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Pro458 Short Notes


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Pro458 Short Notes

  1. 1. PRO458 Short Notes. Personnel Short Notes The Speech that Inflamed a Continent. Declared misdeeds of the Seljuks in a speech given in Claremont, France. He challenged Europe to send an army to protest the holy places and Christian visitors in Palestine in Pope Urban the Seljuk Turks Point: o To influence people, we must identify sincerely with their common passions. o Clearly and publicly empress out aspirations. Began the Protestant Reformation with a list of Martin Luther complaints Concept of natural right of people oversees their rules. John Locke Taught radical ideas that were very unpopular with European rulers but became accepted in America The Campaigner Member of Continental Congress Samuel Adams Initiated a sustained, public campaign to influence American to seek independence. Public Sentiment (Opinion) is everything. During Civil War. Abraham Lincoln With public sentiment, nothing can failed, without it, nothing can succeed. Public relations came into use at this time. Business leaders recognized that new stresses on the populace threatened production. Marie Curtl “Corporation gradually began to realize the importance of combating hostility and courting public favor”. Famous electrical companyGeorge Westinghouse Hired E. H. Heinrichs to establish the 1st corporate PR Department. The master of press agent P. T. Barnum Owned circus Masterfully used publicity to make money
  2. 2. PRO458 Short Notes. Established the 1st publicity agency in Boston to serve businesses. Gathered factual info about his clients for George Michaelis distribution to newspaper. His major clients were the nation’s railroads that were seeking to head off adverse regulation being promoted by President Theodore Roosevelt. Father of PR Made 1st move toward modern practice of information sharing. Clients: o Pennsylvania Railroad o Johd D. Rockefeller o The Colorado Fuel Strike Ivy Lee He convinced the corporate clients of his publicity agency to become more open and honest with the client. Declaration of Principle becomes the forerunner to a PR Code of Ethics. Persuaded his client American Tobacco Company to introduce profit-sharing for its employees. Pioneer of PR Education. Made significant contribution to equipping practitioners for effective services. Taught the 1st collegiate public relations course at New York University. Wrote the 1st PR textbook, Crystallizing Public Edward Bernays. Opinion. 3 tools to influence public consent. o Market Research o Social Surveys o Public Opinion Polls. Involve in Persuasion Communication Tradition Turn PR from defensive tool to an offensive toolPresident Woodrow Wilson when he set up the Committee on Public Information in 1917 to gain support in WWI.