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5 effective money saving habits


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Money savings should always be on our minds. The new economy has forced us to reconsider what to spend and where. Here are 5 effective and easy ways of saving yourself thousands of dollars per year. Presented by MyDudetopia, a site for dudes. Dudes need to save some money in these areas so they can spend on the things they love.

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5 effective money saving habits

  2. 2. Sure Cash,ReduceCosts A successful way to save money is to reduce expenses. There are many ways you can do this. However, some of the steps will require sacrifice and planning but they will be well worth the effort. Here are 5 easy non-painful ways you can save money. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  3. 3. CutUtilitySpending Cutting the spending on utilities such as heating and cooling, electric, water and telephone can help you save a lot of money. When you leave your home, turn off the lights. You can also invest in power saver bulbs. Any voltage adapters use electricity even when they are not plugged in to the device. Pull the plug on those devices when not in use or buy a smart power strip to do it for you. You can save water by investing in shower reduction kit. These work by reducing water into shower heads. You should also repair leaky faucets and toilets. If you have a pool, keep it covered when it is not in use to avoid water evaporation. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  4. 4. Cut DownOnVehicleExpenses Before you get in to your car, you should ask yourself if that trip is important. Make a list before you go to the store to avoid unnecessary trips. Leave your car at home if you are going out for pleasure. You can either walk or use public transport. This will save you a considerable amount of money that goes to fuel. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  5. 5. ReduceEntertainment and Fashion Costs People in their 20s like partying and can even spend almost everything in one night. If you are one of those people, you need to cut down on those expenses. Plan your entertainment expenses and stick to the budget. When going out on a trip, try to look for bargains and cheap destinations. Enjoy community theaters, orchestras, local high school and non- prestigious sporting events conveniently for little money. Do not rush to buy the latest clothing in the market, rather try to buy what you feel comfortable wearing. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  6. 6. MakeInsuranceSavings You need to address your auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance and home insurance. Companies that sell most of these insurance are competitive. This means you can get the best deal by visiting several companies and doing a comparison of their products. You need to bear in mind that lower premiums will not necessarily be most cost efficient. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  7. 7. Save Money On Goods In General Rather than buying new goods, you can consider buying pre-owned goods. These goods are normally cheap and of the same quality as the new ones. However, it is important to make sure that those goods are in good condition. You can ask the seller to test the product first before buying it to check its condition. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits
  8. 8. 5 Effective Money Saving Habits Be sure to visit The ultimate website for dudes. Featuring hot babes, the latest tech, dude humor, lifestyle and fun. Be a dude.