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Materiality in a digital world - Elaine Cohen


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Lundquist hosted the 6th edition of its CSR Online Awards in Milan, part of a unique two-day event to discuss trends in sustainability and recognise top performers in online communications from across Europe.

The event brought together more than 100 participants including sustainability and communications professionals from over 45 companies and organisations. Participants heard from 27 international speakers in three plenary sessions and six workshops.

This is Beyond Business Founder and Manager Elaine Cohen's presentation.

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Materiality in a digital world - Elaine Cohen

  1. 1. Materiality in a digital world: opportunities and risks Milan, 27thth May 2014 Elaine Cohen Sustainability Consultant and Reporter Beyond Business Ltd
  2. 2. MATERIALITY ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS AFFECTS DECISIONS OF STAKEHOLDERS How do you get balanced, relevant stakeholder input in a digital world?
  3. 3. From risk to opportunity
  4. 4. Digital stakeholder interaction/input opportunities Online surveys Jams Webcasts and webinars Company blog Facebook page Online reports Twitter #chats Targeted engagement Polls Games
  5. 5. But are all voices equal, or relevant? CUE: SURVEY MONKEY
  6. 6. Anonymous stakeholders – how valuable? CUE: ONLINE REPORTS
  7. 7. Chatting or PR-ing? CUE: TWITTER CHATS
  8. 8. Oops, look who’s commenting CUE: THE COMPANY CSR BLOG
  9. 9. Digital stakeholder interaction opportunities abound but we must use them wisely… or we risk entering the age of…
  10. 10. Dumming down materiality with digital >>>>>> Photo credit:
  11. 11. CUE: Targeted Expert Managed Balanced Combined Digital Initiatives
  12. 12. Elaine Cohen Beyond Business Ltd Thank You! The CSR Reporting Blog @elainecohen