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LuxCloud Partner Portal


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Discover how easy can you sell cloud services through the LuxCloud Partner Portal.
LuxCloud was formed in response to a fast growing cloud service market, with high demand from service providers, telecom operators and software resellers looking for tools to automate the online sale of hosted applications.

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LuxCloud Partner Portal

  1. 1. How easy can you sell cloud services through our Partner Portal?
  2. 2. Choose your partner program and sign up in a matter of minutes to start selling branded cloud services.
  3. 3. Immediate access to your Partner Portal to set up your account.
  4. 4. Guided process to customize your look and feel.
  5. 5. Optimized interface which provides you quick access to key functionalities.
  6. 6. Check your account details, agreements and all your information from one single place.
  7. 7. Access to the Sales Partner Acceleration Resource Kit (SPARK) to get you up to speed to profit directly from the cloud.
  8. 8. New sales interface which allows you to easily create users and add cloud services.
  9. 9. Direct access to the customers’ Gateway4Cloud to manage their services.
  10. 10. Sign-up now Grow your cloud offering today. It has never been so easy. Become a LuxCloud Partner.