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Chris pirillos-140-twitter-tips-final


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Chris Pirillos Twitter Tips

Published in: Technology
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Chris pirillos-140-twitter-tips-final

  1. 1. Chris Pirilloʼs140 Twitter Tips Edited&by&@ChrisPirillo&& Illustrated&by&@kristin&
  2. 2. 140 Twitter Tips!Have an amazing Twitter tip to share? Emailyour 140- character suggestion for credit in a future revision!Share ANY single tip in this eBook with attribution!Please follow us [@lfsocialmedia] and retweet thislink: http:// are not affiliated with Twitter in any official capacity -we only love what it has brought to our lives. Content in this publication falls under the Creative Commons "Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported" License.2! @lfsocialmedia&
  3. 3. 140 Twitter Tips !An entry on Twitter must be 140 tweet with the "@" character. Thischaracters or less and is referred to indicates "conversation" a "tweet." That naming conventioncame from the community. Auto-following people may sound like a good idea on paper, but inThe action of posting a tweet is practice it attracts more flies thanreferred to as "tweeting," not fulfillment.twittering. Many Twitter-specificwords start with the letters: "tw." Be mindful of the time of day at which you tweet. A tweet at 5am mayTweet for yourself first, your not receive the same amount offollowers second, the world third. attention as the same tweet at 5pm.Its been suggested that the half-life Give credit where credit is due (ifof a tweet is approximately seven possible). Everybody loves a hat tip.minutes. Tweeting more frequently Example: @HipsForHire andthan that is ill-advised. @KatArmstrong helped me with this eBook.Verify links before tweeting them. Besure theyre not broken or Hashtags (created with a "#"misdirected. character preceding a string) are typically used to "tag" tweets so youAssume most of your followers will can click #words and see morenever respond to you in any capacity. tagged tweets.Thats the nature of most digitalcommunities. If you want to tweet a link, be sure to "shorten" it first with a service likeThink before you tweet when youre (which is seemingly thefeeling emotionally charged. Your most popular on Twitter).words will likely come back andhaunt you. Be mindful that Twitter is forTo address someone on Twitter, people of all ages and maturitysimply put the "@" character before levels.their username. You can find us@lfsocialmedia there.If you want all your followers to seeyour public replies, never begin a 3! @lfsocialmedia&
  4. 4. 140 Twitter Tips!Its courtesy that if you send a Make it a point to follow others, notDirect Message (DM) to someone, just attract other followers. Whyyou should be following them so should they listen to you if youthat they can respond in kind. dont listen to them? [via @hipsforhire]Alcohol and Twitter seldom mix. Ohsure, you might THINK its funny or Do yr bst to avd wrtng as tho yr kbdpoignant when youre still is bkn. Pls. If you nd mre spc thninebriated, but... use yr blog.See a tweet you like (or want to Theres NOT a specific formula torecall it at a moments notice)? "succeeding" on Twitter. Youre"Favorite" it! Click the star icon to there, youre trying, and you shouldadd that tweet to your Favorites. be happy with that.Personal attacks are immature and Follower counts are a poor way tooften unwarranted. If youre going judge the value of a Twitter do this on Twitter, try going the Whats valuable to you might not beprivate route. valuable to someone else.Track your replies religiously, NOTHING is so important that you need to interrupt "real life" to tellbut Id also suggest setting up a your followers what youre doing.single search for keywords Keep your ego in check.associated with your name, You dont need to be following asite(s), etc. person to add them to a list (or to view them in someone elses list). Do your best, even with replies, to encapsulate full intention in a single tweet. Dont stump your followers with "LOL!" - whats so funny? Just because you tweet it doesnt make it truth. Opinion is opinion, no matter how or where its shared. If you really want responses, ask questions. Give your tweet a call- to- action if you expect to see a reaction from it.4! @lfsocialmedia&
