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Advantages and disadvantages of air transport


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Advantages and disavantages of air transport

Published in: Education
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Advantages and disadvantages of air transport

  1. 1. Students: Dita Robert / Lungu Robert Group: 8220 Year: II
  2. 2. Advantages The speed is essential attribute of air transport. For passengers, the aircraft development has brought the opportunity to travel more quickly, but also in terms of comfort and superior service. Services are another important attribute of air travel. The number and quality grew and diversified impressive, reaching at present to be the main area of competition between airlines. Services are not limited to the flight, but includes those from the ground.
  3. 3. The economics refers to the possibility that customers benefit from these services on favorable terms. Operating costs were reduced substantially in recent years, allowing pricing more attractive, accessible to an even broader public. The comfort refers not only the conditions of transport on board aircraft but also facilities for ground annexes spaces (airports) which adds a motivation based on the selection option as a means of transport aircraft.
  4. 4. Disadvantages Large investments by the construction and operation of modern airports. Embarking and disembarking tourists is outside the settlements, requiring transfer to basic accommodation with other means of transport. Economic and political crises.
  5. 5. It is, paradoxically, the safest means of transport. The problem is that when a plane crashes about all passengers die. Over 150 custom.
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