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Software testing implementation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Software testing implementation

  2. 2. MAIN ISSUESThe appropriate required software quality standardThe software testing strategy.
  4. 4. • Determining the test methodology  The level of quality standard selected for a project depends mainly on the characteristics of the software’s application.  the evaluation of the nature and magnitude of expected damages in case of system failure
  5. 5. • Typical damage to customer and user
  6. 6. Determining te softwaretesting■ The testing strategy: should a big bang or incremental testingstrategy be adopted? If incremental testing is preferable, shouldtesting be performed bottom-up or top-down?■ Which parts of the testing plan should be performedaccording to the white box testing model?■ Which parts of the testing plan should be performedaccording to the automated testing model?
  7. 7. • Planning test Test to be planned - Unit tests - Integration tests - System tests. Test planning documentation with “STP” or software test plan
  8. 8. SOFTWARE TEST PLAN TEMPLATE• Scope of test• Testing enviromenment• Test detail (for each test)• Testschedule (for each testor testgroup) including time estimates
  9. 9. • Test Design - Detailed design and procedures for each test - Test case database/file.
  10. 10. • Test implementation
  11. 11. The output is software test resport or “STR” thatinclude in - Test identification, site, schedule and participation - Test environment - Summary tables for total number of errors, their distribution and types - Special events and testers’ proposals