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This presentation describes Luristic, its products, and its services

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  • Hi. My name is David Saad – founder & CEO of Luristic. I will be your speaker today and I will be presenting to you Luristic - where experience matters
  • Luristic is a software company specialized in Rich User Experience (RUE) applied to desktops, mobile devices, appliances, games, and the web.
  • Our offerings consist of products and services entirely focused on our specialty which is again - Rich User Experience (RUE).
  • Let me first start with our products, which consist of a suite of integrated Rich Interactive Components (RIC) called “Lure”. Practicing what we preach, all those components are actually used throughout Luristic’s website. As a disclaimer, those components are still under development but they can be made available to our customers through our services. All those components can be customized by your webmaster and personalized by your registered users. Finally, the current first version of those components is based on Adobe Flash and Flex, but they will be available in Microsoft Silverlight in future releases. As you will see in this presentation, all those components increase usability which results in a richer and more satisfying user experience.
  • The first component is LureBar, which is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that offers the most advanced features for a bar or a dock very similar to the Mac Dock that many of you are quite familiar with but never experienced it on the web. When you hover over an item in LureBar, you get a Genie effect or a wave animation of the icons. In addition, similar to Windows 7 task bar, a thumbnail of the webpage corresponding to the selected icon is automatically displayed offering you the opportunity to visually browse through the different sections of the website without leaving the current page and without a single click. Therefore, LureBar offers a very effective and pleasant paradigm to navigate through sections or pages of a website, or to select a function to execute, or to choose a transaction to perform.
  • LureDoc is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that offers the most advanced features for a document player or an eBook. A document in LureDoc can be a brochure, a catalogue, a white paper, a report, an article, a manual, a book, a slide presentation, or a photo album. LureDoc supports text, hypertext, links, audio, and video within a document. It can process one document or a library of documents. LureDoc allows users to navigate through a document using thumbnails, bookmarks, links, tree, or table of content. It supports several animations including flipping, sliding, panning, and scrolling. LureDoc allows users to create notes, annotations, and highlights. It provides other standard features such as zooming, searching, previewing, printing, and downloading in different formats including PDF. Finally, LureDoc provides social features such as referring, reviewing, rating, tagging, embedding, bookmarking, and favorite.
  • LureList is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that manages lists.   A list is presented in a parent window which can be sized, expanded, or collapsed. The list can be displayed in five different views: thumbnail, carousel, wheel, wall, or directory view.   The details of a selected item in a list is displayed in a child window, which can also be sized, expanded, or collapsed. The details can be a static content, an illustration, a webpage, a form, tabs, or another component such as a media player. The child window can be displayed underneath the parent window that contains the list if the display mode is horizontal, or to the right of the parent window if the display mode is vertical. Thus, LureList offers a very effective and pleasant way to browse through a list of items without having to suffer through multiple clicks and endure long and annoying refreshes of a page.
  • Navigating a website or an application has a significant impact on usability and user experience. The great majority of websites and applications, especially web applications, unfortunately have poor navigation resulting into users’ dissatisfaction and even frustration.   Websites should borrow some of the good practices found in operating systems. For instance, Windows Explorer offers the capability of viewing and accessing folders and files in different views including Thumbnails , Tiles , Icons , List , and Detail . Sure enough, a website consists of webpages organized hierarchically, which is very similar to the hierarchical structure of folders and files in an operating system.   On the other hand, browsers have the capability of making recommendations based on users’ behaviors, habits, and preferences. Such diagnosis improves usability through shortcuts suggested by the system to users.   LureMap is Luristic’s marquee product. It is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that provides a comprehensive website map. It combines the best of the desktop and the web worlds by offering multiple views of the hierarchical structure of a website along with some intelligent shortcuts. Specifically, LureMap allows users to browse through a website using one of the following paradigms:   Accordion which behaves like the accordion in Microsoft Outlook.   Drop down menus which behave like the drop down menus in toolbars of any desktop applications.   Tree which behaves like Windows Explorer folders & file structure.   Thumbnails which behaves similar to images of CDs in iTunes, iPod, iPhone, Acrobat Reader, and Windows Explorer.   Links which are hyperlinks to paragraphs in a webpage, which is very similar to bookmarks in a PDF file.   In addition, LureMap goes beyond the desktop by taking advantage of the web and web technologies by offering some very useful shortcuts including:   Bookmarked webpages.   Similar webpages to the one being viewed.   Recommended webpages based on system’s diagnosis of users’ surfing habits, behaviors, and preferences.   Most popular webpages based on number of visitors, frequency of visits, and longevity of visits all gathered by sophisticated web analytics.   In summary, LureMap combines the best of all worlds by offering one integrated component with best-of-breed navigation paradigms that users are already familiar with. In other words, with LureMap, you no longer have to wonder how you got there or how to go somewhere.  