  5. 5. 140 Twitter Tips !Pithy is profitable in terms of how Change your bio to fill it withmany times you could get retweeted. keywords related to your interestsSometimes, shorter is better. and/or expertise. Answer this question: "Why should I follow you?"After authenticating your Facebookaccount (on Twitters "Goodies" When youre moderating (or sittingpage), use #fb in a tweet to send the on) a panel, its wise for someone onupdate to your Facebook profile. stage to keep an eye on Twitter. Watch for questions, feedback.There are various conventions forreposting ("retweeting") a tweet. Twitters a great place to tell theEither use the official retweet button world what youre thinking beforeor include "RT" in the tweet. youve had a chance to think about it. Edit yourself.Never log into your account from If (and when) you see the "Faila site or service other than Whale," just hit refresh or wait Only use tools that moment and all will likely be returnask for you to Approve or Deny to normal quickly. Dont panic.access. When you see a "" URL, you can add a "+" to the end of it to see click stats from the shortened link. Like: Its easy to spot a spammer onPost your Twitter profile link on your Twitter (especially bots). Do theblog, your YouTube videos, email community a favor and click thenewsletters, etc. Let people know "report for spam" link in their profile.they can follow you! Its okay to send a very personalizedThere are countless services that will thank you via Direct Message tohelp you gain more insight in terms those who follow you, but dont setof your activity on Twitter. Check out up a generic auto-response. for starters. People are interested on your take onIf you want to export Twitter replies, a popular subject. Dont be afraid toconversations, or searches (to post to include your thoughts in a retweet!your blog, email, a spreadsheet, etc.),use 5! @lfsocialmedia&
  6. 6. 140 Twitter Tips!Read your tweet twice (and at least Want to meet some of your mostonce aloud) to catch grammatical, responsive local Twitterers? Tryspelling, and usage errors before hosting a "Tweetup" related to yoursending. [via @hipsforhire] interests. [via @hipsforhire]Mix it up. All replies, all quotes, all Sometimes, private tweets arelinks? No. Variety is the unofficial inadvertently posted publiclyspice of Twitter! because the user didnt use the proper field. Double-check!You may authorize any applicationto access your Twitter account. Be wary about strange links inChange permissions on Direct Messages from friends. It anytime. could be a "phishing" scam making the rounds.Do you follow people with similarinterests to your own? No easier wayfor them to discover you than bybeing an active follower.Consider setting up more than oneTwitter account if you have apersonal and professional "face" youwish to maintain. [via @hipsforhire]If you make a mistake on Twitter,take steps to correct your mistakeand offer a public apology. You canalso delete tweets. [via @hipsforhire]Consider carefully whether youwould like to geotag your tweets. Doyou really want the world to knowwhere you live? Believe it or not, most Twitter accounts are abandoned almost asPeople are just as interested in quickly as theyre created. Do YOUproblem-solving as they are in know why youre on Twitter?humorous but valid complaints.Balance your tweets with a mixture Dont feel pressured into sharingof both. every single thing that happens to you. Before tweeting, ask yourself:Use multiple social media services? "Will anybody care?" [viaTry to update all your @lukas2511]networks simultaneously.6! @lfsocialmedia&
  7. 7. 140 Twitter Tips!Impersonating a police officer is Only somebody else can call you anillegal. Impersonating a real person expert. Think twice before usingon Twitter is misleading (and that word to describe yourannoying). Please dont do either. background in the Twitter bio.If you expect people to respect your "Social Media" hasnt been a labelprivacy, respect theirs. Dont RT a for too long. Before it, there wasDM without first asking. "New Media." Its just a set of tools. Keep them in perspective.To submit a support ticket (afterreading Twitters official FAQ), visit Personal attacks are seldom warranted. Even if you believeew after logging in. youre in the right, please take your venom to a more private channel.How many tweets should you postin a 24-hour period? Thats If you havent yet decided, try tocompletely up to you. There is no pick a username thats easy to readtruly "proper" number. and just as easy to remember.Think in "Headlines." What words Unless given tacit or directdraw your attention? Theyll likely approval, dont tweet about yourcapture the attention of your job or your co-workers. You mightfollowers, too. be tweeting from the unemployment line. Arguments happen. You might, however, take a debate "offline" (away from Twitter) if its consuming your timeline.7! @lfsocialmedia&
  8. 8. 140 Twitter Tips !Before you RT a link, check to make "With great power comes greatsure (a) a valid link, and (b) the responsibility." One tweet candestination is REALLY worth change the world - even from a userretweeting. very few already know.A single tweet can make quite a Occasionally, letting your followerslarge impact - dont underestimate know something very personalthe power at your fingertips. Get about you invites them to care. Justseen, get shared. know theres such a thing as TMI. [via @hipsforhire]If your goal is to build a followingquickly, cover various subjects to Inevitably, youll think of a greatadd value instead of creating tweet, but you cant share itmultiple handles and splitting your immediately. Carry an "idea book"followers. [via @hipsforhire] and write it down for later posting. [via @hipsforhire]Before you use a #hashtag, check tosee that its not being used by Do not offer a service or productothers in another context. that you have no intention ofOtherwise, youre muddying its delivering.purpose. [via @dlb1752] If youve discovered truly amazingCopying someone elses Twitter people to follow, wait until Friday to brag - then tag your"style" is not very original. Let recommendations with #FF (Followinspiration strike, then make this Friday)journey your own. If you are a music fanatic, share your favorites on "Music Mondays" being sure to add the #MM tag when you do. One quick way to ruin follower trust is to tweet spoilers (to potentially- shared experiences that are offset by independent schedules). [via @lisalee] 8! @lfsocialmedia&
