Code of conduct of an ITESM student


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Code of conduct of an ITESM student

  1. 1. CONDUCT CODE Annett Marianne Peralta (A01129480) Guadalupe Altamirano Fernández (A01129900) Zeltzin Adriana Demesa Díaz (A01421569) Karen Ivette Hernandez Recamier (A01421243)
  2. 2. RECOGNIZING THE MERIT OF OTHERS You have to recognize the work and effort of the other people.  You mustn´t put your name in a work that is not yours.  You should reward publically the best work. 
  3. 3. CONTROLLING TEMPER You should keep calm.  You shouldn´t act bye impulse.  You have to solve a problem peaceably. 
  4. 4. NEVER MOCK You must respect to the other people.  You shouldn´’t hurt with words to other people.  You mustn´t insult to others. 
  5. 5. BE POLITE You should be attentive.  You have to be friendly.  You mustn´t be grud. 
  6. 6. BE TOLERANT You have to accept the diversity.  You must to heard with atention to others. 
  7. 7. BE ON TIME You have to be in the stablish hour and place.  You should be puntual.  You musn´t be late. 
  8. 8. IF YOU ARE VAIN, YOU HAVE TO HIDE IT. You musn´t show your arrogance.  You should treat to others equaly.  You must be humble. 
  9. 9. NOT ALTER THE TRUTH You should reflex that affirm.  You have to accomplish your promises.  You musn´t lie. 
  10. 10. LET OTHERS HAVE THEIR SAY You have to hear the people until they wont. • You should be patient and heard the point of resolution. • You must dominate the conversation. •
  11. 11. EXPRESS CORRECTLY You must expres your ideas with clarity.  You have to give the correct instructions.  You can use a distionary to express yourself 
  12. 12. DEBUG VOCABULARY You must be respectfull when express your self.  You mustn´t say bad words.  You can learn new words 
  13. 13. MAKE SURE YOU ENJOY THE WORK You should enjoy the work every day.  You have to wake up every day with a smile.  You can take other activity. 
  14. 14. RECOGNIZING THE ENORMES VALUE OF MANUAL LABOR You mustn´t denigree the manual work.  We have to value the manualwork.  we have to recognize they work 
  15. 15. CONSIDER THE INTEREST OF THE BUSINESS RATHER TAN IN THEIR OWN You have to be faithtful to the company.  You mustn´t still to the company.  You must to see the invertion . 
  16. 16. ANALYSIS ABOVE INSPIRATION INTUITION You shouldn´t act by your feelings.  You must be more analistic.  You have to let out side the 
  17. 17. WORK DECISION You must to give your best effort.  You have to be dedicated.  You must let other thing for the work . 
  18. 18. BE MODEST You mustn´t be arrogant.  You have to change the actitud if you have bad results.  You mustn´t be boastful. 