  • LureMedia is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that includes a fully-featured media player that can play audio, videos, or slides.   LureMedia has all the features that you would expect in a media player, and then some. It includes all the typical controls as well as social features such as referring, sharing, reviewing, rating, tagging, bookmarking, embedding, and favorite.
  • LureSurf is an open standard Rich Interactive Component (RIC) that minimizes scrolling by automatically figuring out the size and the resolution of the user’s screen. However, when scrolling is required, LureSurf offers the best page navigation paradigms including:   Sequential access: Skipping using First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons. Scrolling with the elevator in a scrollable bar. Flipping like flipping a page in a brochure. Panning the content like it is done in a map. Sliding like moving pages in the iPhone.   Direct access using: An array of page numbers. A drop down list of page numbers. A data entry box where a page number can be typed in.   One of the main objectives of LureSurf is to minimize scrolling, which increases usability and enhances user experience. Hence, LureSurf attempts to fit as much content as possible on the screen. Using its unique technology of Intelligent Pagination , LureSurf divides content in logical , and not physical , pages. For instance, a webpage that takes 5 pages on a small screen may take only 3 pages on a big one.   In order to avoid being intrusive by cluttering the webpage, the Navigation Toolbar in LureSurf, which includes all the navigation controls, appears only when a user hovers his/her cursor over the “More” button or over a sensitive area at the very bottom of the content of the webpage. However, in Settings, a user can choose to permanently hide or display the Navigation Toolbar.  
  • Let me now switch to our services. Luristic offers a complete set of services focused exclusively on Rich User Experience (RUE). Our services include the following practices:   Researching consists of discovering the key elements of usability of an application or a website including establishing the needs, understanding motivations, defining personas, identifying workflow, observing behaviors, conducting ethnography, etc.   Consulting consists of providing advice, counsel, recommendation, strategy, audit, due diligence, and expert witness testimonial related to usability and user experience.     Designing consists of Information Design that produces the right taxonomy, Navigation Design that delivers an intuitive access and flow, Graphic Design that charms with beauty and elegance, and Animation Design that intrigues and marks a lasting impression, all working well together in unity to form Experience Design.     Engineering consists of architecting, programming, installing, integrating, testing, documenting, and maintaining applications and websites which must nowadays meet high standards.     Testing consists of testing the usability, the usage, and the user experience of an application or a website using different methods including design heuristics, human factors, GUI standards, cognitive walkthroughs, personas, web analytics, screen captures, mouse movement, and eye tracking.     Training consists of private and public courses focused on Rich User Experiences (RUE). Those practical courses cover specific RIA tools, concepts, methodologies, or best practices. Those courses are intended to programmers, designers, information architects, usability testers, and managers.
  • With the world becoming increasingly more globalized and specialized, no company can survive alone, and do it all on its own. Companies must focus on their core competency and partner with third parties to offer their products and services. Thus, partnership has become crucial and integral part of a company’s business in an emerging market, especially the technology sector in which changes occur constantly at a dizzying speed.   In our effort to offer complete and comprehensive products and services to our customers, we have already established many partnerships and look forward to forging new ones, including:   Technologists are companies that Luristic has partnered with or wish to partner with for the purpose of incorporating their products or technologies with ours. Developers , or often referred to as Independent Software Developers (ISV), are companies or individuals who wish to incorporate our products and technologies into their software products or services. Manufacturers , or often referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), are companies who wish to embed our products and technologies into their equipment. Resellers , or often referred to as Value Added Resellers (VAR), are companies or individuals who wish to bundle our products and technologies with theirs or others’ that they sell. Retailers are companies or individuals who wish to sell our products to users who could be individual developers or companies. Distributors are companies or individuals who wish to sell our products to retailers.
  • At Luristic, we make a concerted effort to keep our constituents informed of our progress, findings, experiences, etc. We regularly publish articles, white papers, reports, blogs, and the like. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed of our new developments or announcements.
  • We also participate in number of trade shows or conferences. We often run webinars from our website, and finally, we occasionally have open houses intended for candidates who are seeking employment at Luristic. It’s a great opportunity for us and for candidates to meet in a casual atmosphere without the pressure of an interview.
  • And yes, we are hiring. We are looking for all kinds of people – technical, artistic, marketing, sales, and business development experts.
  • And here’s how you can contact me.
  • On that final note, I would like to thank you for your interest in Luristic – where experience matters.
  • Luristic Corporate Presentation

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