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Kids Creative Education Words.


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Creative Kids, Learning Game is designed to improve visual skills of children and we are sure that your kids will love and appreciate different world to play this game!

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Kids Creative Education Words.

  1. 1. Kids Creative Education Words Education Game For Kids New Release Education Game on Google Play
  2. 2. Game Features:  All in one pack for kids to learn ABC, numbers, animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, shapes, colors, flower with pictures, spellings and associated sounds.  Kids select any of the above worlds. Then start moving and collect the mention alphabets to cut the gems through swipe.  Recognize pictures and collects alphabets. Read and spell words.
  3. 3. Animal World
  4. 4. ABC World
  5. 5. Bird World
  6. 6. Numbers World
  7. 7. Vegetable World
  8. 8. Color World
  9. 9. Fruit World
  10. 10. Shape World
  11. 11. Weekdays World
  12. 12. Months World
  14. 14. WATCH VIDEO:
  15. 15. Game By LancerWonders