  9. 9. 140 Twitter Tips!Go ahead and tweet about your A potential tweet may befavorite charity. Dont shame understood without context infollowers if they cant support the your head, but the written wordcause. may convey a double meaning. Try to be clear.Shoving your opinions and beliefsdown someones throat is just as For the best mobile Twitterbad on Twitter as it is in real life. experience, use a smartphoneYou be you. Let them be them. with "killer" software. Using Twitter via SMS is painful andResist the temptation to spread incomplete.gossip and rumors on Twitter. Ifyou cant resist, post them with a You can put punctuation right#gossip tag. [via @hipsforhire] after a @reply. There is no need for a space. Example:Remove "noise" from your tweets @ChrisPirillos home has anby extracting unnecessary or office. [via @sixthdimension]annoying commentary. [via@hipsforhire] The numbers dont really matter. Building 30,000 followers is easy.Re-read a weeks worth of your Its building a community thatsrecent tweets. Observe for gaps hard. [via @Knunez]or redundancies (intentional ornot) to create more balanced Twitters "Trending Topics" is acontent. [via @hipsforhire] fresh zeitgeist. You might add your voice to the fray, but only ifSometimes, the most enticing you really have something to say.tweet is simply a self-describinglink. [via @hipsforhire] You might keep your tweets to 120 characters (or less) so yourIf youre looking to be inspired, followers can conveniently RTlisten to a favorite podcast (live or without having to edit content orpre- recorded). General thoughts credit. [via @chrisfyvie]will come to you quickly. Twitter is awesome for drivingInstead of organizing your own attention to live events - be sureLists or following a ton of users, to tweet before and duringwhy not follow a well-cultivated, something youre experiencing ortargeted List? Its cleaner and producing. [via @geekazine]easier.9! @lfsocialmedia&
  10. 10. 140 Twitter Tips!Think about using Search on According to @DanZarella, mostTwitter before going to Google to RTs happen at 4:00pm. I stronglylook for something thats advise you view "The Science ofhappening at that moment. [via Retweets" here:@dccrowley] you post advertisements? When you meet someone new -"Sponsored tweets" are up to you, check out how (and what) theyvebut your followers may not like tweeted. Timelines dont lie, andthem. Either way: always disclose! are awfully telling of character.Name-dropping only serves to Do not underestimate the power ofmake you appear LESS important "crowdsourcing." If you need help,than you perceive yourself as tweet your needs clearly. You neverbeing. Nobody likes a sycophant. know who will come to your rescue.Twitter (itself) supports the Make it easy for people to find your Twitter profile if you happen to useUNICODE character set. To other social media services - or onspruce up your tweets, try using your own Web site(s). for a bit of How much email do you send on atext fun. daily basis? Did you remember to include a link to your Twitter profile in your signature? If you tweet important life moments before telling your family, you might consider rethinking your strategy. Twitter profiles can be made private, but a follower may not realize youve done so - and could RT something you didnt want shared openly. Build your own Twitter "widget" onIf several people are tweeting from same account, append tweets s (to embed on Facebook, Blogger,with a caret and author initials. or any other Web page)."Chris Pirillo" would add: ^CP10! @lfsocialmedia&
  11. 11. 140 Twitter Tips! Never tweet and drive. Period. If Firefox and Google Chrome its REALLY important for you to have excellent extensions for pay attention to Twitter at THAT moment, find a designated driver. enhancing your experience on [via @hipsforhire] - bringing new functionality to the site. To separate your thoughts from anothers, consider including your succinct commentary at the end of a retweet: [between brackets] [via @hipsforhire] Counterbalance every negative tweet with a positive one to avoid being perceived as a digital curmudgeon. Keep your use of capitalization to an intentional minimum. OTHERWISE IT LOOKS LIKE YOURE If you want to collaborate YELLING AT EVERYBODY. [via instantly with your followers (or @hipsforhire] anybody for that matter), try something like The letter "d" placed at the very - easy! beginning of a tweet will trigger a DM to the username it precedes. Stay active; after six months of Example: d @ChrisPirillo Thank inactivity, your account can either you! be subject to deletion or transfer to another party. Consider intercapping your Use of occasional "geeky" words username if it contains two or are eye-catching. Excessive use more words. Twitter sees of jargon may alienate outsiders. @ChrisPirillo the same as it does Tweet to a wider audience. [via @chrispirillo. @hipsforhire] Grab your own name, brand, or Using "@username" in a tweet will preferred username before only trigger a notification for that someone else (like a "squatter") username. Dont direct a tweet to does. Avoid using someone elses someones "@first" or "@last" trademark name. [via @kristin]11! @lfsocialmedia&
