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Առարկա՝ Գիտություն
Դասարան՝ 2-րդ
Շահեն Իսպիրյան

Published in: Education, Travel
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  1. 1. Yerevan By Shahen Ispirian
  2. 2. Armenia Yerevan is the capital city of the Republic of Armenia
  3. 3. • King Argishti founded Erebuni in 782 B.C.E. • Erebuni means Victory • Erebuni became Yerevan • Yerevan is 2795 years old and 29 years older than Rome
  4. 4. Architecture •Yerevan’s Master Planner was Alexander Tamanyan • In 1936 Yerevan’s Opera won a Gold Medal in Paris
  5. 5. Art • Yerevan has many statues and sculptures • My favorites are: The Lion, the cat, and David of Sasun • I live near Mother Armenia
  6. 6. Hrazdan River • Hrazdan river begins at Lake Sevan, passes through Yerevan and ends in Western Armenia • My family loves to exercise there. It is beautiful!
  7. 7. •Yerevan Metro was built during Soviet rule • The metro has one line
  8. 8. • Yerevan has many football stadiums
  9. 9. • It is up to us to have a city that is clean!
  10. 10. Ayb, the school I love is also in Yerevan
  11. 11. Thank you!