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SMarketing Operations


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This deck describes the power of SMarketing, the alignment between sales and

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SMarketing Operations

  1. 1. SMarketing Operations
  2. 2. What is SMarketing SMarketing is the process of integrating the Sales and Marketing operations of a business. The objective is for the sales and marketing to have integrated goals and approaches, agree on common terminologies and KPIs, and have measurable targets and mutual accountability throughout the entire sales and marketing process.
  3. 3. Integrated Marketing & Sales Funnel Create opportunities from SQCs Nurture contact into MQC { Main Goals Identify & Qualify SQCs from MQCs { IndividualContacts Marketing Qualified Contacts (MQCs) Sale Qualified Contacts (SQCs) Pipeline Opportunities Closed Deals $$ Target Amount { {Close Deals } } Marketing Sales SMarketing works best with a closed-loop funnel reporting by tracking the success with particular prospects from the marketing stage through direct sales efforts.
  4. 4. Contact to Deal Flow ▪ Capture contacts ▪ Segment contacts ▪ Nurture & Score contacts ▪ Re-segment contacts ▪ Identify Marketing Qualified Contacts (MQCs) December 14, 2016 PRESENTATION TITLE 4 ▪ Calls / emails / voice messages ▪ Qualify / Disqualify contacts ▪ Schedule meetings ▪ Collect additional insights ▪ Build & nurture Relationship ▪ Identify BQCs ▪ BQC is assigned to each sales ▪ Sale follows up his BQCs ▪ Create potentials ▪ Close deals Marketing – Air cover Inside Sales – Personal touch Direct Sales – Grow pipeline
  5. 5. Lead Scoring ▪ Lead score enables systems to auto-segment contacts and identifies MQCs ▪ A contact is given a score based on its overall attribution (both explicit and implicit) ▪ Scores are updated in real time and in an ongoing basis. ▪ Scores are deducted for undesired behaviors, i.e. seeking for jobs, hibernating on emails, etc. ▪ Unbiased - No individual score can be manually changed Explicit attribution • Job title • Contact type • Focused industries • Location • Company’s revenue Implicit attribution (activity) • Interaction with different gated content • Interaction with email & social media campaigns • Website visits stats
  6. 6. Lead Source Analysis 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Lead Source A Lead Source B Lead Source C Contacts MQCs SQCs Bookings Closed Deals ▪ Which source brings the most leads ▪ Which source contributes the most closed deals
  7. 7. Read More … ▪ 10 Metrics that HelpYou Gain More Insight intoYour Marketing Operations ▪ How Bit Stew Systems Drive Closed-loop Marketing