  12. 12. 140 Twitter Tips!Asking for retweets is An unwritten "rule" of Twitter dictates: quality over quantity.common - so long as youre [via @jaddes_green]NOT requesting the action ona daily basis. Suggested: use Do not beg people to follow you or complain that you have "no"the word "please" when you followers. Tweet good stuff andask. your audience and brand will likely grow. [via @ArielBambino] The number of retweets is NOT proportional to the overall visibility of the original tweet. Note: RTs might come from spam accounts. Before disparaging a persons efforts publicly, understand: (a)Breaking a single thought theyll see your negative remarks,between two (or more) tweets and (b) nothing positive will beisnt advised. If you cant keep it the character limit, rethink If you follow a large number ofyour wording. people in a short amount of time,Poor avatar choices: group your account may be flagged asphotos, blurry or blocky images, spam. Take it slow and steady,adult- themed photos, my friend.copyrighted material. Good Check out who has added you tochoices? Your face or logo. [via a List. Are these fans following@hipsforhire] you AND organizing you withJust because many users access similar users? Theyre yourTwitter via remote utilities doesnt biggest supporters!mean you shouldnt change your Most people who claim you haveprofile background image! Make failed have never succeeded atit unique. something worth tweeting. Take aMonitoring active users and strangers public criticism VERYactivities in your area is lightly.suggested for both individualsand businesses. You share localein common. [via @hipsforhire]12! @lfsocialmedia&
  13. 13. 140 Twitter Tips!If you want your @reply to beseen by everyone, place a single When someone sayscharacter (like a ".") before the they dont have enough"@" symbol at the beginning ofyour tweet. [via @dlb1752] time to tweet, theyreUse “#in” in a tweet to send the doing it wrong. Withupdate to your LinkedIn account Twitter its easy to share(after youve authenticated theLinkedIn service with Twitter). [via yourself and your world.@jodimode]To reduce the amount ofduplicate results uncovered in asearch, add "- RT" to your query(without quotes). [via@infinitelymeta]Twitter is a global commons -your culture and beliefs arentshared by everyone. Respectdifferences politely to be a betternetizen.When tweeting a generic link,insert a distributive word inbrackets that would explain itscharacteristic - such as [VID] or[PIC] [via @Bdenn]Found a sale, bargain, discount,or special? Tweet it to help yourfollowers save money. Include acompanys @username ifpossible. [via @TSStechAngel]13! @lfsocialmedia&
  14. 14. 140 Twitter Tips!! ! About the Author Chris Pirillo has been working in the content publishing industry since 1996. He launched his first company, LockerGnome, to provide practical technology knowledge to millions. Not long thereafter, he became an expert in growing online communities – a skill that has served him well as the Internet has evolved. He’s hosted televisionprograms, conferences, and radio shows – frequently called upon by mediaoutlets to help translate “geek” into something everybody can understand.Today, Chris helps drive businesses and entrepreneurs forward by providinginsight and guidance through speaking engagements, consulting arrangements,and coaching endeavors – with intelligence that further enables personal andcorporate brands to better engage their existing or intended audiences. Hisexperience has preceded a dominant social media presence, giving him an edgeover most working to help others achieve their goals.From creating compelling content to fostering community building toimplementing winning social media strategies, Chris Pirillo has been there anddone that – and continues to help others do the same for themselves. He lovesto help people spread the word about their projects and ventures.Chris Pirillo is a personality in whom tech enthusiasts trust to answer questionsand lead discussions. His approachability, undeniable spirit, and candor havedrawn hundreds of thousands of persons to follow him and hisrecommendations. Chris understands that valid communication is fosteredthrough interpersonal connections. As such, he is ready to leverage his skills,connections, and widespread recognition to help those in need of the uniqueassistance he can provide. He is never short of ideas. To learn more about Chris, his speaking, coaching or products go to! @lfsocialmedia&