge is made out of stone, steel or concrete. They span up to 8 kilometer.
  11. 11.  Forth bridge, Scotland
  12. 12. Cantilever - In the cantilever type of bridge, two beams support another beam, which is where the deck or trafficway is. The two beams must be anchored, and this must be done well.
  13. 13. There are 2 to 3 support beams depending on the wave tops they are usually used where waters are deep.
  14. 14. A truss bridges is made of triangulation mostly out of steel bars, they are frames of a tunnel when looked at from the side and front view.
  15. 15. A draw bridge is a bridge that opens at the top to allow ships and boats to pass under it as they are not high bridges..
  16. 16. Very similar to a suspension bridge but instead of steel bars, it uses reinforced Cables.
  17. 17. What is the longest bridge in the world? – How much did it cost to build? – Why was it built? – How much weight can it support? – How long is it? What is the longest bridge in Switzerland? What is the shortest bridge in the world? When was the first bridge built? – What is it called?
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