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Guide to freedom and travels for developers


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Take freedom to the next level and start traveling. This is a quick presentation for developers who want to to travel and start working remotely, or who are already doing it. This presentation contains a few tips to travel cheaper and get the best of your remote work.

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Guide to freedom and travels for developers

  1. 1. Guide to Freedom and Travels for developers Luc Bézier
  2. 2. Your guide Luc Bezier, Drupal & Web freelance. Founded micro company webizat in 2011. URL: Worked with BBC Worldwide, UK Government agency, Ben&Jerry’s, European commission …
  3. 3. Your guide Solution Architect & Consultant Architecture and drupal development on large projects.
  4. 4. What does freedom look like?
  5. 5. Welcome to Freedom city
  6. 6. Welcome to Freedom city
  7. 7. Welcome to Freedom city
  8. 8. Welcome to Freedom city
  9. 9. Not this
  10. 10. The company behind WordPress is closing its gorgeous San Francisco office because its employees never show up. Source: QUARTZ,
  11. 11. Offices are (freedom) killers
  12. 12. Office hours. Traffic. Crowd. Waste of time. Less freedom.
  13. 13. A cinema during office hours
  14. 14. “Last year, 43 % of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely” Source NY Times,
  15. 15. Taking Freedom to the next level
  16. 16. Travels tips Compare flights:
  17. 17. Travels tips Compare flights:
  18. 18. Travels tips Some companies do not appear, check their own website (cebu pacific ..). Not much use of miles on low budget airlines :(
  19. 19. Travels tips Compare hotels: Only one night: tripadvisor’s comparison tool. More than one night:
  20. 20. Travels tips More than one night: Airbnb or
  21. 21. Travels tips Get Online banking, and a bank with 24h support.
  22. 22. Travels tips N26: No-fee redrawal from any country.
  23. 23. Travels tips Go where your friends are living. No better way to travel than meeting a friend who lives in another city / country.
  24. 24. Travels tips Compare cities:
  25. 25. Thanks Twitter @luukyb email: luc [at] web: