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Sustainability storytelling in a digital age - James Osborne


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Six digital bites to keep up with the online corporate agenda”: Lundquist Breakfast meeting, 19 March, Milan

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Sustainability storytelling in a digital age - James Osborne

  1. 1. La nascita di un nuovo modello di comunicazione per i professionisti Come sono cambiate le esigenze di investitori, giornalisti e esperti SRI Milano, aprile 2013 24° BREAKFAST MEETING SIX DIGITAL BITES TO KEEP UP WITH THE ONLINE CORPORATE AGENDA #DIGITALBITES @JABOSBORNE SUSTAINABILITY STORYTELLING IN A DIGITAL AGE JAMES OSBORNE
  2. 2. THE RISK OF A SUPERFICIAL, ONE-SIDED STORY Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards survey 2013 (165 non-corporate responses) 52% “extremely” or “very” frustrating 78% Stakeholders’ and experts’ experience is severely impacted by the way companies choose to communicate online 21/03/2014 | 2 5% 10% 4% 11% 23% 28% 28% 26% 50% 26% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Self-promotion & PR style Too brief / superficial Least frustrating Most frustrating “extremely” or “very” frustrating
  3. 3. WHAT INFURIATES READERS? 21/03/2014 | 3 “Cherry picking; lack of performance data; bla bla” “I hate it when companies stick to GRI and do not communicate in an appealing and educational fashion” Fonte: Lundquist CSR Online Awards survey 2012 Readers put on their “anti-PR goggles”: What does this mean? Is this all? What are they NOT telling me? Does this really matter? What about the future?
  4. 4. BUT SURELY “AUNT AGATHA” WILL NEVER READ A SUSTAINABILITY REPORT? 21/03/2014 | 4 They may not know what “CSR” and “sustainability” mean but consumers’ expectations are closely aligned with “experts •They don’t trust grand claims and generic commitment TRUST •They want credible data and concrete evidence of environmental performance CREDIBILITY •They are keenly aware of the importance of sustainability to the core business of selling products & services INTEGRATION •They want to see how companies are ensuring the wellbeing of employees, suppliers and consumers PRIORITIES •They are connected, social, mobile… and impatient DIGITAL
  5. 5. HOW SOME COMPANIES PITCH CSR 2014-03-21 | 5
  6. 6. CASE STUDY: SNAM (BEFORE) 2014-03-21 | 6
  7. 7. CASE STUDY: SNAM (AFTER) 2014-03-21 | 7
  8. 8. Via San Maurilio, 23 | 20123 Milano Website: Blog: James Osborne Partner Lundquist Head of CSR & content @jabosborne LUNDQUIST SRL CONTATTI SOCIAL PRESENCE Lundquist company page @Lundquist Lundquist page Lundquist channel Slideshare account