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Telefonica stakeholder engagement - Eduardo Puig Aznar


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Lundquist hosted the 6th edition of its CSR Online Awards in Milan, part of a unique two-day event to discuss trends in sustainability and recognise top performers in online communications from across Europe.

The event brought together more than 100 participants including sustainability and communications professionals from over 45 companies and organisations. Participants heard from 27 international speakers in three plenary sessions and six workshops.

This presentation was done by Eduardo Puig Aznar, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Telefonica.

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Telefonica stakeholder engagement - Eduardo Puig Aznar

  1. 1. Telefonica Stakeholder Engagement Eduardo Puig de la Bellacasa Director Stakeholder Engagement Telefónica S.A. Milan, 28th May 2014
  2. 2. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Index 1. The Digital revolution 2. A new Stakeholder Engagement
  3. 3. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Since the beginning of internationalization, the company has experienced a significant growth * Data as of FY 2012. 1989 2000 Sep13 1989 - Sep13 Customers (Mn) 12 68 320 x27 Countries 1 16 24 +23 Team (‘000) 71 149 131 x2 Revenues (Mn €) 4,273 28,482 62,356 * x15
  4. 4. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Our scale is reinforced with global partnerships and collaboration agreements + PARTNERS PROGRAM ~ 13 mn customers ~ 3 mn customers~ 144 mn customers ~ 69 mn customers Strategic & Industrial Alliances Stake 5.02% Stake 14.96% million combined customers *>1,000 * Telecom Italia doesn't include Brazil and Argentina.
  5. 5. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER We are living a transformation with a remarkable connectivity growth... ...surpassing 90% o/Pop Mobile subscribers 6.8 Bn... ...but only 24% o/mobile subs. Smartphone users 1.6 Bn... ...10% of Internet users in Latin America Internet users grew up to 2.7 Bn... ...significant push in LTE and Fiber rollout Ultrabroadband became a reality... ...>90% keep their mobile 1 m away 24h/7d Smartphone users rose by 39%... 24/7 ...~ 60% of mobile data traffic is video Mobile share of global Internet traffic x2...
  6. 6. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER The world has changed… We are living in a Digital Revolution
  7. 7. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Everything goes faster and faster. Transformation is unstoppable Before we used “years” Years to get 150 MM users 89 years 17 years 14 years
  8. 8. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER ...But today it takes just 1 second in Internet to… 100,000 571 websites created 47,000 Apps downloaded online 684,478 shared items 3,600 sharing photos 2 Mill searches 48 h video uploaded $272,000 spent online 1 second in Internet
  9. 9. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER A revolution that affects all aspects of our lives … My friends My house My workMy bureaucracy My entertainment
  10. 10. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Top-10 countries - population (MM) Social networks growth is exponential 1,400 1,250 1000 500 310 240 200 170 160 162 China India Facebook Twitter EE.UU Indonesia LinkedIn Brasil Pakistan Nigeria
  11. 11. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Client stakeholder relations also change: citizens are at the centre Source:: Antoni Gutierrez Rubi CompanyGovernment Regulator Competition Suppliers Citizen Activist NGO´s Consumer Associations User Society Public opinion Social media Market BEFORE TODAY
  12. 12. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Index 1. The Digital revolution 2. A new Stakeholder Engagement
  13. 13. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Telefonica a stakeholder engagement methodology • In Telefónica we have moved our Corporate Responsibility focus from REPORTING, as our first objective TO • ENGAGING WITH STAKEHOLDERS through institutionalised dialogues both “online” and “off line”, using our 4.0 methodology and our Rconversa online Platform.
  14. 14. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Our dialogue ecosystem Public Institutions, Associations, NGO´s, Media, Businesses, Universities, etc. Contents STAKEHOLDERS UniversitiesOffline Debates 4.0 WEB BLOG´s SOCIAL MEDIA Newsletter Rconversa Online Dialogues YAMMER
  15. 15. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Engaging with stakeholders: A twofold methodology  The 4.0 Methodology developed by Telefónica consists in engaging with stakeholders combining both “online” and “offline” dialogue with stakeholders: • Offline: through Roundtables with stakeholders e.g. associations, businesses, academia, administrations, etc. • Online: through our online dialogue platform Rconversa.  The method used will be an inclusive dialogue between stakeholders: • An inclusive process: for each of the selected topics, actors will be selected from public and private institutions, businesses and civil society. • A process with a social focus: The process "looks” at stakeholder engagement from the perspective of the citizen. • A process focused on action, that is, to identify problems and solutions, to get the most out of the dialogue with stakeholders on the main issues of Corporate Responsibility. 1
  16. 16. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER An inclusive process CONCLUSIONS & FUTURE ACTIONS The Dialogues, will end with a conclusion document that will point out future actions, initiatives, policy positions and follow up. Associations Academia NGO´s Business Administration Civil Society 1 Roundtable Hosted by ONLINE DISCUSIONS We will have preliminary online discussions on the topic of the roundtable, moderated by one of the participants (Academia) Tool: Rconversa BEFORE DURING AFTER FACE TO FACE DIALOGUE
  17. 17. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER  During the debate: tweets are encourage to increase participation and introduce new ideas in the debate #Rconversa.  Closing of Rconversa debates: Rconversa methodology1  Publication of conclusions  Mailing: subscribers to Rconvesa; CR team and external contacts., Network of Professors, contacts and participants in the dialogue.  Possible press release.  Inform employees through the internal communication channels.
  18. 18. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Latest debates in Rconversa1 In 2013 we organized 13 debates in the TELEFONICA footprint in collaboration with different organizations (universities, NGO´s, public administrations, etc.), where experts and users have debated issues like ICT´s and Health, Entrepreneurship in the Digital World, Smart Cities and open Government, etc.
  19. 19. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 4.0 Methodology track record eCLM-2012 CHILE 4.0 Andalucía Open Future Compromiso Guatemala 1
  21. 21. DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Conclusions  The 4.0 Methodology developed by Telefónica is a twofold methodology “offline” and “online”: 1  Roundtables with stakeholders from : associations, businesses, academia, administrations, etc.  Analysis  Diagnosis  Action Plan  Follow-up  Rconversa, a dialogue platform developed in house.  Inclusive  Online  WG´s on specific topics