Get more from the web. Sustainability (reporting) in a digital era


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Hållbarhetsredovisning 2013
Stockholm, 10 October 2013

Lundquist was delighted to be invited to this event to talk about how digital is changing the face of sustainability. MiljöRapporten, a Swedish publication specialised in environmental and sustainability reporting, brought together 70 professionals from Swedish corporations, local councils and state agencies in the stylish setting of the former tram depot Spårvagnshallarna.


From social media to video storytelling, why digital is about so much more than “online communications”

Joakim Lundquist, head of Lundquist, and James Osborne, in charge of our corporate responsibility activities, explained how digital is changing the kind of relations companies can have with their stakeholders and how that is transforming sustainability reporting itself.

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Get more from the web. Sustainability (reporting) in a digital era

  1. 1. Get more from the web Sustainability (reporting) in a digital era Hållbarhetsredovisning 2013 Stockholm, 10 October 2013 Joakim Lundquist, Milano, maggio 2013 @JoakimLundquist
  2. 2. Not just reports… how digital is changing relationships with stakeholders Lundquist CSR Online Awards
  3. 3. New approach to online CSR Once-a-year Ongoing Broadcast Engagement & relationships Disclosure and cut-and-paste Communications & storytelling Specialists Stakeholders Silos Embedded Generic Distinctive 3
  4. 4. 7 pillars of online CSR Comprehensive - A website must satisfy all the requirements of its key users, eliminating their need to go elsewhere for information Integrated - A website must work as a whole and tell a coherent, interconnected story in its different sections and in related off-site and social media channels Open - Companies must be open to feedback, discussion and debate, including via social media, and show outside opinions are heard and taken into consideration User friendly - Users should find what they are looking for quickly through intuitive, jargon-free navigation; content must be optimised for on-screen reading Engaging - A website should employ a range of formats – including video, animation, images, (info)graphics – to draw the audience in, tell a dynamic story Concrete - Users want fact, relevant evidence as well as pertinent and credible data, not self-promotion, empty commitments and marketing messages Distinctive - Companies should convey a distinctive vision of what CR means in the context of their unique business strategy, market position, geography and culture. 4
  5. 5. How the research works: user focus   Aim of research is to examine how well companies are responding to user expectations and requirements through their online presence   6th edition kicking off end-2013   252 companies covered in 2012   Top 40 Nordic companies included   68 criteria: max. 100 points   Input from 420 CR experts, sustainability professionals and stakeholders in 52 countries   Supported by study of third-party surveying of consumers 5
  6. 6. Top performers in 2012 6
  7. 7. Top performers in 2012 7
  8. 8. Tour of a best practice company 8
  9. 9. Tour of a best practice company 9
  10. 10. Trends in online reporting Abandoning the concept of an “online report”
  11. 11. Do you prefer PDF or online report? No preference 10,1% PDF 37,6% Prefer both 30,9% Online 21,3% Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards 09-11-2012 | 11
  12. 12. What about a web-based approach? Don’t know 2,8% Don’t trust online information 4,0% Depends on assurance 11,3% Very useful 32,2% Total positive response 54.2% Only if replicated in PDF 19,8% Makes no difference 7,9% Quite useful 22,0% Source: Lundquist CSR Online Awards
  13. 13. Current trends in reporting formats Top 100 listed companies in Europe by non-financial report format in 2012 09-11-2012 | 13
  14. 14. Web as disruptive factor in the company-stakeholder relationship 14
  15. 15. Time as critical factor: responsiveness 15
  16. 16. Half of respondents on social media 16
  17. 17. Strategy for the digital CSR ecosystem Social media Sites Reporting Site Social Report Online CSR strategy 17
  18. 18. A little about what we do
  19. 19. Lundquist: the strategic partner to guide your digital presence All digital communications activities are composed of two stages: planning and then execution. In addition, there is the management of the entire process. Lundquist is your authoritative partner for planning and managing any digital project, from an assessment of the digital properties of a corporate ecosystem to the creation of a new “best practice” website. Our deep understanding of online corporate communications derives from years of experience in this field and a team of professionals boasting backgrounds in different, relevant fields (from financial journalists to CSR experts). 21/10/2013 | 19
  20. 20. Lundquist: Measure. Manage. Change 1   Lundquist is a strategic consultancy specialised in online corporate communications and with particular expertise in financial communications, corporate responsibility, employer branding and social media   We adopt a tried-and-tested approach to all our projects, dividing them into three phases. In this way, we assist companies in redefining their corporate presence on digital channels and accompany them in a process of evolution and change to better meet their communications challenges   Our goal is to make online communications measurable and to guide companies towards a change in their internal culture   Our clients include more than 70 of the largest traded companies in Europe 21/10/2013 | 20 MEASURE 3 2 CHANGE MANAGE
  21. 21. Research programmes KWD WEBRANKING •  Europe’s most influential study into online financial and institutional communication, which has tracked leading European companies (1,000+ a year) for over 15 years •  Stakeholder requirements investigated every year through questionnaire (500 professional responses) •  Produced in collaboration with KW Digital (Hallvarsson & Halvarsson): partner for Austria, Italy & Switzerland EMPLOYER BRANDING ONLINE AWARDS •  First research in Europe to assess how companies communicate their identity and employer branding to current and future employees •  Based on needs and expectations of actual jobseekers (international survey used as the basis of the evaluation protocol) 21/10/2013 | 21 CSR ONLINE AWARDS •  Now in its 5th year, the research assesses how Europe’s top companies use their online presence to communicate their corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy •  First study in Europe to assess CSR communications based on stakeholder needs •  Holistic vision of providing non-financial information on the web, spanning reporting and communications SOCIAL MEDIA AWARDS •  Research “laboratory” analysing the use of social media from a corporate perspective •  Research comprises a series of studies of individual social networks •  Two editions of the international study on Wikipedia now supported by focus on LinkedIn, sharing platforms (YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, etc.), Facebook and Twitter. Special focus on use of social media by top management
  22. 22. Credentials 21/10/2013 | 22
  23. 23. Contacts | Dialogue | Sharing LUNDQUIST  SRL   Via San Maurilio, 23 Milan 20123 CONTACTS   Email: Italy Website: t. (+39) 02 – 3675 4126 f. (+39) 02 – 9287 8792 Blog: SOCIAL  PRESENCE   Lundquist company page @Lundquist Lundquist page Lundquist channel Slideshare account