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  1. 1. BEL422TOPIC:BABY DUMPING PREPARED FOR: Mdm. Anna Lee Prepared by: Norshila bt. Jaya Nur Izzati bt. Mior Muhammad Najib Ira Genevieve Cynthia Unsie Nur Aisyah bt. Mahbob
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe issue of baby-dumping had been increased day by day. We can see that baby-dumping is happened rampantly because almost every day and happened to be the headline in the newspapers. This social ill have opened many eyes and pricked the national conscience.On the other hand, public has expressed their personal opinions in respond to the factors of baby dumping phenomenon. Some of them have blamed the over abundance and accessibility of pornography today. In solving this social problem, the society must hold a great responsibility to find the solutions and not to point fingers blaming others. The society need to look into the mirror first before judging the baby-dumping is absolute the doer’s fault.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES •To study the reasons for the increasing rate of baby- dumping cases. •To find the solutions to combat baby-dumping issue among youngster. •To study the public opinion on the issue of baby dumping cases in Malaysia.
  4. 4. Methodology– Klang Valley– Forty respondents from different background– Section A elicited information on the demographic profile of the respondents– Section B elicited data regarding people’s perception about baby dumping issue– Section C aimed to gather information on factors that may contribute to the rise of baby dumping cases– Section D elicited data regarding the public opinion about the solution of the problem
  5. 5. Subjects•Conduction a survey on growing social problem of baby dumping, done around Klang Valley area. 40 respondents has participated in the survey Instrumentation •Questionnaire with consist of four sections to gather the data on the level of awareness among Malaysian society. Data Collection •40 sets of questionnaires were distributed to the respondents who stayed around Klang Valley area. The respondents were chosen randomly and instructed to complete the questionnaire. Data Analysis •Data obtained from the questionnaire survey were collected and analyzed. Frequency counts and percentages of the quantifiable data were computerized and converted into charts.
  6. 6. FINDINGS
  7. 7. Financial problems FIGURE 3.1 FACTORS INFLUENCE BABY DUMPING Lack of religious education 6% 2% 8% Peer influence 3% 3% 23% Unwanted pregnancy 12% Lack of parental guidance and5% support Pressure from society 10% 14% Unmarried status 14% Pressure from parents Pressure from the baby’s father Shame of pre-marital pregnancy Emotional instability e.g post- natal depression
  8. 8. FIGURE 3.2 The reasons to punish wrong doer of baby dumping Baby dumping is a heinous crime and equivalent to committing a 16% murder 36% 4% Punishment is always a good lesson for others not to commit the same crime It helps to create awareness on this serious issue22% It creates fear and subsequently prevents baby dumping 22% The perpetrator should be liable for her/his wrong doings
  9. 9. FIGURE 3.3 Action can be taken against the perpetrators of baby dumping 30 28% 25NUMBER OF RESPONDENT 23% 25% 20 18% 15 10 6% 5 0 Send them to Provide Send to prison Require them to Impose a rehabilitation counseling and sentence serve in a monetary fine centre session them with heavy community penalty if found service program guilty ACTION
  10. 10. Figure 3.4 Public Opinion on Baby Dumping Cases in Malaysia Today Normal 2.5% Low 5% Low Disastrous 22.5% NormalAlarming 20% Alarming Serious Disastrous Serious 50%
  11. 11. Figure 3.5: People who dump theBaby Should be Punished Disagree 2.5% Not Sure 2.5% Disagree Agree Not Sure Agree 95.0%
  12. 12. FIGURE 3.6 LEVEL OF AWARENESS OF PUBLIC TOWARD BABY DUMPING CASES TROUGH MEDIA 14 12 12 10 10NUMBER OF RESPONDENT 19-25 years old 8 26-30 years old 6 31-40 years old 4 3 3 3 41 years old 2 2 and above 2 1 11 11 0 0 00 0000 0 Always Often Sometimes Hardly Never FREQUENCY
  13. 13. FIGURE 3.7 SEX EDUCATION COULD REDUCE THE NUMBER OF BABY DUMPING CASES 16 15 14NUMBER OF RESPONDENT 12 10 8 7 Agree 6 Partially agree 4 Disagree 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 A(19-25 B(26-30 C(31-40 D(40- years old) years old) years old) above) AGE GROUP
  14. 14. Figure 3.8: Public Opinion on Baby Dumping Issue According to Education LevelPercentage of Respondents. 47.5 50 40 30 25 20 15 12.5 10 0 Illiterate Primary Secondary Tertiary Education Education Education Level of Education
  15. 15. Figure 3.9: Public Opinion on Baby Dumping Issue According to Income Level 8% 12% Hard Core Poor Low Income 32% Average48% Income High Income
  16. 16. CONCLUSION• 4.1It can be concluded that the three main reasons for the rising of baby dumping cases are due to lack of religion education, unwanted pregnancy and lastly lack of parents’ guidance and support.• 4.2 It can be summarized that publics prefer to send the wrongdoer to prison if found guilty in order to curb the problem.• 4.3 From the findings, it can be concluded publics believed that baby dumping issue is a serious phenomena happened in Malaysia.
  17. 17. RECOMMENDATIONS• 5.1 It is recommended that government should come out with several new policies and campaign that may help to reduce the rising of baby dumping cases.• 5.2 It is recommended that parents should give more attention to their children in order to monitor their social life to avoid their children doing sex before marriage.• 5.3 It is recommended that the government can also restructure the syllabus in particular subjects such as Pendidikan Islam and Pendidikan Moral in order to create awareness and highlighted the consequences of social problems like free sex and baby dumping.